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A Zombie-Type Verse and power-system, also my 1st post too, yay!

You know, for my very first post on this forum, I expected to talk about my established verses...But hey, you never know.
I want to start a story or to the rest of the users on this site, a verse, with a zombie-type character as the mc...
what's the best idea for a power system? I could think up lore when i dive deeper, but the power system and the races would be the major problem...
Anyone got any ideas? :)
about the Zombie lore.

I am kind of simplistic but some like PvZ are interesting uses of Zombies

and also Minecraft

you can be more traditional though
Well I don't know anything about that last comment...
But yeah this is old😂
I figured it'll take a while before I got any engagement whatsoever
For races, I was thinking obviously you would have a zombie race (that which the mc fits into) and presumably humans would be involved as well (although don't have to be). If it's a zombie apocalypse type verse then maybe some super intelligent, no human race could hold the knowledge to be able to cure people of their zombie condition.

With regards to "power system", what do you mean ?
A zombie-type power system I've seen that works is for some of the survivors of the zombie pague to take on undead strength abilities and obviously be immune to zombie bites and not attacked by zombies.

That one korean zombie show on netflix had an interesting power system like that, and basically you had a villain who could control where zombies go with sound while walking among them. Pretty interesting stuff.