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9-B Grim Foxy?

So, Imma bit confused here.

Back when I tried to add keys for Blacklight animatronics, their 9-B rating was removed (on top of many other things) because they only exist within the VR games (as apposed to the other animatronics which still canonically exist despite the games being games within canon).

And yet, now we've got 9-B Grim Foxy, who's rating is from scaling to the VR Animatronics for them performing the Bite of '87.

So... Are we changing Grim Foxy to 10-C or allowing 9-B Blacklight Animatronics back?
The abilities were wanked was my issue, if handled correctly, I agree they can be added back. Just need FNAF supporter impute as well as definitive scaling. Also a note should be added at the bottom of the pages in "Note:".
Not sure what you mean by the first part.

The note say:This profile covers how strong in the game Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted, not how powerful the code.
Do you want me just to go through each example? Btw would Blacklights be their own thing? I mean other versions of the characters have their own profiles. Or perhaps seprate profiles for the VR versions, as the profiles as of now would need a key for standard vr and blacklight.
We don't need profiles for the VR animatronics since they really have no differences from the regular animatronics, and several Blacklight animatronics have no real difference aside from paint (Bonnie, Springtrap, and the Plushbabies, plus Freddy and Chica being very debatable). Blacklight Ennard is also debatable due to not being sure if he did kill the animatronics, and has no other differences.

This just leaves Blacklight Foxy, who is basically weaker Grim Foxy, and Blacklight Mangle, who has her shadow clone.
The OGs in the VR game lack illusion creation, possession, and other abilities shown in the minigames. But, I guess you are correct for the most part. I do have some issues with the abilities proposed on the blog though.
That's why I wanted you on the subject. I already agree Freddy shouldn't have his stuff since it's more the mode itself, but I don't see the issue with, say, Foxy and Mangle

And yes, they lack it, but the profiles can just be for the Blacklight Mode forms. It just seems unnecessary to have indentical profiles to the non-VR equivalents and then an additional key for Blacklight Mode
Very true. So what I agree with is:

  • Foxy Fire Manipulation (The surrounding area is on fire with smoke and embers rising from glowing cracks in the ground throughout the level), Resistance to Fire (Is on fire and isn't affected by it)
  • Mangle possibly Duplication (In addition to normal Mangle, a "shadow" Mangle also attacks the player, though it is unknown if this is directly created by normal Mangle)
I thing FNaF VR animatronics should likely have Type 2 Immortality (tbh canon Springtrap should likely have this as well), and animalistic intelligence, unless specified otherwise.

Also, Giant Demon Freddy? I don't recall that. Sounds interesting.

I also don't understand the: Blacklight Mode

  • A special gamemode within FNaF VR: Help Wanted
  • Creation (Creates new Blacklight Animatronics, Can create Weeping Angels-esque replicas of characters that move when direct eyesight is taken off them, Can create random objects within levels), Transmutation (Changes all instances of Chica's Cupcake to the Nightmare Cupcake), Statistics Amplification (Can make some characters slightly faster and more aggressive), Perception Manipulation, Size Manipulation (Can drastically reduce the player's size), Fire Manipulation (Can produce flames within an environment, i.e. FNaF 3), Sound Manipulation (Can generate random sound effects), Technology Manipulation (Can cause lights to flicker randomly and doors to shut and open at random)
Agreed on the Type 2.

You see Demon Freddy briefly past the immediate gears and whatnot while heading down to the second set of rooms (if I remember correctly)

The abilities for Blacklight Mode itself was more just me organizing things. It's not really to be made into a profile.