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  1. Dual_Binoculars

    OPM Minor Revisions and a Possible Boros Upgrade.

    Alright the first section is just some minor cleanup and revisions following the redraws: (credit to Emirp sumitpo for this section) All those who scale to Atomic Samurai's MHS+ should be At least MHS via the statement of Atomic Samurai being able to beat Half Monster Garou. Basically, all MHS+...
  2. Dual_Binoculars

    OPM Demon Tournament Round 5: Mosquito Girl vs Sky King (7-0-0)

    Mosquito Girl: Emirp sumitpo, Quangotjokes, Sonicflare9, Tetsucabrah, ZoroNotZolo, Kachon123, SamanPatou VS Sky King: Mosquito Girl starts in her strongest form and can control any mosquitos in the area. Speed is equalized. Battle takes place in Z-City Ghost Town.
  3. Dual_Binoculars

    OPM Demon Tournament Round 4: Sonic VS Awakened Cockroach (7-2-0)

    Sonic: Emirp sumitpo, Shaiye, GlaceonGamez471, Scorby3050, Sonicflare9, EnderLord8, ZoroNotZolo VS Awakened Cockroach: Quangotjokes, Ourosboros Speed is not equalized The Sonic that fought G4 Genos is being used Battle takes place in the Z-City Ghost Town Scenario: Awakened Cockroach...
  4. Dual_Binoculars

    OPM Demon Tournament Round 3: Face Ripper VS G5 (0-7-0)

    Face Ripper: VS G5: Emirp sumitpo, SamanPatou, Quangotjokes, Sonicflare9, Ourosboros, Kachon123, Scorby3050 Speed is not equalized Takes place inside the MA Base
  5. Dual_Binoculars

    OPM Demon Tournament Round 2: Armored Gorilla VS Mosquito Girl (1-7-1)

    Armored Gorilla: Emirp sumitpo, VS Mosquito Girl: Quangotjokes, DarthSpiderr, Confluctor, Expectro2000xxx, Popted2, Scorby3050, Sonicflare9 Inconclusive: Kin201 Speed is not equalized Mosquito Girl is restricted to base Takes place in Z-City Ghost Town Scenario: Dr. Genus sends Armored...
  6. Dual_Binoculars

    Some Minor OPM Revisions

    I was looking through some of the OPM profiles and noticed a lot of them are missing abilities or missing some scaling. First some issues with some monsters scaling to Genos. Several monsters that fought Genos only have class 25 lifting strength and or are only MHS when the Genos they fought...
  7. Dual_Binoculars

    OPM Demon Tournament Round 1: Beast King VS Deep Sea King

    Beast King: Tetsucabrah VS Deep Sea King: Bernkastelll, EnderLord8, Emirp sumitpo, Kachon123, Expectro2000xxx, SamanPatou, JustANormalLemon Both start in their strongest forms Speed is not equalized Takes place in Z-City while its raining
  8. Dual_Binoculars

    Melzalgald Vs. Bakuzan

    Melzalgald: RinneItachi, Popted2, Emirp sumitpo, ImposingTiger, Tetsucabrah, EnderLord8, Great_king_frog VS Monster Bakuzan: Battle takes place in the ruins of A-City right after it was destroyed by Boros' ship. Speed is equalized
  9. Dual_Binoculars

    Boa Hancock VS Black Sperm

    Boa Hancock Low 7-B: ZoroNotZolo, Kachon123, Popted2, SemiRaedi, Oleggator, Rez, EnderLord8 VS Black Sperm Low 7-B: Speed is equalized Fight takes place inside the Monster Association Base Scenario: Boa Hancock encounters Black Sperm and imminently starts looking down on him. In response...
  10. Dual_Binoculars

    Shaking the Earth via Shockwaves?

    If someone shook the Earth via shockwaves when they were hundreds of meters above the ground would that change anything regarding the standard calculation formula?
  11. Dual_Binoculars

    The Monster King VS The King of Monsters

    Battle takes place in Z City. Combatants start 50 meters apart and speed is equalized. Third Form Orochi: AtomicSekiro, Emirp sumitpo, TyranoDoom30, Ourosboros, Phoenks, Sonicflare9, ZoroNotZolo Post-Muto Prime Fight Godzilla: ApiesDeathbyLazors, TheKillerYT Inconclusive:
  12. Dual_Binoculars

    Monsterverse Ghidorah Revision

    Currently Ghidorah is 6-B for generating very large hurricanes and that is scaled to his physical stats. Every time Ghidorah has engaged in combat he always opts to using his gravity beams or physical blows. He has never once used his storms directly in combat, instead the storms seem to be more...
  13. Dual_Binoculars

    Black Clover Downgrade

    All the top tier characters in Black Clover are scaled to this calc that assumes Demon Licht was going to destroy the entire Clover Kingdom. This assumption is false due to the fact that Demon Licht was standing very close if not right next to the mountain/castle which is the Noble Realm when he...
  14. Dual_Binoculars

    About Heisei Godzilla 5-B

    I was wondering why Heisei Godzilla and a majority of the Heisei era is rated as 5-B. As far as I could find there is no calc for 5-B and we scale off of some statements. The only one at least 5-B or above 5-B I could find is 5-A for Godzilla's meltdown. I also was looking at some old calcs and...
  15. Dual_Binoculars

    Possible new speed feat for Lord Boros

    Boros launches himself at Saitama and delivers a flurry of punches. The side effect of Boros launching himself happens only after he is knocked back past his initial starting point.
  16. Dual_Binoculars

    Possible Revision to Tornado's and Boros's Ship AP

    I was re-reading OPM ch. 93 and I noticed the image below with what looks like the craters left by the artillary shells from Boros's Ship in the background. I was wondering if this would change anything with the current caculation regarding Tornado's AP. https://imgur.com/rV1SAlR
  17. Dual_Binoculars

    Kombu Infinity is still 7-B

    I was looking though the profiles and noticed Kombu Infinity is still 7-B. I guess someone forgot to update the profile during that big revision a while ago. Just thought I should point it out.
  18. Dual_Binoculars

    Should Garou have a 7-C key?

    Should Garou have a 7-C key for his fight with Tanktop Master and his fights prior to facing Metal Bat?