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A New Type of Profie - Expert Characters

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Hey all. Apologies for making this in the staff forum, but I figured this would be the appropriate place to make this. That and I'm at work so I'm a little rush to get this out.

Anyway, not even sure if this idea is that viable or not, but it came to me randomly. What if we incorporated a new kind of profile for characters who, in their respective series, are essentially non-combatants but existto give important details, lore and othee explanations and informations about the universe their fellow characters are from? Whether it's explaining a feat or the Creation of a cosmology and its make up?

While on the surface this may seem too miniscule to make a thing on here, I would argue that it wouldn't be, considering things like statements and explanations from characters, and even authors, are easily among the most popular and common forms of evidence used here to justify a characters ratings. For better or worse. And when the characters role in their series is to explicitly be the knowledgeable expert on what goes on in their universe, I feel a knowledge-based profile for the character should consolidate that standard.

Again, something that just came to me. I think it's a good idea to at least consider, but of course it may not viable to implement. So everyone else thoughts on this would be appreciated.
Bro you can just make the articles on the wikias related to the series that character is from, they don't need to be made on a combat oriented VS debating wiki.

For example, we don't need a profile for Professor Oak (anime version) on VSBW just to catalog some information, this existing article on the pokemon wikia works just fine for that.
My proposal was speaking about a more in depth breakdown of the characters knowledge and credibility from their series though, not just their general history (which in terms of other wikis, is unsourced most of the time).
What sort of examples are being proposed?
Well aside from Professor Oak, it could be any character that ranges from a scientist to some sort of nigh-omniscient figure that has vast knowledge of their verse.

And unlike what was said above, the page could list some extensive in-depth explanations on the characters knowledge feats, what they know, and what they can know, to better display their credibility when making statements or claims that are integral parts of other characters stat justifications.

Ex: Characters in verse A are multiverse level because an observer character in their series observed the creation of their series cosmology, has it recorded, and claims they created said cosmology for x and y reasons.


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...we already have profiles for characters with supernatural Intelligence feats, so....

Also any information to be gained by this can very well just be listed in blogs, or hell, the Explanation section within the files themselves. All in all this seems very... pointless.


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I agree that this seems pointless. Either such characters have sufficient information available about their statistics to be listed via regular profile pages in our wiki, or they don't, and are usually still listed in the wikis for their respective verses.


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I agree with The Impress' and Antvasima's points.
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