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Archer(Arjuna) vs fate zero and fate stay night

round 1: arjuna vs everyone one on one (arjuna gets healed after every fight.no gilgamesh).

round 2: arjuna and karna vs gilgamesh.

round 2: mythos arjuna and karna vs everyone (all at once)
1: I'm not really knowledgeable with Grand Order, but it looks to me like he would absolutely destroy other servants. EX rank Noble Phantasms are extremely powerful and he can snipe people from several kilometers away.

2: Is this Stay Night or Extra CCC Gilgamesh? Stay Night one would get destroyed by those two.
1. Does it also involve Saber with Avalon Scabbard? If so inconclusive because their fight will depend on tactics maybe leaning to Saber just a little.

2. Gilgamesh if uses max power Ea at the start and not being stupid, otherwise Karna and Arjuna stomp.

You mean 3 right? I don't get mystic Arjuna?
Oh you mean non servants but their real form right? then Karna and Arjuna(they are more powerful in their myth than their servant form I believe).