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All Might VS Nine (All Might fights another user of All For One)

Both at High 7-A, Prime All Might and Life-Support Tubes Broken Nine are used

Speed is =

Fight takes place in Musutafu, Japan

Fight ends in K.O, Death, or Incap

Battle Music: Death Battle: Mighty

The World's Symbol of Peace:0

Nine (My Hero Academia):0


Nine Full Body Profile
The strong will rule over the weak in my utopia. It won't matter if someone is a villain or a hero. Everything is equal before power. That is what a true superhuman society should be.

All Might-0
It's fine now. Why? Because I am here!
Toshinori (Upscaling from a casual 2.41 gigatons) has the overwhelming AP advantage over Nine (2.23 gigatons). The only thing Nine really has against him is his Weather Operations Quirk and Flight, but even then, Toshinori can overpower his Quirk and has a way to counter Flight users; Weather Operations also damages Nine severely, especially with his Life-Support Tubes broken, so he'd be destroying his cellular tissue without the ability to heal from it in his attempt to defeat Toshinori.

This is basically Full Cowl 100% Izuku and Katsuki vs Nine all over again, except Toshinori is vastly superior to Nine.

My vote goes to All Might.


VS Battles
I think this is a stomp or at the least reduntant, this fight basically happened in canon with two characters who are weaker than Prime All Might. They destroyed Nine from what I here, so Nine isn't winning.

I don't see a point in this fight since Nine already lost.
Think it's pretty obvious that All Might takes this one. It's barely even a contest: if Prime All Might is fighting against a weakened Nine who was overwhelmed by Izuku and Katsuki at 100% of One For All, then I don't see how Nine could possibly stand victorious. Even if Nine had cell activation and could rejuvenate his cells, All Might would probably take that easily as well.
BrazilianDeadpool said:
Small correction: the title should be "All Might fights another user of All For One".
you know i always mess up when saying One For All and All For One for some reason