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Search results

  1. Imouto-tan

    Battle of the Blondes

    Yang Xiao Long (Volume 4-5) vs Boruto Uzumaki (Kara Actuation Arc) vs Katsuki Bakugo (Final Act Saga) vs Cutie Honey (Re) (Cutie Honey) vs Zenitsu Agatsuma (Post-Pillar Training) All of the 8-B blondes are having a battle royale to prove that they have the best blonde hair in the multiverse...
  2. Imouto-tan

    3 v 3 v 3

    This will be a 3v3v3 match between three times The match takes place on an island that has a new catastrophe happen every five minutes and cycles back to the first catastrophe after all six happens. The island is mostly a dense jungle with only the center of the island is free from catastrophes...
  3. Imouto-tan

    Battle for Number 1 High 1-B Spot Jiang Yingyue vs Arancia Rose

    Arancia Rose with Scarlet King Adult Yingyue Starting Distance 20 meters
  4. Imouto-tan

    Zhiruo vs Vitreus

    Speed is Equalized 10-C Battle Zhiruo's Authority and Hierarchy, Songs and Kiss of Paradise are restricted Start 5 meters apart from each other Zhiruo Jiang and Vitreus
  5. Imouto-tan

    Yingyue vs Demon God Rai Nishigami

    A 1-B battle for fun Demon God Rai Nishigami's asked me to make this battle Jiang Ying Yue vs Demon God Rai Nishigami Tiers equalized
  6. Imouto-tan

    Sierra Myst vs Venus

    8-B Thus far I have said: Sierra wins because her Time Stop is potent enough to effect him and with her speed she can easily cover a distance of 120 miles in no time flat. Venus couldn't sense her due to her Self-Existence Erasuer and couldn't reach her due to his range only being (4,374...
  7. Imouto-tan

    A battle for the High 8-C spot

    Yasuke VS Colzin (Everybody Wants to Rule the World 4) High 8-C They start 5 meters apart Speed Equalized Yasuke's armor, female forms and two of his three ceremonial nodachis are restricted
  8. Imouto-tan

    Saeko Desantis vs Zain Vaerpath

    Both High 1-C Saeko Desantis vs Zain Vaerpath
  9. Imouto-tan

    Jiang vs The Monocle

    Both High 1-B Jiang Ying Yue vs The Monocle
  10. Imouto-tan

    Chole Binet w/Platinum Grace Armor VS Freyr "Gale" Jaswinder, Koumari Seioto, and Leroy Williams?

    I just wanted an excuse to do a 3-on-1 battle :D that takes place at the Great Barrier Reef :D Two rounds and Chole is allowed to change her armor during the second round Imouto-tan: Chloe Binet VS CrossverseCrisis: Leroy Williams Xmark12: Koumari Seioto FateAlbane: Freyr "Gale" Jaswinder
  11. Imouto-tan

    Anyone have a 9-C?

    I'm looking for a nice well-rounded 9-Cs to battle with not handicaps
  12. Imouto-tan

    Ruby (RWBY Verse) Upgrade

    In light of the sneak peak of Vol. 4 I was thinking of giving Rubbles a few upgrades after her fight with Harambe and his dank wolf pack. (She tanked Harambe's Falcon Punch like a albatraoz) Her Semblance obviously gotten stronger and she is far more faster than usual. PS: The Close Captioning...