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  1. DemonicDude

    Tier Low 6-B Tournament of Regeneration 2022: Anabel (Pokemon) vs Dry Leonhard

    Group B (Match 2) : Rules: Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. Speed Equalized Distance: Fighting distance for every matchup will be 30 meters. Location: Planet Petropia, The Crystal Planet. Stand up on your feets and welcome the defending champion of last year's Tournament, Dry Leonhard...
  2. Ego

    Anti Monitor Vs Giratina(DC Vs Pokémon)

    Rules: Avatar giratina is used and origin form Anti monitor with anti-matter universe absorb is used Both 2-A keys and speed equalized Takes place in the distortion world Anti-Monitor: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Anti-Monitor Giratina: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Giratina
  3. Yemma670

    Is the Pokémon cosmology above baseline 2A

    How high above baseline 2A is the Pokémon cosmology And how do you even get vastly above baseline without breaching tier 1

    Bug type pokemon

    Why are some bug type fully evolved Pokemon not Large Mountain? Do you guys think insect = weak? Nothing implies they should be that much weaker, and in our caterpie profile it says metapod's AP stagnates. Where tf is this from, and why is Butterfree only scaling to Dragonair?
  5. Yemma670

    Exdeath Vs Arceus Because Why Not

    Exdeath vs Arceus Both are 2A, True Form of Arceus is used, Speed Equalized And they're bloodlusted as hell Exdeath: 1 Arceus : Inconc:
  6. XDragnoir

    4th Strongest in Non-Smurf 6B: Ji Ning vs Calyrex and Megicula

    Well, why fight one at a time when it's faster to do a 1v2? Wanxiang Ji Ning: VS Calyrex and Megicula: Speed equal, SBA everything else.
  7. Spinoirr

    Kyurem vs Fecto Elfilis

    Kyurem vs Fecto Elfilis speed is equal Fecto Elfilis and White/Black Kyurem are being used both are galaxy level fight takes place on Remnant Black/White Kyurem: Fecto Elfilis: icon:
  8. speedster352

    I Choose You- Pokemon Discussion Thread 2

    This thread is for anything pokemon related.
  9. Yemma670

    Minor Revision for Giratina

    Giratina should have Acausality type 4 and not "possibly". You may not know this, but Giratina is the Distortion world. Abstract stuff I won't get into The Distortion world is a world of chaos which exists beyond space and time, without the concepts of Space and time, where logic of the...
  10. Seventy96

    Pokemon ability addiction - non combat applicable shrninking.

    What are you talking about? EVERY Pokemon can involuntarily shrink. What? In Pokemon Legend Arceus, Laventon said, that Pokemon can shrink. Is that a retcon? No. Shrinking was in the series from it very beginning 1.: Pokémon development (Capmon), 1990 Pokémon (capmon back then): are shrink...
  11. Malomtek

    Arceus (True Form) vs Anos Voldigoad (True Power)

    As the title says, the match involves Anos at his "True Power" key, and Arceus with his "True Form" key. They fight in SSB Ultimate's "Final Destination". Tally Score: Anos: Arceus: Draw/Inconclusive:
  12. Starter_Pack

    Guardians Of The Natural Order (Lugia vs. SCP-6004) (Voting Completed)

    It was a scene of absolute chaos in the Orange Islands. The three legendary birds, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, had gone on a rampage above the isles, endangering not only the residents within the archipelago but threatening the weather of the entire world. On a small island within this chain...
  13. Ego

    Mario Vs Mewtwo (Super Mario Bros Vs Pokémon)

    Rules: Both 3-C Speed is equalized Shadow Mewtwo is used Both bloodlusted Mario: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Mario Mewtwo: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Mewtwo
  14. Ego

    Arceus Vs a Cookie

    Rules: Avatar Arceus 2-B key is used Speed is equalized Both fully equipped Random location Arceus: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Arceus The cookie: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Dark_Enchantress_Cookie
  15. Arceus vs Ainchase ishmael (2A)

    Arceus https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Arceus#True_Form VS Ainchase ishmael https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ainchase_Ishmael_(Herrscher_Path)#Herrscher
  16. XXKINGXX69

    Legendary Pokemon scaling (Anime)

    Continuation of this thread, except this is for the anime. Note: Trainers scaling to anything Tier 2 will be discussed in a later thread, don't discuss them here yet. The premise of this is to prove that Pokemon trainers can consistently scale to legendaries, and that we shouldn't say "its a...
  17. Yemma670

    About Omnipresence of a certain Llama God

    So we have Arceus, who's Omnipresent and is actually the multiverse ( large Size Type 9). But then there's this quote: 1. "The Original One is in all things, the original one is nowhere at all".( meaning he exists everywhere, but doesn't exist anywhere) And this 2". Beyond Space and Time, One...

    Ditto (Pokemon) vs Chizome Akaguro (Stain).

    Fight takes place in that alley where Stain fought Deku, Shoto and Ingenium. Speed Equalized and Ditto gets just enough time to transform. This Ditto has the Limber Ability. Ditto : Stain : 4 Incon:
  19. The_real_cal_howard

    Pokémon Trainer revisions (RPG Edition)

    Not gonna make this long. Pokémon protags and upper tier trainers should scale above island level due to facing their Legendaries. It shouldn’t be “inconsistent outliers.” These are JRPGs, where the whole thing is you go from rat slaying to godslaying. There’s no reason for us to treat Pokemon...
  20. DontTalkDT

    Top percentage Pokémon gets assassinated

    Youngster Joey vs Kecleon Speed Equal Battle takes place on Mt. Silver SBA otherwise Can the stealthy Kecleon assassin take out Joey's Pokémon or does it get caught?
  21. DontTalkDT

    Dunsparce vs Delibird

    Dunsparce vs Delibird Speed Equal SBA otherwise Battle between two true powerhouses. Who takes it?
  22. Yemma670

    Giorno Giovanna vs Mew

    Giorno vs Mew. 5B key for Mew, Ger is allowed, Mew can't use the powers of all other Pokémon Speed Equalized Giorno Giovanna: Mew: Inconclusive
  23. Kflare63

    Why do some legendary pokemon have invulnerability?

  24. YoutubeForKing

    Thor fights a Pokemon Trainer

    Thor vs Bruno Speed is = Thor is High 7-A Bruno is High 7-A and his second key The location is Saakar grand arena and Thor has the duel swords, there is also a giant hammer in the arena. After a brutal battle Hela captures Thor with a pokeball, pulls up on Bruno and challenges him to a pokemon...
  25. Yemma670

    Ultimate Psychic Pokemon Takes On The Rabbit Goddess

    Mewtwo vs Kaguya Ōtsutsuki Starting Distance 100 Bloodlusted Kaguya Base Mewtwo Speed Equalized Location: Mewtwo: Kaguya Ōtsutsuki Inconclusive:
  26. Gaaraofthedesert801

    Mega Charizard X vs Gigantamax Charizard

    Fight is very simple, which Charizard variant has the best advantage? The tough claws boosted draconic mega or the kaiju sized gigantamax? Both start in their respective forms as base vs base would be pointless here as they are literally the same pokemon, assuming fights between two seperate...
  27. Arceus0x

    What pokemon moves will you chose to live your life with

    You've 4 move slots. Chose any move that can be used by non-legendary pokemon (so no bending time space with roar of time or spatial rend). An example: I'd chose -Fly -Recover -Rain dance -Psychic Fly to fly around freely Recover to regenerate myself if hurt Rain dance to help people grow...
  28. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    How well does the F.E.A.R. tactic in Pokemon work against higher dimensional opponents?

    https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/30451/what-is-a-fear-pokemon-eg-a-fear-rattata We do know it works on 4-D beings (Arceus), but what about 5-D and above?
  29. DemonicDude

    Equal Stats Tournament V2: Twilight Sparkle vs Nidoking (Pokemon)

    Round 2: (Match 8) Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. (Cartoon) vs (Video Games) match ! Finale of round 2 ! Will Twilight continue to win or Nidoking wins in his debut. Results: Twilight Sparkle (MLP): 7 (DD, Cool, Pepper, Imag, Lightbuster, JustANormalLemon, XXKINGXX69) Nidoking...
  30. Waka1979

    Amaterasu (Okami) vs Silvally

    Arceus is too op so i gotta use the chinese bootleg version Endgame Amaterasu and Silvally(obviously) are used. Both 3-C Fight takes place in Manalo stadium from the pokemon sun and moon anime. Speed is equalized Amaterasu: Silvally: Inconclusive:
  31. XXKINGXX69

    Alakazam vs Jiraiya

    Alakazam vs Sage Mode Jiraiya Large Mountain Level+ Alakazam, no dynamax - 3.181 gigatons Large Mountain level Jiraiya - 1.56 gigatons i think Speed equal
  32. Mariogoods

    Primeape (Pokémon) VS Katsuki Bakugo (My Hero Academia)

    Rule: 1. Primeape is in their Primeape key (High 7-A) while Bakugo is in his With One For All key. (7-A) 2. Speed is equalized. 3. SBA. Vote: Primeape: 0 Katsuki Bakugo: 0 Inconclusive: 0 Note: Primeape is 3.181 Gigatons while Bakugo is 748.01 Megatons. Primeape is about four times stronger...
  33. Seventy96

    Why so many people think, that pokedex entries are either written by kids or non-canon?

    Many pokemon youtubers, people from reddit and from 4chan believe, that pokedex entries should not be taken seriously because they are or Why are they like this? Is there any way to convince them, that most pokedex entries are legit?
  34. XXKINGXX69

    Pokemon FTL revision

    I realised we use this calc of Lycanroc to scale every fully evolved Pokemon to that level of FTL, and this feat from Ash's Greninja to scale every Mega Pokemon to 6x ftl. This thread explained it. Its also discussed there that Lycanroc dodging a solar beam from a high tier legendary is either...
  35. Arceus0x

    Oranguru and Passimian upgrade

    Organguru and Passimian Oranguru is implied to have a rivalry with Slowking, constantly encountering it in battle of wits. "Deep in the jungle, high in the lofty canopy, this Pokémon abides. On rare occasions, it shows up at the beach to match wits with Slowking." -Pokemon sun. Oranguru also...
  36. XXKINGXX69

    Pokemon Weather trio CRT

    Rayquaza gets a resistance to electricity in its base as it took Zap Cannon from Wally's Magnezone. Zap Cannon is one of the most powerful electric type moves, but Rayquaza didnt take much damage from it Rayquaza and all dragon type pokemon who can fly get platform creation: Dragon types create...
  37. XXKINGXX69

    Garchomp vs Stantler

    Garchomp vs Stantler Both start from 30 meters away from each other Garchomp: 1 Stantler: 0
  38. Nerd1435

    Demon King takes on a Dragon (Shiki vs Rayquaza)

    Shiki Granbell - Post Time Skip, Overdrive (https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Shiki_Granbell) Vs Rayquaza - Base (https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Rayquaza) Speed is Equal Starting distance: 1km Votes: Shiki - Rayquaza -
  39. Gaaraofthedesert801

    Regarding Necrozma's tier

    So my understanding is, and has been, that Ultra Space is basically what's between all of the universes and pocket dimensions of the pokemon multiverse. As there are an infinite number of them, so to is ultra space infinite. And Necrozma's power is enough to light not only ALL of ultra space...
  40. Seferin

    Two of Nintendo's Archers Battle it out

    Decidueye vs. Claude von Riegan High 7-A for both. Claude gets a wyvern for an aerial battle. Speed Equalized. Who wins?
  41. Arceus0x

    Expanding the Pokemon verse page

    Look boys, we've got tons of blogs that explain the verse, the tier 2-As and pokemon physiology and yet nothing is on the main verse page. My proposal is adding a bunch of these blogs to a section in the verse page. What blogs do you think need to be there? My proposal is "pokemon called gods"...
  42. Spinoirr

    Wii fit trainer vs Charizard

    Speed is equal and Mega Charizard Y is being used and Wii fit trainer has all spirits Wii fit trainer: 1 Charizard Y: 1 Icon:
  43. Coolboy6

    High 7-C Tournament Round 2, match 7 (Luxio vs Raiden) (0/7/0)

    Both high 7-C, speed equalized, battle takes place at the DBZ World Tournament Arena. (@Gilad_Hyperstar) Luxio: (@Psychomaster35) Raiden: 7 Luxio is 187 KT Raiden is 121 KT
  44. DontTalkDT

    Immobile Tournament Match 17 (Dark Matter vs Wally)

    Dark Matter vs Wally They start 1 cm apart SBA otherwise @theultimate5105 @DontTalkDT Hub.
  45. GodlyCharmander

    The Pokémon Legends: Arceus CRT (SPOILERS)

    Oh, boy. This is going to be good. Maybe we can actually gather some new feats from the game, but honestly, I believe Arceus itself might receive an upgrade. Yes, I am writing this as I am watching the story go, so if you are seeing this, that means I have found content worth bringing to a CRT...
  46. Gohanblanco217

    Heatran (Pokemon upgrade)

    Abilities upgrade : Large Size (Type 1) : after eating one of Arceus plates he got that big : Space-time manipulation : can shoot energy beams that can open gates in space and time : Possibly AP upgrade : Considering Heatran got powered up by one of Arceus plates then I think it's...
  47. Dusty_Raider

    Monsters of Pure Rage

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Tyranitar https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Deviljho Both 6-C and speed is equalized T: D: I:
  48. XXKINGXX69

    Eternatus revision

    We got a problem in the Eternatus profile. It says he scales above Mustard's Urshifu because Leon stated it was "the most powerful Pokemon in the Galar region" He doesn't say "in the Galar region". Just most powerful Pokemon. Occam's razor says most powerful pokemon he knows of, its not like...
  49. Thelastmlg

    Team rocket meowth additions and stuff

    so i was looking at meowth's respect thread and i realized he has quite a lot of feats that could be used for justification of their rantings, maybe some new powers and if it ends up being a lot accepted, he could be his own key. the reason why i think he should have the justifications and maybe...
  50. NeoZex6399

    "Pokémon Legends: Arceus" Discussion Thread (SPOILERS)

    SPOILER ALERT! Thread to discuss the story of Legends: Arceus
  51. Peter1129

    Monster Tamer vs Pokémon Trainer

    Another Ultra Series vs Pokémon match. This time it's a team of monsters vs a team of Pokémon. Monster Tamer vs Pokémon Trainer Rei (Ultra Series): Elio (Pokémon): Inconclusive: Both are High 3-A Rei's Team w/ Neo Battle Nizer and Rei can transform into Reimon if he wants Post-Game Elio...
  52. Arceus0x

    Pokemon 8-A tournament; round 8: Pikachu vs. Murkrow

    Round 8 Pikachu vs Murkrow! Speed is equalized! Fight! Pikachu: 7 Murkrow:
  53. XXKINGXX69

    Gengar vs Grimmsnarl

    Gengar vs Grimmsnarl Both are Gigantamaxed Battle is in Wyndon's battle tower Gengar - 1 (FinePoint Grimmsnarl - 1 (Gyro
  54. The_2nd_Existential_Seed

    Pokemon - Game Red CRT

    Since Pokemon Masters is confirmed Canon to the Story, I feel possibly we need to change a few things about Red's placement. For starters... https://i.imgur.com/AFq27Sb_d.webp?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=medium Pokemon confirms they retconned any instance of Red ever losing in the...
  55. TauanVictor

    (GRACE) Sasuke VS Porygon

    Sasuke Uchiha VS Porygon Fight Location: Mountain Landscape Starting Distance: 10m Both in-character Equalized speed Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan Sasuke | Porygon-Z Jūgo’s Cursed Seal and Majestic Attire: Susano'o are restricted Sasuke: 9 (@FluffyCreatureZ, @Popted2, @Bernkastelll, @Teezar...
  56. XXKINGXX69

    Meliodas vs Beedrill (4-3-0)

    Meliodas post revival (3rd Key) vs Mega Beedrill (Last Key) Speed equal. Start 100m from each other Beedrill: 3 Meliodas: 4
  57. Cauann2K

    Giratina's durability question

    Shouldn't Giratina be listed with a higher durability in his Altered Forme, instead of its Origin Forme? Taking into account in-game statuses.
  58. Starter_Pack

    The Strong Will Thrive! (Senator Armstrong vs. Machoke)

    The doors of the Veilstone City Gym burst open, nearly breaking them off their hinges, and a very burly looking man casually strode through the doors with a smoking cigar in his mouth, approaching the Machoke currently training on the sandbag nearby. "Hello there!" he said in a casual voice as...
  59. Zencha9

    A solution to the arceus problem (pokemon)

    I have noticed that there's lots of discussions regarding arceus especially the meteor scene where he gets harmed by a meteor even though he's rated as a 2-A character And i have the solution to this To end it once and for all To end all discussions regarding this topic without a topic ban...
  60. Gohanblanco217

    What does the word "Outlier" and "Pis" mean exactly?

    After this disaster , I want to know what's the exact meaning of Outlier and Pis exactly ? Are they the same ? When should I use them ? And if someone has many low ends and very little High ends would this be enough to consider those high ends "Outliers" ? Can anyone give me a good...
  61. Gohanblanco217

    Big Pokemon revision

    About the "Pis arguments" : How is that even a thing exactly ? Can anyone tell me why we should ignore all of the anti feats and we simply just consider them Pis and we takes vague statements and feats as legitimate ? That doesn't make sense as Arceus and The Creation Trio as a whole were...
  62. GyroNutz

    Po vs Riolu - Kung Fu Animals

    I wanted to do Pancham vs Po, but then I realised that they wouldn't share any tiers. And Pancham doesn't even have a profile... go figure. This is KFP2 Po vs Riolu, and speed is not equalized. Po's AP is >> 0.66 tons with higher durability, Riolu's AP is 0.62 tons (it would be 0.761 tons if...
  63. DemonicDude

    Low 6-B Bone Crusher Tournament: Group B - Dry Leonhard vs Cobalion (Pokemon)

    Group B: Round 13: Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. 5th and final match for both Unstoppable leonhard undefeated! Can the legendary pokemon make the biggest upset of this tourney ? will Cobalion go back to home with a win or Leonhard goes to the Semi finals with a win ? Results: Dry...
  64. DemonicDude

    Low 6-B Bone Crusher Tournament: Group A - Alibaba Saluja (Magi) vs Zapdos (Pokemon)

    Group A: Round 13: Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. Results: Asta is creating upset on the scorecard and has one foot into the Semi's which is bad for The Third Prince of the Balbadd Alibaba cause now this match is DO or DIE for him must win at any cost in hopes of a "possible" draw with...
  65. Peter1129

    Legendary Pokémon vs The Original Pokémon Trainer

    For those that don't know Ultraseven and his Capsule Monsters was one of the main inspirations for the creation of Pokémon. So in a way Seven is the original Pokémon Trainer. Legendary Pokémon vs The Original Pokémon Trainer Ultraseven: 7 (XXKINGXX69, Setsuna_tenma, Veloxt1r0kore, Kflare63...
  66. DemonicDude

    Low 6-B Bone Crusher Tournament: Group B - Dorian Frog vs Cobalion

    Group B: Round 11: Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. So far Tournament has been a success for Dorian mucus spitting & immobilizing people left and right only a minor bump which he looks to put behind in this match aginst Legendary Steel type Pokemon, Cobalion can the sword of Justice make...
  67. DemonicDude

    Low 6-B Bone Crusher Tournament: Group A - Hashirama (Naruto) vs Zapdos (Pokemon)

    Group A: Round 11: Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. We are reaching towards the end As this is the 4th match of Hashirama who is looking to make a statement after back to back loses this time against dual-type electric Pokemon who is in the same boat as him, Will the Titan of Lightning...
  68. DemonicDude

    Low 6-B Bone Crusher Tournament: Group B - Kirby vs Cobalion (Pokemon)

    Group B: Round 9: Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. Losses that's all that can be used to describe the journey of these two, But someone is walking out of this one with a win at least ? Results: Cobalion (Pokemon): 9 (Finepoint, Fluffy Z, Popted, DD, Gator, Pokemonfan, Pink God, Frimi...
  69. DemonicDude

    Low 6-B Bone Crusher Tournament: Group A - August (Fairy Tail) vs Zapdos (Pokemon)

    Group A: Round 9: Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. Much to a surprise of me, August yep the old wizard is UNDEFEATED "so far" and is leading Group A with 4 points, Zapdos suffered a crashing loss and is in desperate need of a win to keep himself alive, Will the undefeated streak continue...
  70. Arceus0x

    Pokemon tournament 8-A edition; Round 7: Milcery vs. Porygon

    Both are 8-A, obviously No items No prep time Just pure... Milk? Data? Figure out what will be the synonym for blood in this sentence in this battle! speed equalized Milkcery: Porygon: 7 Will Milcery get turned into Milkpowdery or will Porygon be Porygone? Your votes decide this!
  71. DemonicDude

    Low 6-B Bone Crusher Tournament: Group A - Pinkie Pie (MLP) vs Zapdos (Pokemon)

    Group A: Round 6: Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. Pony vs Pokemon ? Zapdos looks to become the second participant to reach 4 points can power of friendship overcome the battle experience of the Electric/Flying Legendary Pokémon ? Results: Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony): 10 (Lightbuster...
  72. Gohanblanco217

    Team Rocket from Pokemon Journeys episode 89 and 90

    Are we gonna make a profile for this guys :
  73. DemonicDude

    Low 6-B Bone Crusher Tournament: Group A - Asta Black Divider (Black Clover) vs Zapdos (Pokemon) with Black Divider

    Group A: Round 2: Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. With SCP 3000 being removed from the tournament out with the old in with the new, ASTA makes his debut against the Legendary King Pokémon Calyrex in as we move on to the second round of group A. Edit: Due to the changes, This match in...
  74. Daddybrawl


    Mountain Offender vs Mountain Defender My phone can’t photoshop so I can’t do anything flashy, sorry. SBA is followed, both Mega Evolved. Fight takes place on a mountain cause why not Who wins? Tyranitar: Aggron: FinePoint Composite Tree:
  75. XitSign

    A Surprisingly Strong Bat-Fam VS The Sky High Snek (DC Vs. Pokemon)

    There was a Rayquaza VS Batman thread a long time ago that got utterly destroyed by the sheer number of Pokemon and DC revisions. I present its hilarious spiritual successor: Batgirl VS Rayquaza If this doesn't work out I'm willing to switch to one of the other DC Girls, but this one in...
  76. Baken384

    Jotaro vs Cynthia

    Part 3 Jotaro Kujo vs Cynthia (Pokemon) in a fist fight Jotaro's Star Platinum is restricted Cynthia's Pokemon are restricted Speed Equalized All of their equipment are restricted Both start off 10 Meters away from each other The Battle takes place outside of Los Pollos Hermanos Parking Lot...
  77. The_Pink_God

    Gigantamx Machamp vs Mega Lucario

    Would you believe me if I said this idea came out of the blue and that I did not get this from the anime? Speed equal 20 meters distance Vs Gigantamax Machamp: 3 Mega Lucario: 1 Inconclusive:
  78. The_Pink_God

    Black Mage of Light vs Giratina

    He is my favorite FF character They are my favorite Pokémon So a match it is Speed Equal 15 meters distance Origin Forme Giratina (2-A) will be used Vs Black Mage of Light: Giratina: Inconclusive: 2
  79. TheGatememer

    Why do the Lake Trio (Pokemon) have Nigh-Omnipresence?

    Didn't see any justification, so I'm just wondering what the reason is.
  80. TauanVictor

    (GRACE) Garou (OPM) VS Lucario (Pokémon) (2/9/0)

    Garou (OPM) VS Lucario (Pokémon) Starting Distance: 5m Both in-character Equalized speed Pre-Awakening Garou | Lucario LOCATION: Garou: 2 (@King, @Kachon123) Lucario: 9 (@Arceus0x, @FinePoint, @Psychomaster35, @GlaceonGamez471, @DemonicDude, @Popted2, @SemiRaedi, @Veloxt1r0kore, @Imaginym)...
  81. The_Pink_God

    Can anyone explain to me why The Creation Trio + Arceus are 4-D entitites?

    I just really wish to know why
  82. The_Pink_God

    Lapis Lazuli vs Kyogre

    Both High 6-A 100 meters distance Speed Equal Vs Blue as the Ocean Crystal Gem: Legendary Water Pokémon: Inconclusive:
  83. The_Pink_God

    Dark Matter (Pokemon)

    Why does Dark Matter (Pokémon) have Mid-Godly regen? What is the evidence for such a thing and where is the scan?
  84. GoGoPowerRanger

    Deku, I Choose You!

    Ash happens to stumble upon Izuku while he's training. After being impressed, Ash challenges Izuku to a Pokemon battle. Izuku accepts. Izuku Midoriya vs. Pikachu Both are High 7-A Speed Equalized Fighters start 10 meters away from each other Small Might: Mickey Mouse: Izuku's AP: 1 Gigaton...
  85. Starter_Pack

    An Ultimate Lifeform Battles A Small Plant (Kaiju No. 9 vs. Bellsprout)

    There was an attempt recently to have Kaiju No. 9 battle a Pokémon, with fairly poor results. So I figured, what the hey, let's try to find a better matchup for this guy. The least I could do after participating in a truckload of KN8 CRTs lately. And after looking through the Pokémon pantheon, I...
  86. Seventy96

    Arceus debunker

    So, what do you think?
  87. Arceus0x

    Pokemon Clean up thread part 2: Actual cleanup

    Bring up any page we need to clean up and lets discuss how to do it properly. here's the last thread https://vsbattles.com/threads/pokemon-cleanup-crt-ash-upgrade-team-rocket-trio-upgrade.122173/ i'mma need help
  88. Arceus0x

    A Request to Pause the creation of any Pokemon vsthreads + Another request

    Today i wanna ask something of the mods. You see, we have pokemon profiles like these: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Tyranitar that lack loads of their abilities and basic resistances (Tyranitar has 6 resistances against different moves and an immunity to psychic attacks, and yet none are...
  89. Spinoirr

    Tomura shigraki tries to get another Pokemon

    Speed is equal and base Charizard is fighting bloodlusted 98% afo shigraki and Charizard cannot use any move that amps his AP and Durability Shigarakis ap: 640 Megatons Charzards ap: 3.181 Gigatons in base The AP difference with normal charzard is 4.9703125 times Charizard: 1 Shigraki: 1 Icon:
  90. TauanVictor

    Xeno Goku VS Arceus

    Xeno Goku VS Arceus Starting Distance: 10m Both in-character Equalized speed Xeno Goku starts in SSJ3 form and will have access to Keysword | Avatars Arceus Goku: Arceus: Inconclusive:
  91. TheGatememer

    Gatekeeper (Fire Emblem Heroes) vs Cresselia (Pokémon)

    I finally found a possible matchup Gatekeeper finds a suspicious creature and decides to investigate. Both are 2-A Both start 10 meters away from each other Speed is Equalized Gatekeeper: 1 Cresselia:
  92. FinePoint

    Team Rocket

    Their profile reads: "They are incompetent, sans for a period in the Unova region." I never watched the Unova series, and don't plan to. Could anybody elaborate on how exactly they were competent during that time? What exactly did they accomplish which was impressive enough to note this on the...
  93. JustANormalLemon

    Deoxys vs Atomix (Pokemon vs Ben 10)

    Story: Ben received a call from the plumbers base saying that a gigantic meteor was coming towards the earth and that it would destroy it if it hit it, wasting no time the hero raised his hand and hit his wrist, thus transforming into the ATOMIX, without wasting time it starts to move out of the...
  94. LinkSlayerLvX

    Swordman Novelist vs Sword Pokemon (7-0-0)

    Second Reiwa Rider's First Match is began! Kamen Rider Saber/Touma Kamimaya (Solomon Arc/ He is in Xross Saber) (Vote = 7 > Peppersalt43, MagiSinbad, IxaSaga2, Nicetoderp, theultimate5105, BERRIES555, Veloxt1r0kore) vs (Incon = 0) Zacian/Sword Pokemon (Crowded Form) (Vote = 0) High 6-A |...
  95. Arceus0x

    Pokemon speed revision...screw it, might as well.

    Alright boys, big bad wigglytuff is here with another big revision and today i am gonna bring up sth that has been bothering me for a while. Idc if it goes through or not but i need to do this. My main issue today is... WHY THE HECK DO THE EVOLUTIONS SCALE TO DIFFERENT SPEED? The current...
  96. AuraMugen

    A Pokemon question

    What is the reason of Creation Trio having avatars accross multiverse? Since every scan I saw were them affecting or remaking or creating only the "world/universe"
  97. Johnboy

    Machoke tier 0 upgrade

    As we see here Machoke has boundless power which is undeniable proof of tier 0 Machoke and Machamp Agree:2 The ones that are wrong:0 Neutral:0
  98. TauanVictor

    (GRACE) Sonic the Hedgehog VS Hoopa (7/0/0)

    Sonic the Hedgehog VS Hoopa Starting Distance: 25m Both in-character Equalized speed Super Sonic | Unbound Hoopa LOCATION: Sonic: 7 (@JED, @Maverick_Zero_X, @sanicspood, @TyranoDoom30, @ShakeResounding, @BlastX, @Gabs22_Gamer) Hoopa: Inconclusive:
  99. Kazuma_kuwabara

    6-B Tournament. Round 1, Match 5): Lugia vs Yoshimitsu

    Lugia (Pokémon) VS Yoshimitsu (Tekken) Starting Distance: 50m Equalized speed Both in-character 6-B versions LOCATION: AP Lugia: 11.46...
  100. Gohanblanco217

    The Creation Trio (minor upgrade)

    I can't tell if this count as some kind of Soul absorption but if it does then I guess Palkia and Dialga should have it That's all. Agree : Disagree :