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A Yandere fights Siri

The Player is searching on Sara's phone, trying to find information on Sara's whereabouts, when they accidentally uncorrupt some game called "DERE.EXE". IRIS appears and warns the Player of a "strange, human-like presence" hidden within the code of the game before she leaves to scan the game. The Player, assuming it might be Sara, opens the game, only for it to glitch out the phone again upon reaching the title screen. Kara appears in the center of the screen, a confused expression on her face as she looks around at the frame of the phone screen. "Strange... I thought this would be on a computer..." She turns to face the screen, staring at the player. "My name is Kara. I-"

IRIS appears again, cutting her off. She confronts Kara about how she's the cause of the game's corrupted code.

Battle begin. Kara is in her DERE.EXE key.

Kara Gentner (AppSir):