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  1. Thelastmlg

    Novel kars ability addition

    Can view an ability and/or concept and "understand it" while also being able to use it at mastery levels of skill if not greater than the source of said concept this sounds like high level information analysis to me, which actually would explain how this ability works since he just experiences...
  2. Thelastmlg

    Angsizing question

    So I'm gonna make a ang size based calc, and I have a question, how tf do we haddle angles? Here is the photo, I can't insert it for some reason. Looks like 90 degrees to me, is it right, if not how we do it?
  3. Thelastmlg

    Large size and lifting strenght

    The large size calculations page say that you can't get LS from large size because it is the weight you lift besides your bodyweight. But i have seen dozens of pages with stuff like Class M via size alone, so what's up with that, do we consider their lifting strenght to be the same as their...
  4. Thelastmlg

    Mr. Incredible small addition

    So the NSA files say that he can sense imminent danger, which might be how he got suspecious of the bomb in the building before he leaned in the wall to hear it. at 16:40 So extra sensorial perception.
  5. Thelastmlg

    Pre crisis supes justif removal

    So now that we have a 2-C feat in his profile we should remove the clash one, it has been there ever since darkseid and the others were 2-B, but because "it was too high for supes", we pretended the feat was 2-C before adding the maldoor feat. If a feat is too high for a character, it is a...
  6. Thelastmlg

    Schleemypants profile updating

    Damn, this guy is super outdated, let's go by parts. AP, SS and Durability: should probably scale to rick, since he tanked a wrench attack and then survived being beaten up by dozens of rick in different possibilities at once. Speed: maybe scale to rick too, his immensurable should go because...
  7. Thelastmlg

    Possible storm calc reference error

    in the reference for common feats page, right in the storm creating feat section, it says that normal day visibility is 2000 km, but in the formula where they pass it to meters it becomes 20000 meters, but the right number would be 2 million meters, not 20 thousand. So is this a thing from the...
  8. Thelastmlg

    Total drama chief downgrade

    Pretty straightfoward, how the hell does sinking a small island by making a hole in the middle is "likely 6-C" Consider a city block sized ship, a 9-B or 9-A can punch holes in the lower floors and sink the ship, does that make them 8-B? No. And chief did that as preparations, not at once, is...
  9. Thelastmlg

    Destruction value questions

    So quick question, can i get some background on how we got the 5 destruction values of rock? From fragmentation to sub atomization?
  10. Thelastmlg

    One question on creating profiles.

    So i read the rules but i have a rather stupid question, can we create profiles for fan characters that don't belong to us. I.e. i follow a comic of pokemons made by someone, can i make a profile for one of the characters (with their permission if necessary) or does the author needs to make...
  11. Thelastmlg

    Black hole mobster kingpin mass downgrade

    Damn, my second downgrade and is on the same guy and the same key "Became a black hole with a googol times the mass of the entire universe" The page actually says: "BHMK mass exceeds that of the entire universe" https://www.homestuck.com/problem-sleuth/1522 because he increases his base...
  12. Thelastmlg

    Small Za Warudo addition.

    So, they can increase their time stop duration by using it, can it be considered accelerated development? For jotaro and alt. diego, they have a limit (diego possibly has it due to being human) on it so at best a limited minor. But dio has stated that his duration could increase forever...
  13. Thelastmlg

    Problem sleuth's 2-B problem.

    So the only reason why problem sleuth god tiers is 2-B is because of black hole kingpin affecting all possible futures, which would be a countless multiversal feat. But, in the page linked, it reads and i quote: "You catch a glimpse of every future event in the universe all happening at once"...
  14. Thelastmlg

    Destroying forests

    So i'm curious to know about how much energy can drstroying a forest or part of it give off with calculacions, like variations and etc. Are there accepted forest leveling calcs? And are the destroyed trees added at the final result?
  15. Thelastmlg

    patchy light and darkness manip

    turning the lights on and off of a building should be technologic manipulation. in fact, since it is just a option of his controller, shouldn't it just be considered a advance controller instead of a actual power. is like giving light manipulation to a guy with a mirror just because the mirror...
  16. Thelastmlg

    Kurama's second key

    So the calc on kurama's second key wasn't been evaculacted and lacks any images for the pixel scaling, so why is it still in the page?
  17. Thelastmlg

    Pokemon speed question

    Are eletric attacks and the solar beam considered real lighting and light? If so does anyone have scans for that?
  18. Thelastmlg

    small beyonder clean up

    pretty straight foward, he still has likely outerversal immortality, size and concept manipulation
  19. Thelastmlg

    DIO's Regenerationn justification

    according to his part 3 abilties section, he has mid Regenerationn for "healing holes in his body" however mid Regenerationn happnes by repairing severe head and brain damage, IIRC healing holes from your torso etc is just low-mid there is the panel where he is sent flying before becoming high...
  20. Thelastmlg

    nyarlathope (demonbane) small clean up

    1. shouldn't them have a "appears as female" in her gender due to her profile pic? 2. her acausality doesn't have a number 3. she has "reality manipulation" instead of "warping" like the mobster kingpin
  21. Thelastmlg

    scout cosmic upgrades

    simple put: scout is stated by himself to be a force of nature, which is the reason of why galactus has abstract existence, so scout should get it too. he can wield the force of nature itself, conceptual, earth and physics manipulation too. and with the baby face blaster on full meter, he runs...
  22. Thelastmlg

    existence erasure types

    is pretty obvious to everyone that EE has several types, so could we separate them in the page for new members and such? type 1: physical (matter) type 2; meta-physical (soul, mind and memories) type 3: space and time (basically erasing them from the timelines and affecting the multiverse...
  23. Thelastmlg

    issues with the thought robot page (also mandrakk)

    1. he still has likely outerversal immortality, size and existence (fixed) 2. maybe his AP could include (caused enough damage to the monitor sphere that the overvoid became visible by collateral damage) and that scan that says that reality is layered endless since it may contain realible info...
  24. Thelastmlg

    living tribunal speed confusion

    so, while outerversal = irrelevant speed, i still don't get how the page linked proves it. he said that speed isn't a factor because time has come to a standstill, not that he was beyond speed or something
  25. Thelastmlg

    does team rocket 6-C apply to meowth?

    so he is basically the weakest pokemon from them due to lack of training and stuff but he being a actual pokemon and sometimes actually fighting angaist other pokemons could grant him that tie and speed?
  26. Thelastmlg

    does ZA WARUDO over heaven have self preservation for DIO like star platinum?

    so during that assault angaist dio, not even GER, who has infinite speed, could blitz ZWOH and since stands are controlled by their user, wouldn't this grant HA DIO infinite reactions speed or grant ZWOH self preservation? also there is that whole it being the same stand as star platinum and...
  27. Thelastmlg

    strange visitor superman striking strenght error

    basically in his profile it says that he has immensurable striking strenght he should've it changed to high multiversal+
  28. Thelastmlg

    spongebob beyond tier 0 upgrade

    based on this video the verse should be upgrade to at least high outerversal and likely far higher since we don't have a beyond tier 0 like the superior joke battles wiki https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0igq7InZGfo
  29. Thelastmlg

    lord english's first key

    i'm not really that good with those treands since andrew created problem sleuth and basically sees it as fiction wouldn't he be at least or likely high complex multiversal like the annoying dog reasoning? i fell like he should be: at least high complex multiversal (created problem sleuth...
  30. Thelastmlg

    about goku's time stop resistance

    How exactly does it work? goku resisted it due to powering up and surparssing hit unitl the latter improved further so how would it play in a match angaist other characther with time stop like guldo or DIO? besides i don't get that feat. he was affected by the time stop and suddely he broke...
  31. Thelastmlg

    koichi act 3 quote

    maybe we should put one of act 3 quotes to koichi's profile OKAY MASTER, lets kill da hoe, BEEEETCH or to be more serious "ACT 3! 3 FREEZE! he is now within 5 meters, S-H-I-T!"
  32. Thelastmlg

    strange visitor superman questions and his striking strenght error

    QUESTIONS 1. what exactly makes him having possibly immensurable speed? is it for being able to move through a higher dimensional chaotic space? 2. where exactly it shows or states that superman null has only a fraction of his power, is kinda airrelevant i know since he is above mxy level but...
  33. Thelastmlg

    shouldn't he have reactive Eevolutionn?

    my last tread got old so i will try a new one during his fight, CAS states that "*the stronger he becomes* the stronger i become to counter him and *vice versa*" so mandrakk is basically stated to have the same kind of CAS adaptation here i put the circles
  34. Thelastmlg

    about megaverses

    the term is not used anymore here due to being portrayed inconsistently so what if a character has a megaversal feat? how do we decide their tier?
  35. Thelastmlg

    lets make our superman slogan

    the game is simply. pick a version of superman and remake the slogan faster than a speeding bullet..." and the rest to fit it's feats and powers like superman (one million) for example you don't need to say the version unless you feel like your slogan isn't too clearly
  36. Thelastmlg

    shouldn't he have reactive Eevolutionn?

    during their fight, thought robot said that the story itself was trying to destroy him and that the stronger he gets the stronger i get to counter him and *vice versa*" so his adaptation was plot induced like thought robot's
  37. Thelastmlg

    about thought robot's abilities

    i have some questions about some of his powers that are listed plot manip: the only thing i aware of this is about him being the plot behind superman and fighting in a self assembling hyper story. but i don't see how it is aplicable in combat other that giving him a resistance to it and/or...
  38. Thelastmlg

    zeno AP downgrade

    so the dragon ball super multiverse is evidenced to be only one large space-time structure, thus sharing the same timeline some characters were able to go to other universes by flight like the angels instead of neading some kind of space-time warping transportation thus it is like a large...
  39. Thelastmlg

    proposed new tiers for the tiering page

    (this is literally my first contribuition to this wiki) so i thought that the tiering system page needed new things on it i konw some of them are used in characters profiles but i'm talking about the tiering system page itself high 8-C = large building level (i.e. skycrapers) low 7-C =...