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  1. Gohanblanco217

    The Creation Trio (minor upgrade)

    I can't tell if this count as some kind of Soul absorption but if it does then I guess Palkia and Dialga should have it That's all. Agree : Disagree :
  2. ProPlayerJohn

    Orcane vs Blastoise

    Orcane VS Blastoise RULES: Teleportation is limited to 10 feet Speed is equalized Battle takes place in a generic Pokemon Arena Orcane: Blastoise: Incon:
  3. Regice

    A non-legendary pokemon vs your favourite verse

    Dusknoir tries to take over your favourite verse, can your favourite verse beat a non-legendary pokemon?? Speed unequal 😈😈 (inf speed)
  4. Soupywolf5

    Shocking Clarification

    Electabuzz vs Lightning Electabuzz and High 7-C Lightning are being used speed is unequalized equalized, they start 5 meters apart AP: Electabuzz is 131.04 Kilotons, Lightning is >937.229 Kilotons To clarify: Wierd Yellow Electric Thing: 2 (Psychomaster35, James_Plays_4_Games) Both get...
  5. Imaginym

    Pokemon 8-A tournament; round 5: Gastly vs. Electrike

    Gastly vs Electrike Round 5 Fight! Gastly: 1 @Regice (?) Electrike: 7 ( @Daddybrawl (?), @Gilad_Hyperstar , @JustANormalLemon , @Luckyfun , @StekFence , @Peppersalt43 , @Arceus0x ) (Per the tournament's rules, Speed is equalized & items are restricted.)
  6. Lou_change

    Ditto intelligence upgrade and transformation downgrade

    Hi to day we will be talking about ditto simply put ditto's talent for transforming and it doesn't have some kind of connection to mew. So ditto transforms into it's cells to become any pokemon, item, or person(within reason) this includes porygon living data, various aliens, vaporeon and...
  7. Regice

    Kaido (one piece) vs Calyrex (pokemon)

    Kaido vs Calyrex (ice horse version) Both 6-B Speed unequal Battle is in Peppermint palace Kaido: Calyrex:
  8. Regice

    Could ultra space get accepted as 5-D?

    Could ultra space get accepted as 5-D for being above space and time? If so who would scale to that? Would ultra necrozma lighting up all of ultra space be 1-C? Would the creation trio scale to necrozma?? Sorry if im being dumb cause I don't know much about tier 1.
  9. Coolboy6

    Queen Bee (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir) vs Beedrill (Pokémon)

    Chloe is on a field trip with her class into the forest. Chloe starts complaining about how “utterly ridiculous” this trip is and all of her classmates starts getting annoyed with her. Suddenly, a strange looking bee comes out of nowhere and starts attacking the students. “This trip has gotten...
  10. Red_The_Red_Bird

    Thomas vs. Allister

    Back then, I made a thread involving these two characters called "Ghost boi vs Train boi" but since no one cared for it and because I want these characters to get a respective record in their records, I'll be remaking the thread. Rules: Both characters are in base form without any Pokemon...
  11. Soulgizmo

    Weavile vs ban

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ban_(Nanatsu_no_Taizai) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Weavile Post purgatory ban vs a trained Weavile Ban: Weavile: Incon:
  12. Regice

    Regigigas vs thanos

    Regigigas vs Thanos Thanos with the power stone High 6-A vs 5-A with 6-C durability Who's the better titan?? Speed is equal Regigigas: Thanos:1
  13. Regice

    Deoxys vs goku

    Deoxys vs frieza saga Goku 5-B vs high 5-A Speed equalised Super saiyan restricted Goku: 3 Deoxys:
  14. Regice

    Why are the creation trio's avatars 2-A?

    Most of their feats are just low 2-C so why are the avatars 2-A?
  15. StrymULTRA

    Team Rocket downgrade

    So, I was randomly checking VBW Pokémon profiles, until I saw this. And honestly, I have no idea of why it got accepted. I'm perfectly fine with them having Tier 6 Durability, but not comparable AP. My biggest issue is that every single human scales to them for 9-B+ along with Origins Red, and...
  16. Spinoirr

    Kirby fights A monster that is trying to absorb all the light of Dreamland

    Speed is equal and both are galaxy level. I will change it to a different pokemon if Kirby stomps lol (Kirby doesn't have his Optional Items) Necrozma: Kirby: Icon:
  17. Meganova_Stella

    Goku vs Natsu vs Naruto vs Yugi Muto vs Red (Composite) vs Takato Matsuki

    Battle Shounen vs Mon Games in a battle royale! Rules: In character for all Equalized stats - AP, Speed, Dura Real world-forms for Digimon No multipliers, only percentage amps. (MUI is a 130% amp, and the other forms fall somewhere in there for instance) Battlefield is in the Sahara...
  18. Daddybrawl

    Minor Growlithe Revision + Odor Sleuth

    Bam. Growlithe currently has Empathic Control for a Dex entry that says ‘Has a majestic bark that causes people to grovel’. However, this is an Arcanine entry. This means it should be moved to the Arcanine key. A tad less concrete and minor, Users of Odor Sleuth should also get Power...
  19. Imaginym

    Pokemon 8-A tournament; round 4: Growlithe vs. Natu

    Growlithe vs Natu Round 4 Fight! Growlithe: 7 ( @Gilad_Hyperstar , @Lou_change , @FinePoint , @Daddybrawl , @Peppersalt43 , @Sonicflare9 , @JustANormalLemon ), plus myself (If that counts.). Natu: (Per the tournament's rules, Speed is equalized & items are restricted.)
  20. Pokemonfan807

    red fights a old church guy (pokemon vs dies irae)

    Red decides to all of sudden beat up valerian trifa upon seeing him. Red's Profile Trifa's profile Rules: 9-B red and 10-C valerian Both have knowledge of each other speed is equalized Both are bloodlusted they start half a feet apart battle takes place on the death star bridge Edit...
  21. Spinoirr

    Appletun vs Carrot

    Speed is equal and both are large mountain level Appletun: Carrot: Icon: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Appletun https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Carrot_(One_Piece)
  22. Pokemonfan807

    Arceus fights a Greek god (Pokemon vs Saint Seiya)

    Hades has come to the pokemon world to judge the mortals, arceus won't have it. Arceus Hades: 1 Rules Avatar Arceus vs True Body with Surplice (2-B vs 2-C) Bloodlusted Hades Hades has knowledge speed equalized battle takes place in Alola win via incap or death
  23. Spinoirr

    Sanji vs Infernape

    Speed is equal and Sanji can't use his raid suit, both are large mountain level+ Infernape: Sanji: 7 Icon: Fight track:
  24. Epsilon_R

    Calyrex Vs Megicula

    6-B Versions are used Speed is Equalized King of Harvests: Queen of Curses: Inconclusive: 7
  25. Celebi Speed Changes

    The Celebi page has some problems with it, namely; Speed. According to the page Celebi has Relativistic+ speed. But Celebi actually has Immeasurable speed. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/885662941007998986/885663153806000199/q665TNg.png...
  26. Adem_Warlock69

    Massive Pokemon Champions Upgrade

    A bunch of Pokemon Champions (Mostly Leon) have High 6-A scaling, that's it Leon: Leon's Team matched and even managed to wear down Base Eternatus. Leon's Charizard was even capable of knocking it out in both Pokemon Journeys and Pokémon Evolutions. Is considered the strongest trainer in the...
  27. Gohanblanco217

    Cinderace vs Lucario (Pokemon)

    Both in character Fight start at 20 meters away from each Lucario key is being used Cinderace key is being used Cinderace : 1 Lucario : 7 Incon :
  28. LordGinSama

    Pokémon - Range scaling issues

    This is a pretty simple one that affects most of the Pokémon profiles, and this is one that's been brought up quite a few times. Currently the vast majority of Pokémon have the same exact range "tens of Kilometers." with no citation given whatsoever. There's no calculation, and there's...
  29. Coolboy6

    Hey kid, you wanna play some Pokémon?

    I’ll go first. Coolboy6 is issuing a challenge! Coolboy6 sends out Charizard!
  30. Delta333

    Dante vs Hoopa

    Battle for top strongest high 3-A characters Both are high 3-A and speed is equalized Dante:14 (Rez,Sevil Natas,Stillwinston,GilverTheProtoAngelo,Lou_change,Bernkastelll,Shizuka,Naitodesu,Mister6ame6,Andika_CL_atmadja,Rabbit2002,theultimate5105,Orange,EFÍTÉ) Hoopa:2 (Regice,ProfessorKukui4Life)...
  31. Adem_Warlock69

    Zinnia Upgrade

    In Omega Alpha Adventure 2 and 3, Zinnia's Salamence was capable of fighting against and damaging Ruby's Latios, and once it Mega Evolved, Latios' attacks couldn't harm it. This would make Zinnia "At least Low 6-B, 6-B with Mega Salamance"
  32. Arceus0x

    What is/are your favorite pokemon and why? Elaborate

    I just wanna know. There are lot's of people who aren't pokemon supporters yet played/liked something related to it. Thus i wanted to ask the simple question. Who's your favorite? Mine are, Evidently, Wigglytuff - i never liked them at the beginning but i began adoring this species after...
  33. Sergeant_Hypocrite

    The Psychic and the Mastercomputer (Mewtwo VS AM)

    Mewtwo (Pokémon) VS AM (I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream) Both are 5-B (Base Mewtwo is used here) Speed is equalized Mewtwo: AM: Inconclusive:
  34. The_Pink_God

    Mothra vs Volcarona (Yeah i like moths, dont judge me)

    The Sun Pokémon that should 100% be a legendary You can't change my mind, don't even try it vs a fucking God Moth that dyed to a hydra rip-off F*ck you Ghidora >: ( SBA Speed Equalized Both 7-A Start 100 meters away Vs Volcarona: 2 Mothra: 1 Inconclusive:
  35. The_Pink_God

    Lord Boros vs Lucario

    Why not amirite 50 meters distance start Power Unsealed Boros is going to be used Boros can go Meteoric Burst if necessary Speed is not equalized cuz yes Vs Lucario: Lord Boros: Inconclusive:
  36. Arceus0x


    You know i had to bait with the title, no, this isn't some super massive upgrade which makes all pokemon 6-A, but it is damn good for starter. The feat The feat i will provide you with is this Piloswine destroys Ecruteak city with an earthquake the feat is Piloswine violently shaking Ecruteak...
  37. The_Pink_God

    Pokemon question

    So where do we scale Pokémons that has no evolution like Tauros and Wishiwashi?
  38. Arceus0x

    Pokemon tournament 8-A edition [Brackets closed, matches only]

    All pokemon are allowed as long as they are 8-A. Speed will be equalized and items restricted. Let's find the toughest of the bunch 1. Litwick 2. Misdreavus 3. Gastly 4. Porygon 5. Natu 6. Bronzor 7. Swablu 8. Murkrow 9. Growlithe 10. Grimer 11. Pikachu 12. Charmander 13. Electrike 14. Milcery...
  39. Sergeant_Hypocrite

    High 7-A Tournament Round 1, Match 4 (Metagross VS Sanji)

    Let the tournament begin! Both are High 7-A, obviously (Mega Metagross and Late Whole Cake island Saga to Early Wano Kuni Saga are used here. Anything above High 7-A is restricted) Both have prior knowledge of each other. Speed is equalized Metagross (Pokémon): Sanji (One Piece): Inconclusive:
  40. JustANormalLemon

    A billion lions vs the sun!!!! (closed)

    in the year 5,000 A.C, lions became an endangered species the planet earth, to save them, humanity created an artificial planet whose surface imatas completely the african savannas, from cloning, the scientists of planet earth created a billion of lions who were all sent to this planet, there...
  41. Where is the evidence that Arceus and Trio have a true form?

    I can't find any evidence.
  42. Arceus0x

    Pokemon Cleanup CRT + Ash upgrade + team rocket trio upgrade

    So im gonna be real with you, the current pokemon pages suck in many ways. Greninja, as an example, has keys for all evolutions and ash greninja...problem is he only has tier 7-A and high 7-A...there goes my vs thread i planned. Overall i need your help. I need y'all to bring up many other...
  43. Arceus0x

    Pokemon Cleanup CRT thread

    So im gonna be real with you, the current pokemon pages suck in many ways. Greninja, as an example, has keys for all evolutions and ash greninja...problem is he only has tier 7-A and high 7-A...there goes my vs thread i planned. Overall i need your help. I need y'all to bring up many other...
  44. JustANormalLemon

    prism boy vs titan boy

    - Fight takes place in an open field in Brazil - Both are in their 6-A tier -Both start 20 meters apart (It is not easy to find a White Light image that is easily placed here) Regigigas: White Light: both give up and become friends(incon):
  45. JustANormalLemon

    Pokemon Battle: Regigigas vs Eternatus

    -The fight takes place in an open field in Brazil -Both High 6-A -Eternatus limited to its base form only Regigigas: Eternatus: Double K.O(incon):
  46. Robot972

    Eternatus Power Null

    Hey, should we have a link on Eternatus' page to a list of what abilities he power nulls? I have this list from a previous version of the page and could make it a blog.
  47. Starter_Pack

    Removing the Charizard Feat (Pokémon Downgrade)

    I usually don't try to screw with the major statistics of franchises unless pushed, but this one has been a long time coming for me. Currently, the Pokémon verse, particularly the final evolutions and by extension the various powered-up Pokémon such as Mega-Evolutions and Gigantamax forms, all...
  48. fancykingkirby

    Rayquaza vs Announcer

    The Announcer had to get rid of hoenn because budget cuts and Rayquaza is not happy Funny Dragon: Budget Cuts: Both 4-C Speed equalized
  49. Expectro2000xxx

    Helena vs Gardevoir

    Mega Gardevoir, 100 Meters apart, speed equal, in a pokemon stadium. In case that you think it's a stomp recommend others servants and pokemons to use instead. Helena: 0 vs Ash and Gardevoir: 0
  50. Pokemonfan807

    pokemon revisions

    now this is going to be a very big pokemon revision. pokemon like tentacruel and dragonite are missing their previous evolutions. if we're going to fix this it will take a massive edit. since it means adding tiers, creating tabs, and more. but it needs to be done so we can get all the pokemon...
  51. CardboardSlime

    Magikarp VS Walkatrout

    Battle of the two sucky and pathetic fishes Both are 10-C Fight ends in KO or death Walkatrout doesn't change alien forms Battle takes place in the rain at the park with a lake nearby Weakest Pokémon: Weakest Ben 10 Alien form: Draw/Inconclusive:
  52. Adem_Warlock69

    Mega Latios and Latias Downgrade (And possibly Diancie upgrade)

    They shouldn't be 5-B, for 2 reasons Ruby, who has a Mega Latios, and used it to defeat Zinnia's Mega Salamence, claimed that "The only one who can stop them (Groudon and Kyogre) is Rayquaza", this is before they became Primal. So the eon duo aren't even High 6-A Mega Latios and Latias didn't...
  53. Pokemonfan807

    Unicron vs arceus

    Unicron vs Arceus Unicron wants to consume the entire pokemon world, can he do it? Arceus's Profile Unicron's Profile: incon: 1 vote Rules Both 2-A (True Forms for both) Both Bloodlusted Win via death. If not possible use other forms like bfr or incap Both are omnipresent Can Unicron...
  54. Adem_Warlock69

    groudon and kyogre upgrade

    Base Groudon and Kyogre could take hits and beam-clash with Rayquaza
  55. Tots_Real

    Reinhard van Astrea Fights A Litteral Animal

    Reinhard van Astrea Vs Haxorus https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Reinhard_van_Astrea https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Haxorus Mold Breaker Haxorus Speed Equalized Fight Takes place in an empty elite four room I was gonna do Excadrill instead but Excadrill doesn't have a page
  56. Joycap

    The Unova Legends scaling has been bugging me for a hot minute (possible revision: 3-A -> 5-B, at LEAST 6-A)

    If there have been other threads on this kind of thing, let me know. OK, so for those that know my place on these forums (which has been less than a couple of months), you may be aware of my chagrin when it comes to where the Legendaries are scaled. As far as regions and said legends, the...
  57. Lou_change

    DJ Subatomic Supernova fights another green drummer

    DJ Subatomic Supernova Vs Rillaboom Speed equalized SBA otherwise Harambe: Black hole-chan: A gorilla joins NSR:
  58. Expectro2000xxx

    Master vs Trainer, but by themselves (Ritsuka vs Ash 7-2-0)

    I would like to do a match between the two with their servants and pokemons but don't know what of them use to let it be a fair fight, so until I find my answer they are gonna fight without them. Both at 9-B, speed equal, 10 meters apart, win via whatever. Edit: Forgot to mention, Ritsuka don't...
  59. Pepsiman25th

    cartoon network fight (arceus vs The Enchiridion)

    both 2-A SBA for both, speed is equal. battle takes place in a void of emptiness, who wins? Llama god: op book: incon:
  60. fiera_Gamer

    Arceus (pokemon) vs the truth (fullmetal alchemist brotherhood)

    arceus (the god pokemon) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Arceus vs the truth (FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Truth speed equalized
  61. SamanPatou

    Something about Poké Lawnmower

    I recently discovered the existence of the Pokémon Lawnmower and I have some problems with it. I'm not asking for deletion, it can stay for what I care, but there 3 major issues: 1) It's High 7-A for scaling from Donphan and the Team Rocket Trio, both of which (as most trainers and third stage...
  62. SamanPatou

    Akuma enters a Pokémon battle

    Akuma is traveling from world to world (don't ask how) in search of a worthy foe and ends up in the Kanto region. Gathering informations about the best martial artist of the region, he reaches the Indigo Plateau, the place that it is said to host the "Champion of Fighting type Pokémon", whatever...
  63. SamanPatou

    Ryu vs Blaziken

    During one of his travels around the world, Ryu hears voices about a marvelous warrior that fights with fiery kicks and punches. Could it be possible that his friend Ken was there too? Heading towards the place where this warrior was last seen, Ryu meets a creature he wasn't expecting to see...

    Naruto Uzumaki vs Ash Ketchum

    This is probably gonna be a weird Matchup, but whatever. Both are at High 7-A and Naruto starts in Sage Mode but has access to KCM1. The Fight takes place in the Chūnin Exams Arena, Speed Equalized and Naruto has a Clone hiding somewhere nearby to Recharge his Senjutsu...
  65. manu_zarri

    SCP-682 fights Arceus (GRACE)

    this match came in mind because of this. so ye, an omnipotent adaptable reptile vs the god of pokemon going to change to extended canon if it's a stomp. Leviathan of the Fourth Bride SCP-682 used. True Form Arceus used. Both are 2-A Speed Equalizzed (going to find images later) SCP-682...
  66. StrymULTRA

    Arceus and Chaos

    Here we go again with another Arceus ability addition as we already didn't had enough threads for that. Basically here is a pretty interesting info I found on True Form Arceus which I'd like to show here. Let's take the Original One again: In the beginning, there was only a churning turmoil of...
  67. KingKenjo

    The Pokemon Tournament of Power (Phase 1- Team Creation)

    Having not been satisfied with the previous Tournament of Power, Lord Zen'o has gathered fighters from across the Multiverse, living and dead alike, for a new and exciting tournament. Using his power, Zen'o has created a new universe for it all to take place in, one populated by Pokemon! The...
  68. AceOfSpaces3709

    Omni-Man VS “Himself” (Concluded) (7-0-0)

    After discovering that his son has developed super powers, Nolan decides that his 20 year long jig as a superhero is up. So to prepare for his real purpose he lures and kills some of Earth’s greatest heroes, The Guardians Of The Globe. Several days have passed since the ordeal and Nolan...
  69. ThatDarnFish

    Pokemon Survive

    You are stranded on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean after some disaster or something. All you have on you are your team of 6 Pokemon that you always have with you. How well do you think you'll survive with them, and how do you make the most out of their abilities? Rules: Only 6...
  70. Starter_Pack

    Bunny Fighter Brawl (Jumpy Ghostface vs. Raboot)

    Another day, another battle for First Squad as they face down High Roller in the coliseum of East Citadel once more while he brags about his newest secret weapon to destroy Big Green. And to prove it, he challenges them to a one-on-one fight, with the usual stakes of High Roller claiming Big...
  71. I'm_Blue_daba_dee_daba_die

    Arceus tries to bring judgement on your verse

    The god of Pokémon enters your verse and seeks to destroy it like he tried to do in the movie Speed is unequalized Original Spirit Arceus is used He has full prior knowledge on the verse Can your favorite verse defeat the God of Pokémon???
  72. Snek34

    Rock giant fights a rock golem (Crusher VS Regirock)

    A fight between two Multi-Continent level rock golems. Speed is equalised, battle takes place on a mountaintop because it makes sense, both are bloodlusted, no prep time. Win by death of the other and they start 10 meters from each other. Crusher: Regirock: 1 (SamanPatou) Inconclusive:
  73. Pokemonfan807

    Arceus (Pokemon) vs Caliborn (Homestuck)

    Arceus lands in the homestuck universe. Caliborn sees him and is angry. Arceus Caliborn Rules: Both are 2-A (True form Arceus vs Masterpiece Caliborn) Speed is equalized (although this is irrevalent due to omnipresence and immeasurable speed) both are bloodlusted Caliborn has all his...
  74. Imaginym

    Pokemon vs Fairy Tail.... In a contest of friendship?!?

    Scenario: Every Gym Leader, Elite Four Member, Champion & Rival Character, as well as every current, previous & future member of the Fairy Tail Guild from the Fairy Tail verse, all end up in the other 'verse. They will remain as such for 1 month (31 days.), & until this time ends, the transposed...
  75. ProfessorKukui4Life

    Minor Arceus and Creation Hax Addition: Type 8 Immortality & Power Nullification

    Yep, another one of these, I know. But I wanted this proposal to get its own thread to discuss it in instead of bringing it up in the other hax upgrade threads, as this is sort've new. But also not new at the same time. Anyway, the proposal is in the title. I think Arceus and the Creation Trio...
  76. Lord_JJJ

    (Grace)The God of the Symbiotes fights the Pokemon verse Devil

    I had a friend come up to me with that idea and I was thinking why not since they indeed have the same tier in the wiki Both are 2A Giratina Avatar is used Speed is equalized Both are in Character Knull : Giratina : 7 Incon :
  77. Enryu_The_Red_Tower

    Minor Arceus CRT

    Well, since it was agreed that Arceus should have every ability of the verse in this thread: https://vsbattles.com/threads/regarding-mew-and-arceus.78000/ I will list a good amount of the powers that it does not yet have in its profile but should have: Dream Manipulation (Upscaled from...
  78. Pokemonfan807

    A metal guy vs a witch: Meltan (Pokemon) vs Patchouli Knowledge (Touhou)

    By the means of ROB (Random Omnipotent Being), A meltan has appeared in the touhou world. Immediately upon arrival, it gets attack by patchouli. Can Meltan survive Meltan's Profile Patchouli's Profile Rules: Both are bloodlusted WIN VIA DEATH OR INCAP Speed equalized No preptime or...
  79. Pokemonfan807

    a very hairy situation: Shantae (Shantae) vs Hatterene (Pokemon)

    THe big bad witch from the hood decides to attack the half genie hero. Can shantae survive. Shantae's Profile Hatterene's Profile Rules: Speed Equalized Both in-character Both do not get prep time. (however to make this a bit fair, shantae is allowed to have knowledge of hatterene but not...
  80. StrymULTRA

    Pokémon: an actual MFTL+ rating

    In this accepted calc Lunala traveled the Ultra Space at 1.073e9c. This upgrades all the MFTL+ ratings of the verse to this speed.
  81. GyroNutz

    RE: Pokemon Tier 2 Hax Additions

    This thread was closed before I was able to respond. I do actually largely agree with the changes, though not so much with how it has been applied. Nigh-Omniscience: This was the only part I couldn't find any real evidence for in the document. Besides Uxie and Arceus, none of the creation or...
  82. Nicetoderp

    Kamen Rider Vulcan VS Pikachu

    -Both are in their 8-A key. -Attacks/Item that would put Pikachu above 8-A is prohibited. -Speed is equalized. -Otherwise SBA Wolf (Gorilla): Mouse: Vulcan scales massively above 445 tons.
  83. OnsokunoSonic

    Time Pokemon vs Demon King of El Violente

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Dialga Vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Anos_Voldigoad True form Dialga is used Speed Equal Who will win? Dialga: Anos: Incon: InfiniteCosmology Setsuna_tenma Rez
  84. StrymULTRA

    Arceus vs an actual Destiny 2-B

    Found out that Oryx is even separated from the other Destiny characters, and that the strongest non-smurf 2-B of Destiny is Crota, so. Both at 2-B, True Form Arceus is used, and speed =. Arceus: Crota: Incon:
  85. StrymULTRA

    Solaris vs Dialga

    Dialga vs Archie Solaris Stats equal (Both 2-A) R1: Avatar Dialga R2: True Form Dialga
  86. Regidian

    Arceus vs Kazuradrop

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Arceus Vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Kazuradrop SBA Speed equal if needed.
  87. StrymULTRA

    Arceus vs Oryx redux

    2-B True Form Arceus and 2-B Oryx are used, speed =. Oryx: Arceus: Incon:
  88. Super_Ascended_Sean_Pazdera

    Pokemon Physiology Discussion Thread but every day life just gets worse and the voices are telling me to do it

    So we're back at it again discussing my fucking Pokémon Physiology page yet once more because apparently I need to get it approved a million times or something and I hate myself because I just want this done so I can make more Pokémon profiles no one'll read I was told to put this under Content...
  89. StrymULTRA

    Pokemon Tier 2 Hax Additions

    It was bound to come but here we are, with a pretty important Pokémon Tier 2 Hax CRT. Since the list to things to add is hella l o n g, I'll put this Google Doc, which I invite you to read really carefully before commenting here. Also here are the revised profiles, which are also an huge...
  90. StrymULTRA

    Fight between 5-B Dinosaurs

    Primal Groudon vs Dinosaurus Speed Equalized Red Godzilla: 2 (Confluctor, King_Clab) Red Diego Brando: Incon:
  91. Epsilon_R

    Nacht Vs Marshadow

    Nacht Faust Vs Marshadow Devil Union is restricted Speed Equalized Marshadow: Nacht: Inconclusive:
  92. TauanVictor

    (The Drunk Fighter VS The Capoeirer Fighter): Rock Lee VS Hitmontop

    Rock Lee VS Hitmontop Fight Location: Open field Starting Distance: 5 Meters New Era Lee was used Equalized speed Both in character The Drunk Fighter: 1 (@Milly_Rocking_Bandit) The Capoeirer Fighter: 1 (@King_Clab) Inconclusive:
  93. sanicspood

    Darkrai vs Sonic

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Darkrai https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Sonic_the_Hedgehog_(Game_Character)#Super_Sonic 2-C Super sonic is used vs 2-B darkrai (speed is equal) both are blooodlusted sonic: 7 darkrai: incon:
  94. KlinkyGrape

    The Strongest Swordsman faces a Living Force of Nature (0/0/0)

    Dracule Mihawk VS Tornadus Both 6-B: >26.6 Teratons | >>5.73 Teratons Starting Distance: 10 Kilometres Therian Forme is Restricted IQ Skills are Restricted Speed is Equalised Dracule Mihawk: 0 Tornadus: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  95. Sergeant_Hypocrite

    8-A Tournament Round 1, Match 1 (Pikachu VS Blade Wolf)

    Let the tournament begin! Both are 8-A (Pikachu's key is used here) Both have prior knowledge of each other Speed is equalized Pikachu (Pokémon): Blade Wolf (Metal Gear): Inconclusive:
  96. Sonicflare9

    Luck Voltia vs Pikachu

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Pikachu#Pichu https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Luck_Voltia 8-A versions speed equalized whooooooooooooooooooooooooo would win
  97. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    Should Gigantamax Charizard be put as at least High 7-A?

    Mega Charizard is already High 7-A so it's not a guess to have Gigantamax Charizard be at least that. Having them both be High 7-A is misleading in my opinion since one might assume they are the same strength when one is clearly stronger along with the description clearly saying that...
  98. King_Clab

    Buzzwole vs Pheromosa- The Ultimate Battle of the Ultra Beast

    BOTH High 3-A Fight's In Pokemon Arena Speed equal Pokemon rules apply TMs and TRs are Not Allowed WHO WINS AND WHY? Buzzwole: 1 Pheromosa: 4
  99. StrymULTRA

    Another Legendary Pokémon CRT

    It was already agreed in the comments of this Groudon Calc that the feat is already good to use for the Lifting Strenght, which is Class Z due of the accepted end using 3.37176e21 KG. To support this rating we even got: Kyogre being able to control the oceans, which are >1.347e21 KG (which is...
  100. BrokenStains

    Zacian, Zamazenta and Eternatus have legitimate scaling and deserve profiles

    I noticed that for some asinine reason Dracovish, a Pokémon without any feats or scaling to speak of has a profile while Galar's boxart legendaries lack a profile. I'm going to show why the trio deserve profiles and have actual scaling. Base: As shown in The Scuffle of Legends, Lance's Shiny...