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Alexander Durham destroys a cannon calculation

So I was looking back at some Neon Cavaliers chapters and realized that Alex destroying 3 separate cannons with his Fire Flash skill in chapter 5 can be calculated.

Using a Demi-culverin as a base and using the calculation in references for common feats, I got: 1542214 g / 7.8 g/cm^3=197719.744 and assuming Alex destroyed the cannon through V. Frag: 197719.744x613.5=121,301,063 J or 0.028991649856597 tons of TNT (Small Building Level)

Alex's Fire Flash skill scales to his AP, which in turn would scale to anyone equal to Alex and should place Glarek the Orc above Alex as he was unable to harm him until everyone worked together.

I'm 100% sure I did something wrong, but that's why I'm posting it here.