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pokémon (verse)

  1. DemonicDude

    Equal Stats Tournament 2022: Sanji (One Piece) vs Necrozma (Pokemon) (Semi-Final 3)

    Semi-Final-3) (Match 17) Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. Third semi-final will Sanji finally be able to meet his match in the form of the legendary Pokemon Necrozma ? or will he go to the final of the tourney, This might actually be a dream match of sorts. One Piece vs Pokemon ...
  2. Shmooply

    Pokémon Intelligence: Gotta stupefy 'em all

    The absolute state of the intelligence section on Pokemon profiles makes me hurt myself in confusion. For starters, almost all of the profiles use a non-existent term for intelligence, which is High, which doesn't explain anything. Speaking of explanations, there are no reasons provided for...

    Regigigas revision

    Currently we rate him High 6-A based on his lifting strength feat of moving the continents. However, that is just a legend. In the anime, Regigigas struggled to move a giant glacier and needed help. I don't think its PIS or an outlier, but I'm pretty sure if the feat contradicts the statement...
  4. DontTalkDT

    Immobile Tournament Match 14 (Monarch of Pointland vs Dark Matter)

    Monarch of Pointland vs Dark Matter 1 micrometer starting range SBA otherwise @FRIMI @theultimate5105 Hub.
  5. NeoZex6399

    "Pokémon Legends: Arceus" Discussion Thread (SPOILERS)

    SPOILER ALERT! Thread to discuss the story of Legends: Arceus
  6. DontTalkDT

    Immobile Tournament Match 7 (Dark Matter vs Nicolas Wrightson)

    Dark Matter vs Nicolas Wrightson They start dozens of meters apart. SBA otherwise I fear we already heard the result in the tournament thread... I will post it anyway, in case someone came up with arguments. (and because I'm a sucker for completeness) We will move on quickly, though, if it...

    What ability


    Gengar vs Grimmsnarl

    Gengar vs Grimmsnarl Both are Gigantamaxed Battle is in Wyndon's battle tower Gengar - 1 (FinePoint Grimmsnarl - 1 (Gyro
  9. DemonicDude

    Equal Stats Tournament 2022: Necrozma (Pokemon) vs VTSG (Bloon Tower Defense)

    Quarter-Final-4: (Match 14) Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. Legendary Pokémon vs Vengeful True Sun God two beasts of this tourney goes head to head for a spot at the semi finals. Result: Super Monkey VTSG (Bloons Tower Defense): Necrozma (Ultra) (Pokemon): 7 (XXXKing, Ultimate, Popted2...
  10. Thebestsilver

    8-A Battle (Machop vs Dragaux)

    The fighting-type Machop battles the muscular evil Dragaux. 5 minute warm-up time, speed equalized, open field as battle arena Machop moveset: Dynamic Punch, Knock Off, Counter & Protect ¿Who wins?
  11. FinePoint

    Pokémon Types: Establishing Standards

    INTRO There are a lot of Pokémon profiles on this site, and there are a lot of types in Pokémon. In short, this has led to massive inconsistency in the way types are indexed. The example I used last time it was mentioned was Psychic Type. To prove my point, I looked up three random Dark Type...
  12. TauanVictor

    (GRACE) Sasuke VS Porygon

    Sasuke Uchiha VS Porygon Fight Location: Mountain Landscape Starting Distance: 10m Both in-character Equalized speed Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan Sasuke | Porygon-Z Jūgo’s Cursed Seal and Majestic Attire: Susano'o are restricted Sasuke: 9 (@FluffyCreatureZ, @Popted2, @Bernkastelll, @Teezar...
  13. DemonicDude

    Equal Stats Tournament 2022: Necrozma vs Ha Yuri Zahard

    Round 2: (Match 9) Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. The High Ranker vs Legendary Pokémon ! Tower of God vs Pokemon a first time ever as round 2 looks to wrap up with a bang but really can anything surpass what we just witnessed in round 8. Result: Ha Yuri Zahard (Tower of God): Necrozma...
  14. XXKINGXX69

    Meliodas vs Beedrill

    Meliodas post revival (3rd Key) vs Mega Beedrill (Last Key) Speed equal. Start 100m from each other Beedrill: 3 Meliodas: 2
  15. Roachman40

    Beedrill CRT

    Weedle Statistics Reduction (Its move String Shot lowers the target's Speed by two stages) Status Effect Inducement (Poison Sting has a 30% chance of poisoning the target) Small Size Type 1 (The pokedex lists its size at around 0.3 m) Kakuna Small Size Type 0 (2′00″ ft) Beedrill Small...
  16. Soulgizmo

    Best blondes boss battle Cynthia vs Tsunade

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Cynthia_(Pok%C3%A9mon) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Tsunade Speed equalized Cynthia is using her diamond and pearl team. Battle takes place at indigo plateau. Both are in character and have standard equipment. Winner by ko. Cynthia: Tusnade: Incon:
  17. Cauann2K

    Giratina's durability question

    Shouldn't Giratina be listed with a higher durability in his Altered Forme, instead of its Origin Forme? Taking into account in-game statuses.
  18. Zencha9

    A solution to the arceus problem (pokemon)

    I have noticed that there's lots of discussions regarding arceus especially the meteor scene where he gets harmed by a meteor even though he's rated as a 2-A character And i have the solution to this To end it once and for all To end all discussions regarding this topic without a topic ban...
  19. Sonicflare9

    Sephiroth vs Mewtwo

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Sephiroth_(Final_Fantasy)#Abilities https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Mewtwo#Base 4-A versions whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo would win
  20. Pokemonfan807

    Marisa kirisame vs Meltan

    Meltan: Marisa: Let's just say marisa came across a wild melmetal and it wasn't too happy Rules: Both high 3-A (Windows Marisa vs Melmetal) (Marisa has all of her optional equipment restricted) Speed equalized No knowledge of each other they are 10 meters apart battle takes place in the...
  21. Gohanblanco217

    What does the word "Outlier" and "Pis" mean exactly?

    After this disaster , I want to know what's the exact meaning of Outlier and Pis exactly ? Are they the same ? When should I use them ? And if someone has many low ends and very little High ends would this be enough to consider those high ends "Outliers" ? Can anyone give me a good...
  22. StrymULTRA

    Deoxys meteor: You really think it was over, hm?

    So, as pointed out in this thread from me and @DragonGamerZ913, the meteor isn't just destroying the surface, but the whole planet itself. Scans for the meteor and og calc. I'll call him, @Psychomaster35 and @KieranH10 to see how to properly calc this feat with all the planet mass involved, as...
  23. GyroNutz

    Po vs Riolu - Kung Fu Animals

    I wanted to do Pancham vs Po, but then I realised that they wouldn't share any tiers. And Pancham doesn't even have a profile... go figure. This is KFP2 Po vs Riolu, and speed is not equalized. Po's AP is >> 0.66 tons with higher durability, Riolu's AP is 0.62 tons (it would be 0.761 tons if...
  24. Coolboy6

    9-B+ Tournament Round 1, match 7 (Right Hand Man vs Ash Ketchum) (7/0/1)

    Oh boy. Both 9-B+, speed equalized, battle takes place at the world tournament arena (@Psychomaster35) Right Hand Man: 7 (@theultimate5105) Ash Ketchum: Incon: 1 Right hand man is 20 megajoules Ash is 16 megajoules and oh boy. He has 6-C dura
  25. JustSomeWeirdo

    Dewott vs Al

    Dewott vs Al Speed Equalized, Al is in his Dragon Lord key Dewott: Al: Incon:
  26. Arceus0x

    Pokemon tournament 8-A edition; Round 7: Milcery vs. Porygon

    Both are 8-A, obviously No items No prep time Just pure... Milk? Data? Figure out what will be the synonym for blood in this sentence in this battle! speed equalized Milkcery: Porygon: 7 Will Milcery get turned into Milkpowdery or will Porygon be Porygone? Your votes decide this!
  27. Phoenks

    (8-C Tournament R1 M5) Spider-Man vs Azurill (6-0-0)

    The 8-C Tournament Thread Spider-Man (MCU) (@M3X) vs Azumarill (Azurill) (@Psychomaster35) Attack Potency: Spider-Man: 0.54 Tons Azurill: 0.62 Tons This means Azurill holds the advantage by a difference of 1.14x Speed is equalized. The first key of Spiderman (He has his tech suit), and the...
  28. Arceus0x

    Minor pokemon upgrade

    In the latest episode a single spirit from a spiritomb slips into Ash and posseses him and ends up taking full control I believe that https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Spiritomb Spiritomb should have Posession as one of his abilities due to this. There are other things in the episodes like...
  29. Pokemonfan807

    Two Haxless dudes duke it off (X (Pokemon Adventures) vs Wolfgang Schreiber)

    X (Pokemon Adventures): Wolfgang Schreiber: Rules: Both 9-A (Die Morgendämmerung schreiber vs By Himself X) Speed Equalized Both Bloodlusted Both with Knowledge Battle takes place in Yorknew City from Hunter x Hunter Victory Conditions: Fight to death Note: If the rules have any...
  30. Gohanblanco217

    Team Rocket from Pokemon Journeys episode 89 and 90

    Are we gonna make a profile for this guys :
  31. Gabs22_Gamer

    Low 2-C Tournament Round 1: Match 7 (King Ghidorah VS Dusknoir)

    Yeah, a long time passed, but I will finish this in short. Conditions: True Form Ghidorah will be used. Speed is equalized. Battle takes place at Earth's center. Music for fun. Dragon: Poké: Inconclusive:
  32. The_Smashor

    Shedinja ability removal (Also some other stuff but it instantly got shot down so ignore that)

    No, this is not something to claim that the Pokedex is unusable as a whole or that it was written by ten year olds. I just think we should stop considering Pokedex entries that are demonstrably false. The Pokedex is, in a nutshell, a collection statements. And on this website, we generally only...
  33. Veloxt1r0kore

    Minamoto no Raikou vs Mega Lucario

    Yep, thats right! I'm back with the Raikou spam! backflip and frontflip until its done#Slapped How much i'm going to make? Well i already have a planned matches in my pockets long, long ago before my break alongside a new additions for my idea (like this one for example) Outside from Raikou, i...
  34. First_Witch

    High 7-A REBirth Tournament Round 10 (Xiao vs Lucario)

    Welcome welcome, to the tournament of heroes and warriors! Follow along the fates of 16 remarkable individuals from across space and time, in this tournament of glory and honor! In this glorious Round, on the On the Left: Xiao! On the Right: Lucario! Xiao: 6...
  35. Baken384

    Jotaro vs Cynthia

    Part 3 Jotaro Kujo vs Cynthia (Pokemon) in a fist fight Jotaro's Star Platinum is restricted Cynthia's Pokemon are restricted Speed Equalized All of their equipment are restricted Both start off 10 Meters away from each other The Battle takes place outside of Los Pollos Hermanos Parking Lot...
  36. Aether_

    Giratina and Arceus Question

    So recently i read "Pokemon Called God" It said giratina is • a embodies all of the "opposite/reflection", or simply "nothingness" •the distortion world itself, the world of anti-matter that does not really exist, a place of nothing. • Its no time,no space,no law, even spirit a fundamental...
  37. First_Witch

    High 7-A REBirth Tournament Round 4 (Shinji Ikari vs Lucario)

    Welcome welcome, to the tournament of heroes and warriors! Follow along the fates of 16 remarkable individuals from across space and time, in this tournament of glory and honor! In this glorious Round, on the Left: Shinji Ikari! On the Right: Lucario!
  38. sanicspood

    Sonic the Hedgehog vs Hoopa (REDUX)

    this match was removed from there profiles for this reason and was accepted to be redone so https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Hoopa https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Sonic_the_Hedgehog_(Game) unbounded hoopa and hyper sonic is used speed equal Sonic is bloodlusted btw sonic: hoopa: 1 incon:
  39. The_Pink_God

    Black Mage of Light vs Giratina

    He is my favorite FF character They are my favorite Pokémon So a match it is Speed Equal 15 meters distance Origin Forme Giratina (2-A) will be used Vs Black Mage of Light: Giratina: Inconclusive: 2
  40. Spinoirr

    7-A tournament round 1, match 2 (Deku fights a lawnmower)

    Speed is equal and both are fighting on planet cereal (45% Deku is being used) Deku: The lawnmower: Icon:
  41. King_Clab

    Goku fights Pape- what?

    Goku vs Kartana Both 3-C Buu Saga Goku being used Speed Equalized Dragon Fist is Banned Fights On Earth Both in Character Black Hair Main character: Paper: 1 Debate!
  42. Mariogoods

    Twitch Plays Pokemon Revision

    Note: It is a CRT in FC/OC VS Battles Wiki. It is simple: adding Multiple Selves (Type 1) to The Voices' profile because The Voices is the representation of collective "players".
  43. TauanVictor

    (GRACE) Garou (OPM) VS Lucario (Pokémon) (2/9/0)

    Garou (OPM) VS Lucario (Pokémon) Starting Distance: 5m Both in-character Equalized speed Pre-Awakening Garou | Lucario LOCATION: Garou: 2 (@King, @Kachon123) Lucario: 9 (@Arceus0x, @FinePoint, @Psychomaster35, @GlaceonGamez471, @DemonicDude, @Popted2, @SemiRaedi, @Veloxt1r0kore, @Imaginym)...
  44. Seventy96

    Arceus debunker

    So, what do you think?
  45. Arceus0x

    Pokemon Clean up thread part 2: Actual cleanup

    Bring up any page we need to clean up and lets discuss how to do it properly. here's the last thread https://vsbattles.com/threads/pokemon-cleanup-crt-ash-upgrade-team-rocket-trio-upgrade.122173/ i'mma need help
  46. Arceus0x

    A Request to Pause the creation of any Pokemon vsthreads + Another request

    Today i wanna ask something of the mods. You see, we have pokemon profiles like these: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Tyranitar that lack loads of their abilities and basic resistances (Tyranitar has 6 resistances against different moves and an immunity to psychic attacks, and yet none are...
  47. Spinoirr

    Tomura shigraki tries to get another Pokemon

    Speed is equal and base Charizard is fighting bloodlusted 98% afo shigraki and Charizard cannot use any move that amps his AP and Durability Shigarakis ap: 640 Megatons Charzards ap: 3.181 Gigatons in base The AP difference with normal charzard is 4.9703125 times Charizard: 1 Shigraki: 1 Icon:
  48. ShinyMagicalGirl

    "Wyrms from Beyond the Distorted Rift" Giratina vs Shinryu (Pokemon vs Final Fantasy)

    The Distortion World was a realm where only Giratina lived in. They had been banished there, for their rebellion and violence. Yet, they found themselves getting used to the world. They could control every aspect of it to their own whim. Giratina was enjoying a leisurely time just hanging...
  49. KobsterHope07

    A Kaiju encounters a wild Land Shark

    Kaiju No. 9 vs Gible Scenario: As Kaiju No. 9 was ready to begin his plan to exact revenge on Kaiju No. 8 but he soon find himself facing off against a wild Gible that tried to pounced him for straying too close to the cave it live by. Starting Distance: 10m 8-A versions (Post Molt Kaiju No. 9...
  50. TauanVictor

    Xeno Goku VS Arceus

    Xeno Goku VS Arceus Starting Distance: 10m Both in-character Equalized speed Xeno Goku starts in SSJ3 form and will have access to Keysword | Avatars Arceus Goku: Arceus: Inconclusive:
  51. JustSomeWeirdo

    Goddess of Order Ashera vs Eternamax Eternatus

    Ashera vs Eternatus Speed Equal Ashera: 1 Eternatus: Inconclusive:
  52. ThanatosX

    High 6-A Tournament - Round 1, Match 1: Eternatus vs Adam

    VS This is the first round of this Tournament to decide who will take the 5th place as the strongest High 6-A. The Rules are the same as the Top 5 Strongest Characters for Every Tier. This means that SBA is applied and speed is equalized. Eternatus is in his Eternamax Key and Adam in his...
  53. StrymULTRA

    Urshifu vs Jin Kazama

    Doing this because yes. Both High 6-A Base Single Strike Urshifu vs True Devil Jin Initial Distance is few meters Speed Equalized (I'll unequalize if needed) Urshifu: Jin Kazama: Goku:
  54. Kazuma_kuwabara

    6-B Tournament. Round 1, Match 7): Thu-Fi-Zer VS Random Monkey that will not appear in the tourney site

    Thu-Fi-Zer (Pokémon Adventures) VS Avatar of the vengeful monkey Starting Distance: 50m Equalized speed Both in-character 6-B versions LOCATION...
  55. Arceus0x

    Pokemon speed revision...screw it, might as well.

    Alright boys, big bad wigglytuff is here with another big revision and today i am gonna bring up sth that has been bothering me for a while. Idc if it goes through or not but i need to do this. My main issue today is... WHY THE HECK DO THE EVOLUTIONS SCALE TO DIFFERENT SPEED? The current...
  56. TauanVictor

    (GRACE) Sonic the Hedgehog VS Hoopa (7/0/0)

    Sonic the Hedgehog VS Hoopa Starting Distance: 25m Both in-character Equalized speed Super Sonic | Unbound Hoopa LOCATION: Sonic: 7 (@JED, @Maverick_Zero_X, @sanicspood, @TyranoDoom30, @ShakeResounding, @BlastX, @Gabs22_Gamer) Hoopa: Inconclusive:
  57. Johnboy

    2-B Wooper upgrade

    As we see in this video at 19:44 wooper defeats one of Arceus avatars so 2-B likely 2-A wooper agree:3 the ones that are wrong:0 neutral:0
  58. ThePrimalHunter

    The Thing Fights Itself

    John Carpenter's The Thing vs Ditto Speed is Equal Fight takes place in the middle of a crowded New York City 1 person has been assimilated I really hope this is fair The Shapeshifting Alien Monster: 0 The Shapeshifting Pokemon: 0 Incon: 0
  59. Gohanblanco217

    The Creation Trio (minor upgrade)

    I can't tell if this count as some kind of Soul absorption but if it does then I guess Palkia and Dialga should have it That's all. Agree : Disagree :
  60. Sus

    Pokémon question

    What's the arguments for tier 1 Pokémon and why are they wrong Besides the "transcends space-time and antimatter"
  61. Regice

    A non-legendary pokemon vs your favourite verse

    Dusknoir tries to take over your favourite verse, can your favourite verse beat a non-legendary pokemon?? Speed unequal 😈😈 (inf speed)
  62. Soupywolf5

    Shocking Clarification

    Electabuzz vs Lightning Electabuzz and High 7-C Lightning are being used speed is unequalized equalized, they start 5 meters apart AP: Electabuzz is 131.04 Kilotons, Lightning is >937.229 Kilotons To clarify: Wierd Yellow Electric Thing: 2 (Psychomaster35, James_Plays_4_Games) Both get...
  63. Imaginym

    Pokemon 8-A tournament; round 5: Gastly vs. Electrike

    Gastly vs Electrike Round 5 Fight! Gastly: 1 @Regice (?) Electrike: 7 ( @Daddybrawl (?), @Gilad_Hyperstar , @JustANormalLemon , @Luckyfun , @StekFence , @Peppersalt43 , @Arceus0x ) (Per the tournament's rules, Speed is equalized & items are restricted.)
  64. Soulgizmo

    Can ditto copy skill?

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ditto_(Pokémon) If ditto can copy all attributes of objects or people. Would this apply to their abilities as fighters?
  65. Soulgizmo

    Ditto skill Crt

    Is ditto able to copy the skill of the thing it transforms into?https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ditto_(Pok%C3%A9mon)
  66. Regice

    Kaido (one piece) vs Calyrex (pokemon)

    Kaido vs Calyrex (ice horse version) Both 6-B Speed unequal Battle is in Peppermint palace Kaido: Calyrex:
  67. Pokemonfan807

    Red (pokemon) vs scp-049

    Red SCP-049 Incon: 2 Rules: Base for both (9-B red vs 9-C base 049) Speed equalized 4 feet apart Knowledge of each other battle takes place inside a Warehouse
  68. Vizer04

    Connie vs Ditto (7-9-0)

    Ditto is given time to transform and Speed Equalized. Connie: 7 (@Coolboy6, @Soulgizmo, @JustANormalLemon, @sanicspood and @Bernkastelll, @RandomGuy2345 and @Soupywolf5) Ditto: 9 (@Everything12, @Meganova_Stella, @TauanVictor, @Daddybrawl, @Regice, @Popted2, @StrymULTRA and @Lou_change and...
  69. Regice

    Could ultra space get accepted as 5-D?

    Could ultra space get accepted as 5-D for being above space and time? If so who would scale to that? Would ultra necrozma lighting up all of ultra space be 1-C? Would the creation trio scale to necrozma?? Sorry if im being dumb cause I don't know much about tier 1.
  70. Regice

    Regigigas vs thanos

    Regigigas vs Thanos Thanos with the power stone High 6-A vs 5-A with 6-C durability Who's the better titan?? Speed is equal Regigigas: Thanos:1
  71. Regice

    Deoxys vs goku

    Deoxys vs frieza saga Goku 5-B vs high 5-A Speed equalised Super saiyan restricted Goku: 3 Deoxys:
  72. Regice

    Why are the creation trio's avatars 2-A?

    Most of their feats are just low 2-C so why are the avatars 2-A?
  73. StrymULTRA

    Team Rocket downgrade

    So, I was randomly checking VBW Pokémon profiles, until I saw this. And honestly, I have no idea of why it got accepted. I'm perfectly fine with them having Tier 6 Durability, but not comparable AP. My biggest issue is that every single human scales to them for 9-B+ along with Origins Red, and...
  74. Spinoirr

    Kirby fights A monster that is trying to absorb all the light of Dreamland

    Speed is equal and both are galaxy level. I will change it to a different pokemon if Kirby stomps lol (Kirby doesn't have his Optional Items) Necrozma: Kirby: Icon:
  75. Imaginym

    Pokemon 8-A tournament; round 4: Growlithe vs. Natu

    Growlithe vs Natu Round 4 Fight! Growlithe: 7 ( @Gilad_Hyperstar , @Lou_change , @FinePoint , @Daddybrawl , @Peppersalt43 , @Sonicflare9 , @JustANormalLemon ), plus myself (If that counts.). Natu: (Per the tournament's rules, Speed is equalized & items are restricted.)
  76. Pokemonfan807

    red fights a old church guy (pokemon vs dies irae)

    Red decides to all of sudden beat up valerian trifa upon seeing him. Red's Profile Trifa's profile Rules: 9-B red and 10-C valerian Both have knowledge of each other speed is equalized Both are bloodlusted they start half a feet apart battle takes place on the death star bridge Edit...
  77. Spinoirr

    Appletun vs Carrot

    Speed is equal and both are large mountain level Appletun: Carrot: Icon: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Appletun https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Carrot_(One_Piece)
  78. Gohanblanco217

    Question about the Planet level meteor (Pokemon)

    Small question i want to talk about this feat. Umm the feat is assumed to be planet level but there is something I don't get it when the Meteor wiped out the planet why we still see the surface of the planet still being intact? Just asking since I found this weird
  79. TauanVictor

    Archie Sonic VS Arceus

    I looked for matchups involving this theme, but they were quite outdated and quite old. So, regardless of whether it's a stomp, I just want to know the result currently. Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Pre-Genesis Wave) VS Arceus Fight Location: Uninhabited Multiverse Starting Distance: 10m Both...
  80. Pokemonfan807

    Arceus fights a Greek god (Pokemon vs Saint Seiya)

    Hades has come to the pokemon world to judge the mortals, arceus won't have it. Arceus Hades: 1 Rules Avatar Arceus vs True Body with Surplice (2-B vs 2-C) Bloodlusted Hades Hades has knowledge speed equalized battle takes place in Alola win via incap or death
  81. Coolboy6

    Tighten vs Ditto

    Ditto was given time to transform, speed is equalized Dumb superhuman: Pink shapeshifting blob boi: 7
  82. Spinoirr

    Sanji vs Infernape

    Speed is equal and Sanji can't use his raid suit, both are large mountain level+ Infernape: Sanji: 7 Icon: Fight track:
  83. Epsilon_R

    Calyrex Vs Megicula

    6-B Versions are used Speed is Equalized King of Harvests: Queen of Curses: Inconclusive: 7
  84. Adem_Warlock69

    Massive Pokemon Champions Upgrade

    A bunch of Pokemon Champions (Mostly Leon) have High 6-A scaling, that's it Leon: Leon's Team matched and even managed to wear down Base Eternatus. Leon's Charizard was even capable of knocking it out in both Pokemon Journeys and Pokémon Evolutions. Is considered the strongest trainer in the...
  85. Gohanblanco217

    Cinderace vs Lucario (Pokemon)

    Both in character Fight start at 20 meters away from each Lucario key is being used Cinderace key is being used Cinderace : 1 Lucario : 7 Incon :
  86. AnosVoldigoad314

    Pokemon Vs Street Fighter

    Both are High 7-A Speed is Equalized Base Akuma is used Lucario: Akuma: Inconclusive:
  87. LordGinSama

    Pokémon - Range scaling issues

    This is a pretty simple one that affects most of the Pokémon profiles, and this is one that's been brought up quite a few times. Currently the vast majority of Pokémon have the same exact range "tens of Kilometers." with no citation given whatsoever. There's no calculation, and there's...
  88. Soulgizmo

    Weavile vs Kisame

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Kisame_Hoshigaki https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Weavile Both bloodlusted speed equalized Start from 20 yards away from each other in a forest. Weavile: Kisame: Incon:
  89. Arceus0x

    Pokemon 8-A tournament; Round 2: Bronzor vs Mareanie

    Mareanie vs. Bronzor Round 2 Fight! Mareanie: Bronzor: 7 Incon:
  90. Gohanblanco217

    Eternatus (Pokemon) vs Aizen (Bleach)

    Both in character Fight start at 10 meters away from each other Speed equalized Both at High 6-A Eternamax Eternatus key is being used God Aizen key is being used Passive Soul hax GG : Passive powernull GG : Incon : 7
  91. KlinkyGrape

    Garchomp VS Roronoa Zoro (0/7/0) [Grace]

    Garchomp and Dressrosa Zoro is being used Location: Sky Island Starting Distance: 5 km Speed is equalized Garchomp: 0 () Roronoa Zoro: 7 (MonkeyOfLife, SemiRaedi, Imaginym, LordGinSama, DragonGamerZ913, KingTempest, NomsNoms) Inconclusive: 0
  92. Gohanblanco217

    Suicune (Pokemon) Minor addition

    Suicune should have Crystal manipulation and maybe Sealing based on this : Suicune can trap beings inside a wall of crystal as stated above. It was stated only Suicune has enough power to destroy that wall so the Crystal wall would scales to Suicune stats. And that's pretty much all...
  93. Adem_Warlock69

    Zinnia Upgrade

    In Omega Alpha Adventure 2 and 3, Zinnia's Salamence was capable of fighting against and damaging Ruby's Latios, and once it Mega Evolved, Latios' attacks couldn't harm it. This would make Zinnia "At least Low 6-B, 6-B with Mega Salamance"
  94. Arceus0x

    What is/are your favorite pokemon and why? Elaborate

    I just wanna know. There are lot's of people who aren't pokemon supporters yet played/liked something related to it. Thus i wanted to ask the simple question. Who's your favorite? Mine are, Evidently, Wigglytuff - i never liked them at the beginning but i began adoring this species after...
  95. Daddybrawl


    Welp. Time to do this. Raichu vs Alolan Raichu The Rules: This fight takes place in Pallet Town. Both Pokemon are Wild, meaning they don’t have any trainers. I don’t know whether Raichu gets the Light Ball or not, but to be perfectly fair, neither Raichu has a Light Ball. Otherwise, we follow...
  96. The_Pink_God

    Mothra vs Volcarona (Yeah i like moths, dont judge me)

    The Sun Pokémon that should 100% be a legendary You can't change my mind, don't even try it vs a fucking God Moth that dyed to a hydra rip-off F*ck you Ghidora >: ( SBA Speed Equalized Both 7-A Start 100 meters away Vs Volcarona: 2 Mothra: 1 Inconclusive:
  97. Remus1998

    Arceus Abilities

    Why does Arceus essentially have nearly all the abilities within the Pokemon universe?
  98. Bob8999

    RL humans vs Magikarp

    15,000 random RL humans each with a random weapon (9-A tier or lower) vs 10,000 random Magikarp, some below 9-A, some at 9-A, some at 10-C, and some above 10-C. Half start in water half start on land. The two sides start 300 feet away from eachother. Battle takes place on a very large beach...
  99. Arceus0x


    You know i had to bait with the title, no, this isn't some super massive upgrade which makes all pokemon 6-A, but it is damn good for starter. The feat The feat i will provide you with is this Piloswine destroys Ecruteak city with an earthquake the feat is Piloswine violently shaking Ecruteak...
  100. StrymULTRA

    Pokémon: Tier 3 scalings fix

    In short, I've noticed that base Necrozma calc is around 1.2 YottaFOE. Since 3-C+ starts from 4.2965 YottaFOE, I thought that Some scaling might get fixed. Zygarde and Necrozma 50% Zygarde is >> Mega Mewtwo, who in itself is >= Base Necrozma, and Ultra Necrozma is stronger than it, to the...