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  1. 1997KD

    Arjuna Alter Profile

    I got a little issue with his profile, Under attack Potency Part "before absorbing the rest of the pantheon consisting of 330 million gods" the point is, there isn't 330 Million gods in Hindu Pantheon, and those numbers were not mention in the game either, so it's should be removed asap
  2. 1997KD

    Battle of light users

    -Both at Low-7B form -SBA,speed equalized, random encounter Sting Eucliffe: Patry:
  3. 1997KD

    Black Clover Fear Manipulation /Aura removal

    Currently all high tier ans god tier have fear manipulation/overhelming Aura based on this thread,the main problem is, crt isn't approved by Any mod/admin, changes were made after 2 ppl comment. The scan isn't enough for fear manipualtion/overhelming Aura, since Fineral was a fodder at that...
  4. 1997KD

    Fairy Tail ability addition thread

    High tiers and God tiers Character with higher magical power shown to Fear Manipulation and overwhelming aura like ability on others [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] If accepted it will scale to character above Brandish Natsu Soul...
  5. 1997KD

    Black clover abilities removal thread

    not exactly a ability removal thread, but some character ability lack proper reasoning Julius Power Nullification : julius have power null based on this (Stopped patry from using his magic), but its his time reversal which he already shown in battle, he caught his magic and reverse it. Asta...
  6. 1997KD

    Shield hero new season

    I just saw it, season2 and 3 are confirm https://twitter.com/shieldheroanime/status/1168256434926014465
  7. 1997KD

    Fairy Tail Hundred Year Quest Discussion Thread 7

    Previous thread Welcome to the 7th discussion thread of FT100 Year Quest
  8. 1997KD

    Gulia Vs Jackal

    Gulia Vs Jackal Both at 7-B Speed Equal SBA Jackal: Gulia:
  9. 1997KD

    Yhwach almighty vs Speed

    Can yhwach using his almighty see/react to someone who can move/attack way faster than him? Like yhwach see someone who can move/attack at 3xSol?
  10. 1997KD

    One Piece lifting Strength Feats

    It's not actually a downgrade/upgrade, but I have some questions- character like cracker and other have class G lifting strength without any calc/feat link to their profile why liffy scale to Fuji in term of lifting strength, because fuji did it with his gravity power, not physical powers...
  11. 1997KD

    Mavis and Makarov fear

    this is just confusing me a lot, since we. Just say FH didn't have any ap, why Mavis and Makarov fear to use FH power? Even when etherion was deactivated due to council member death
  12. 1997KD

    Fairy Tail Abilities addition thread

    Gray 1)Resistance to Fire manipulation 1 2 3 4 Explanation- he can take and freeze Natsu flame with minimum effort, who can melt steel with his body heat alone and enhance Resistance to ice in IDSM Natsu could not able to melt Silver ice, while gray is better than silver in term of using...
  13. 1997KD

    Irene Vs Merlin

    Both At High 6-C Speed Equalized SBA, random enounter,Bloodlust Bfr is restricted Merlin: Irene:
  14. 1997KD

    Demon King Vs Demon King

    Sirzechs Lucifer vs Meliodas -Both at low 6-B -Speed equalized -Sba,fight at demon relam(Dxd) Lucifer: Meliodas:
  15. 1997KD

    NNT lifting Feat Downgrade

    Current characters have Class-G lifting feat, due to a long scaling, however there is no link/calc for Class-G feat available, Honestly i don't remember any good lifting feat in the series as well. If there is no calc/feat, pls removed/fix it with proper calc feats
  16. 1997KD

    Escanor vs Naruto

    Who decided that? Believe it! -both at low-6B lvl -Speed equalized -SBA Who wins Naruto: Escanor
  17. 1997KD

    Fire Dragon Vs Rubber Monkey

    >100 year quest Natsu >Dressorsa arc Luffy High 7-A version Speed equalized Natsu : Luffy : (Pls don't comment anything stupid which isn't related to match up, sorry I'm being rude here)
  18. 1997KD

    Galand vs Bloodman

    -Both at High 7-A -Fight at Cake island, at night -SBA, In character -Speed Equalized Bloodman: Galand:
  19. 1997KD

    Why mael have resistance to mind manipulation?

    Mael stated to have resistance to mind manipulatiom because escanor resist gowther mind manipulation, but escanor did it because of his own power/will power not because of his grace, we already know mael get affected by gowther(i guess demon gowther) mind manipulation. Via those scan 1 2 3...
  20. 1997KD

    Another FT CRT

    Without wasting any times here the thing which needs to check/discussed 1) large size for all dragons 2) homing attack for wahl (ch 473) 3)stats amplification for Kyoka via This 4)ext perception for ft character via magic sensing proof- zeref is shown to senseacnologia when he was any...
  21. 1997KD

    Kratos vs Goku

    Kratos vs Son Goku (Dragon Ball Super) Both Low 2-C version,gow3 Kratos Speed equal Kratos with his standard equipment Kratos: Goku:
  22. 1997KD

    Obito Uchicha vs Ichibe Hysube

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Obito_Uchiha Bleach Mr. T -Both High 6-A version -Speed Equalised -Ichibe start with base, Battle at Soul king palace Ichibe: Obito:
  23. 1997KD

    Future Demon king vs King of Seven seas

    -meliodas assault mode -sinbad pre multiversal feats Speed equalized,SBA MELIODAS:zelltemplar55 SINBAD:M3X
  24. 1997KD

    Etherion scaling(and possibly some dragon cry discussion )

    As fh suggest it have infinite magic power, it provide magic power, not just stamina cause zeref have infinite stamina(in his profile) FH stats to able to fire etherion, also as ultear stats, the more magic power you have, the more stronger spells you can use. Also as mavis says FH is strong...
  25. 1997KD

    Zeref scaling to Etherion and Acnologia Durability

    We stated that acnologia can be defeated by etherion,now it's wrong for many reason 1)makarov answer happy question and said it's possible to defeat acnologia by using etherion(and fh as power supply),now at that time none of them was know acnologia real power(that he can absorb magic itself)...
  26. 1997KD

    Battle of spatial user

    Marin vs Law -speed equalized -both on their peek SBA who wins and why?
  27. 1997KD

    Kids abandoned by their father

    larcade dragneel Vs Money D luffy Speed equalized SBA, random enounter, both at their 6-C forms Larcade: Luffy:
  28. 1997KD

    The Wizard King Vs The Boar's Sin of Gluttony

    Stand battle assumption Random enounter Speed Equalized August: Merlin:
  29. 1997KD

    Luffy vs Rider

    Monkey D. Luffy(restricted to high 7-A version) Vs Rider/Iskander(High 7-A version) standard battle assumption speed equalized(in all form) 50m distance random encounter Who wins and why?
  30. 1997KD

    Luffy vs Sailor Mars

    The next King of the Pirates! only High 7-A version for luffy(WC arc) 7-A version for sailor mars Standard battle assumption Distance 50m apart -speed equalized
  31. 1997KD

    A Problem With One piece Main Page

    Since one piece verse get a downgrade due to some reasons, that calc are no longer applicable or usable on piece verse, Therefore its main page should be updated (Also someone need to check if other calc is valid or not,i only able to find out some calc)