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  1. MachTwo

    Sternritters CRT

    >>For all Sternritters and Yhwach: Power Absorption via Medallio (Simple. Medallio is a device used by the Sternritters to steal Shinigami bankai, or any powers who was fundamentally similar to a Shinigami bankai, as for how you will clasified powers with similar nature as bankai, noted when...
  2. MachTwo

    Lobotomy Corporation Discussion 2

    Previous Thread
  3. MachTwo

    Spatial hax for bleach character and several other things

    Hollow and Menos >Fodder Hollow can physically tear spaceto travel to the real world, all Hollows and Menosca do itbecause it is their only way to travel between dimensions. In addition to this Menos grande can shot beam of light(please don't bring LS menos in here) to isolates their allies...
  4. MachTwo

    Bleach Bankai General Discussion 14

    Last Thread All Threads waiting for input from Staff: Quincy Blut Vene resistance MHS+ for Pre-Time skip characters Upgrades and New Keys for Orihime Unohana and possibly the others scaling to High 6-A. Reiatsu: AP =/= Durability Gremmy's immortality Resistance scaling for some Quincy...
  5. MachTwo

    Resistance and additional abilities for some Shinigami

    For Aize >Resistance to Space and Time Manipulation via one shotsKōtotsu. Why does this give him resistance? Simply put, Just being chased by Kōtotsu can throw someone to a different time period, but after making contact with Kōtotsu Aizen only strayedfrom his course slightly >Resistance to...
  6. MachTwo

    New ability for Yhwach and several other chars

    For Yhwach: >Information Analysis with The Almighty. He can understand all power he sees in the future >Absorption. Yeh Yhwach already has Absorption and Power Absorption. So this is only to make it clear that Yhwach has all types of Absorption. -Energy Absorption: He ca absorp Mimihagi. At...
  7. MachTwo

    Additions for Shinigami and Quincy

    >>First, for both Quincy and Shinigami(and everyone else) Spiritual Awareness and Extrasensory Perception via reiatsu sensing (most characters in bleach only have Enhanced Senses with Reiatsu sensing). For why Reiatsu sensing will give you both of these: >Enhanced senses. Possible Uses: Soul...
  8. MachTwo

    Additions for Jugram Haschwalth, Mask De Masculine/James and Gerard Valkyrie

    Pretty simple >Durability Negation for Jugram via the Balance Scan 1Scan 2Scan 3Scan 4 >Mid-High Regenerationn for Mask De Masculine/James via the Superstar, how their Regenerationn works is both of them can revive each other: When renji slice James into pieces, Mask only need to call James...
  9. MachTwo

    Resistance for Baraggan and additions for Espadas

    This time it's fairly simple: >Baraggan Louisenbair: He have resistance to his own abilityas long as his Respira did not enter his own body. So any ability that was similar to Respira will be render ineffective against him as long as that said ability only attack him from outside of his body...
  10. MachTwo

    Several additions for Gremmy

    So, I have noticed that Gremmy profile lacking several of his powers and abilities such as: Stealth Mastery: I'm not 100% sure about this one, but Gremmy can stay hidden from Isane, Yachiru and Guenael Lee even when he in same room as them and none of them notice his presence up till he decide...
  11. MachTwo

    Resistant to Absolute Zero and Statistics Amplification for Sternritter

    Quite simple. As Nodt can survive from shikai Rukia Absolute Zero thanks to his Blut, he has no other mean to resisting Absolute Zero except with his Blut and because Blut is a universal ability for Sternritter so this will be scale to other Sternritter as well In addition, all Sternritter...
  12. MachTwo

    Guenael Lee Nonexistent Physiology

    As Sigurd Snake has pointed out in Here. I think Guenael Lee should have Nonexistent Physiology Via The Vanishing Point. For what type of Nonexistent Physiology: He will have Physical Nonexistent while using Version 2 And Mental Nonexistence While using version 3 Here's more proof on how...