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So, obviously we have a few characters from the "Who Killed Markiplier?" Series. (Wilford Warfstache (Who Killed Markiplier?), Darkiplier, The Detective (Who Killed Markiplier?))

However, I'm curious in his other series, which does very lightly tie into the Who Killed Markiplier?

I'm not asking to add Markiplier, since the A_WM Markiplier is more Youtuber Markiplier than the Who Killed Markiplier Markiplier. What I'm wondering about is the actual characters

While they could all be allowed, as Illinois, Yancy, and Captain Longlegs are all characters who just happen to be played by Mark (Markiplier is literally killed right before you encounter all three of them in their timelines. Captain Longlegs DIRECTLY kills Mark with an anchor), the main two I really want to be able to add are T/N (the viewer's all-powerful avatar) and Yancy. T/N is freaking haxy despite only being Wall Level and Yancy is just too fan-favorite and funny (Literal dance to the death).
Foxthefox1000 said:
Would the T/N scale to Mark in any way since he casually tanked a lightning bolt?
It can't really be used as primary evidence due to the lack of info about it's stats, but there's still a lot of feats listed. Mostly explosion feats .-.


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Anything post-Who Killed Markiplier? can be added since WKM? retconned alotta stuff in the Mark mythos. So Heist is actually canon to WKM?

I thought Yancy was Mark after getting used to prison life and forgetting everything about his original one? Since Mark definitely didn't die from a single punch...

Anyhow anything can be added as long as it isn't the main Markiplier profile due to some wiki guidelines. Including "Y/N" from both WKM? and HWM.

I personally wanna get working on a Celine powers since DAMIEN has some interesting feats for her, and also because it's preferable to have more "Non-Mark" characters in the verse
Got it. I'll still need to finish the profiles, since a lotta feats could use calcs, but good to know this is accepted by at least one staff member