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  1. Robot972

    Kirby Interstellar Deletion Wave?

    Does anyone have a scan saying that the wave from Canvas Curse is existence erasure? It's not linked on the profile and I need it.
  2. Robot972

    Nezznar vs Wizard Monkey

    Nezznar the Black Spider (8.12e+6 Joules) vs Tempest Tornado (1.910e+7 Joules) Speed equalized Cloud Monke: Used to be a Drow adventurer like you: Inconclusive:
  3. Robot972

    AHWM Acausality

    So, the player is consistently shown to be the only version of themself. There's a couple endings where the player, without or without Mark, is sent back to the past, to right before they and Mark start infiltrating the museum. And yet no other instance of the player ever shows up. Mark tells...
  4. Robot972

    Important calc but no usable size?

    So... I'm trying to get an important calc done for a verse but the problem is that the object destroyed is in the background without any way to measure it's size. How would I go about getting around this issue?
  5. Robot972

    Suicune's Water Purification

    So, the recent episode of Journeys (53) made me think of this question. When Ash and Goh stumbled upon the dirtied lake, there was all sorts of objects in the water like safes and broken tables and whatnot. Yet, when Suicune purifies the lake, all of that disappears along with the gunk. So what...
  6. Robot972

    Entering a playing card?

    What kind of ability would it be to make yourself appear on a playing card? I was going to just add it to Teleportation, but wanted to know if there was a secondary ability included Feat in question shown here:
  7. Robot972

    Explosion Calcs not coming out right

    So, on the Explosion Yield Calculations page, the formula for the on-ground explosions states that R is the radius of the explosion. Is that in km like in-air explosions, and am I doing the calc correct? This is an important question because I'm still getting impossible numbers while trying to...
  8. Robot972

    Energy required to crush a person's wrist?

    So I'm working on a new verse and trying to figure this out. The character this is relevant for doesn't actually end up crushing the person's wrist, but is pretty damn close, especially with how the anime exaggerates it compared to the manga. However, I haven't had a ton of luck during my...
  9. Robot972

    List of allowed manga website links?

    I'm trying to work on some profiles at the moment for a verse but currently have all the important links going to ********, which isn't allowed on the main fandom. I know there's a list somewhere that lists off the links that are allowed, but I can't recall where it is.
  10. Robot972

    Nether Star

    Been having an uneventful discussion with someone about whether or not Nether Stars are actual stars. His claim is yes because it's called and shaped like a star, despite having no implication of it actually being a star, but I'm trying to tell him that it's just called a star because of its...
  11. Robot972

    Superpowered Motorcyclist beats up an indentured peasant

    The Peasant (UnderMine) picks a fight with Kamen Rider Kuuga *Yusuke is limited to Beginning of Series key (0.598 tons) *Peasant (0.859 tons) is limited to Standard Equipment *Speed Equalized *Combatants start 5 meters apart The Peasant (UnderMine): Kamen Rider Kuuga: Inconclusive:
  12. Robot972

    Marowak abilities?

    So, I was trying to update Marowak to add Alolan Marowak, but I'm not really sure where some of the abilities come from? Where does Precognition come from and is Durability Negation from Perish Song? And then where does the resistance to sleep manip come from?
  13. Robot972

    Helicopter Stick Figure fights Helicopter Monkey

    Charles Calvin vs Heli Pilot Charles' 8-A key (882.57409 tons) is being used; as is Comanche Commander (388.788 tons) Speed is equalized The Greatest Plaaaaan!: : Inconclusive:
  14. Robot972

    A blimp does what zombies can't: kill a Rose

    Something's telling me this is a bad idea lol. Let's see how it goes though Rose (Plants vs Zombies) vs The B.A.D. Since it appears the Country level calc for Rose is banned from being used (not that it could be used anyways due to AP gap), I guess we'll have to use the 8-A Rose (271.963 tons)...
  15. Robot972

    Baby bird vs military-grade airplane

    Not sure how this'll go. But let's see. Taillow vs Monkey Ace Taillow (717.017 tons) vs Flying Fortress (777.575 tons) Speed Equalized Combatants start 10 meters apart Taillow: 00potato, XSOULOFCINDERX, Flying Fortress: Grandlewon, TTiRB, Gilad, Inconclusive:
  16. Robot972

    Crazed Engineer Girl fights a Monkey Engineer (0, 4, 0)

    Mei Hatsume finds another engineer as crazy as she in the Monkey Engineer Mei Hatsume has access to all equipment Monkey Engineer is in Sprockets Key (0.00913 tons) Speed Equalized Human: Monkey: Elixir, Grandle, Gilad, Soupy Inconclusive:
  17. Robot972

    Calculating depth in an image?

    If you're looking at a straight path that you know is the same width the entire way down, how do you calculate the distance between two points? For example, trying to calculate the length of this bridge
  18. Robot972

    Deku fights a trolling robot

    Freddy in Space 2 needs more attention, so let's see how poorly my matchup making skills are since the last time I've made a matchup. Second key, 8% Izuku Midoriya (8.12 tons) vs True Final Form LOLZHAX (8.97 tons) Izuku Midoriya: LOLZHAX: Inconclusive
  19. Robot972

    Minecraft Dungeons Verse Additions

    I mean, sooner or later I would have to post this. I have a couple profiles on my sandbox for the player and a couple bosses Mob Ability Additions All mobs can fight Vex Undead have short memories and quickly forget commands Enderman: (Perception Manipulation (static)) Enderman and Evoker]]...
  20. Robot972

    Animator vs Animation: New Episode Revision

    Welp, we just finished a revision a bit ago to update the profiles, but we just got another new episode yesterday, so... Additions to current profiles The Chosen One (Animator vs. Animation) Durability Feat Addition: Withstood being Barrel Rolled by Google Search and being slammed into a...
  21. Robot972

    No Friendly Fire?

    What kind of power would this be: hurting only enemies while your allies are incapable of being harmed by your attacks?
  22. Robot972

    Another Pokemon CRT

    So, we just finished one thread adding a bunch of abilities and other to individual pokemon, so let's do it again! Crobat *Enhanced Senses: Zubat uses echolocation to make up for its lack of eyes *Prolonged exposure to the sun burns Zubat's body Zapdos *Absorption of Electricity Manipulation...
  23. Robot972

    Fortnite General Discussions Thread

    I mean, yeah. Here's the general discussions thread for Fortnite. Previous Topics/Threads Travis Scott as well as other missing profiles Discussion Fortnite and Marvel Chapter 2 crossover Creative Mode Is Fortnite a simulation/Type 8 Immortality
  24. Robot972

    Dragaux AP Revision

    Yeeted to blog
  25. Robot972

    Fortnite Type 8 Immortality

    So, I was adding categories to the Midas page and noticed his page has Type 8 Immortality because he "cannot die due to being in the Fortnite island simulation". Was this confirmed and will it need to be added to the other pages.
  26. Robot972

    Henry Stickmin Revisions

    Discussion had started before the forum move about revisions for the Henry Stickmin page due to the arrival of a new game. The previous discussions were here and here Previous discussions include ability additions, new characters, and tier upgrades (High 8-C/-B) Something else to bring up is...
  27. Robot972

    Five Nights at General Discussion: Security Breach

    Well, we don't have a general thread for FNaF, so I thought I'd make one Continued from here
  28. Robot972

    The Prisoner (The Escapists) Revision

    I noticed over the forum move that this profile is quite lacking. So, I made a revised version of the profile to be up to date and actually include everything. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User:Robot972/sandbox2#The_Prisoner_Revision
  29. Robot972

    The Second Coming Additions

    So, The Second Coming is out of date by quite a few videos. I also want to add a few of the other Stick Figures since some of them have additional keys for being possessed, so I've provided the two profiles (Yellow and Red) within the link as well, below the Second Coming's post-additions...
  30. Robot972

    FNaF AR Additions

    Since profile edits are allowed now for the general users, am I good to post the additions and new profiles for FNaF AR? https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User:Robot972/sandbox4#The_Player_.28Special_Delivery.29
  31. Robot972

    Appsir Revision.

    Okay, so this verse is kind of overdue for a revision, not to mention a threat of deletion if it's not cleaned up. So let’s get started. Before the actual revisions, I’m just going to note that I’m going to place the abilities for Yanna and Kara into tabbers, just to separate them a bit better...
  32. Robot972

    Random Encounters (Resident Enis) AP Bump

    So, a while ago I was looking at Resident Enis again cause I was bored and wanted to try and find a matchup, and I remembered that he should compare to Mark who was unharmed by being right next to a grenade. I managed to find a supposed shoe size for Mark from wikifeet and am using an average...
  33. Robot972

    Bloons Tower Defense: Whole lotta additions

    Alright! First CRT for the new forum; first of several. ==Scaling Revisions== OKAY, now onto the stuff that actually needs to be discussed. Currently, the scaling for Bloons Tower Defense’s MOABs (specifically the minimum value via size) really bugs me since they don’t really have a proper...
  34. Robot972

    A diver fights the Maneater

    Ryley Robinson (Subnautica) vs Bull Shark (Maneater) Ryley has access to handheld gear and the Seamoth Maneater is in adult key (Can be changed if needed) and has Bio-Electric Evolutions Speed is equalized Ryley Robinson: Bull Shark (Maneater): Inconclusive:
  35. Robot972

    Disappointments (Dan Hibiki vs Bloonchipper)

    Not sure if this'll work, but I really want to use Bloonchipper ^^; Dan Hibiki vs Bloonchipper Speed is equalized Bloonchipper is in base Combatants start 5 meters apart Dan Hibiki: Bloonchipper: Inconclusive:
  36. Robot972

    Hello Neighbor Revision

    So... The Neighbor is quite a bit out of date and in desperate need for a revision. I recently updated him in terms of story and other things that wouldn't necessarily require a revision, but I'm here to discuss the stuff from other games that need to be added. The only game that should be a...
  37. Robot972


    Idk if this'll work, but it was a funny idea Bloonchipper is in base, Speed equalized Combatants start 2 meters apart Shredder (1987): Bloonchipper: Inconclusive:
  38. Robot972

    Kanna tries to eat a Jellico Cat

    Don't know if this will work, but I really want to use CATS and this is the closest matchup I could find Kanna is depowered, Mistoffelees is in his Stageplay key, Speed is equalized Dragon Loli: Magical Cat: Inconclusive:
  39. Robot972

    Fighting big bois with DoT

    Ezili encounters the pun-loving skeleton. Level 8 Smudge Cat Ezili (up for change), Speed is equalized Crazy Cat Lady: Lazy Hotdog Salesma: Inconclusive:
  40. Robot972

    The Dark Influence fights the Shadows

    Let's see if this works... Dragaux was seeking a new means of training to get away from Ring and the Player and found himself within Mortal Kombat's tournament, where he came face-to-face with Noob Saibot Noob is High 8-C. Dragaux is in his Worlds 5-20 key and has access to his Main Story...
  41. Robot972

    Frosty Mr. Clean fights an albino monkey

    Eh, let's give this a go. The Ice Monkey found themselves in Gotham City one night, wandering the dark streets, when they suddenly felt a freezing cold gust of wind pass over them. Attracting their attention, the albino primate followed the winds to a bank, which was covered roof-to-floor in...
  42. Robot972

    Yancy has a dance-off with a Mario Brother

    Mario finds himself within the Happy Trails Penitentiary. Knowing the idea of challenging the biggest man in the room, he takes it upon himself to approach Yancy, the clear leader of the prisoners. However, rather than punching the mock-Bostonian, he strikes a dynamic pose, ready for a...
  43. Robot972

    The Balloon Fighter finally fights a balloon (2-0-0)

    Huzzah, the perfect matchup! Pink Bloon is being used, Speed is equalized Balloon Fighter: 2 (The Smashor, Gilad Hyperstar) Bloons: Inconclusive:
  44. Robot972

    Samus Aran fights a chicken that stole her Zero Suit

    Samus Aran (Non-Canon) vs Chica (Freddy in Space 2). Samus is obviously in her Shounen Oh Series key, and speed is equalized Official Parody: Furry Parody: Inconclusive:
  45. Robot972

    Ring Fit Adventure Tiering

    You know what, I wanna bring this discussion back. I don't think Ring Fit Adventure should be stuck where it is because it really doesn't make sense from a lore standpoint. Plus, there's the fact that the only abilities key that Dragaux's first key (Out of Shape) gets is Worlds 1-4. Everything...
  46. Robot972

    Taking more power than a small city?

    I'm trying to work on profiles for a verse. One item/weapon is used to power a machine that "requires more electricity than a small city." How would I go about calculating something like this?
  47. Robot972

    The Ender Dragon is a girl, but that's just a Game Theory!

    LOLZHAX attempts to spread his influence into the end, but encounters resistance in the Ender Dragon. Acting quickly, he creates the Mad Theorists and books it as far as possible. Some Youtuber Hologram: Spooky Space Drago: Inconclusive:
  48. Robot972

    The Dragonfly fights his second supervillain

    The Dragonfly, after miraculously surviving a helicopter crashing into him, was making his daily rounds throughout the city when he noticed a shirtless man being chased by police through the streets. Deciding to take action, Rick quickly flies down, landing in front of the man. The Beast is...
  49. Robot972

    The ZOMG fights a different Superman

    I don't know what the difference between Superman's keys are in terms of strength, so we'll just go with the Pre-Mother Box Resurrection key. ZOMG has its scrap magnet arms. Speed is equalized, Combatants start 10 meters apart. Z.O.M.G.: Superman (DC Extended Universe): Inconclusive:
  50. Robot972

    Bloons Potential Downgrades

    Well then... Just got off an upgrade train with the Bloons profile being uploaded. Now this? When it was first posted, Dart Monkey's base key as originally written as being Street level for being much weaker than the Bomb Shooter, as is its current reasoning. However, it was bumped up to Wall...
  51. Robot972

    Izuku Midoriya's Abilities Section

    Okay, enough's enough. What's the deal with Deku's abilities? He doesn't have all those abilities in each key, so should there not be splits between where he gets each ability? It's caused me confusion on a few occasions and I know it confused at least a few others
  52. Robot972

    Energy used to power a small city

    So, I'm trying to make a profile for some characters/objects from a certain series (unimportant). In this series, one of the weapons is used to power a machine that requires "more electricity than a small city". What steps would I take to figuring this out?
  53. Robot972

    Some person with a giant Ring fights a grey karate baby

    The Player and Ring are making their way along one of their regular running paths when they suddenly come across a Machop in the road. Thinking it's one of Dragaux' monsters, they jump to fight it. Machop is being used (1.5e+12 J) The Player is in their Fitness Master Finalia key (1.4e+12 J)...
  54. Robot972

    Death Battle Profiles

    Probably not posting this at the right time for staff to see, but whatever. Let's go. So, when I made these profiles ages ago (I believe in the middle of Season 5), I was told that they can't be added here due to being not considered fictional enough. Well, with Season 7 kicking off, I think...
  55. Robot972

    Stealing an Elevator

    I'm pretty sure I remember that somewhere on here, there was a thread which asked the question of what our dumbest calc was. I remember that someone posted a calc talking that was based off some meme of a guy stealing an elevator. If anyone knows where this is, I would greatly appreciate it
  56. Robot972

    Deku Fights Cardboard

    Deku is in his Base (Rise of Villains Saga) key. Labo Robot has all special abilities except Gigantic Mode Combatants start 10 meters apart. Speed equalized. Eats Hair: $60 cardboard: Inconclusive:
  57. Robot972

    Beast fights a buff monkey (1, 0, 0)

    Battle takes place in Beast's castle's grand entrance, Combatants start 5 meters apart, Speed Equalized. Pat is Level 6 Beast (Disney): 1 (Gilad Hyperstar) Pat Fusty: Inconclusive:
  58. Robot972

    Bloons Tower Defense Upgrades

    As Bloons has now been uploaded and the tiers for the MOAB Bloons have been finalized, some towers require upgrades. This will also have some other notes just in addition. MOABs Characters to be upgraded via ZOMG Pirate Lord (Reinforced https://youtu.be/RxXAYd4PmQ4?t=1335) ZZZL Trap First...
  59. Robot972

    An Angy Bear Fights An Angy Monkey

    Flippy had been trying to enjoy his day and decided to take a nap against a tree. As he was about to close his eyes and sleep, a series of wooden thorns flew past the tree at bullet-like speeds, tearing through the bark and flying off to the distance before Flippy could get a good look at them...
  60. Robot972

    Rooster Teeth Brand-Verse?

    Should Rooster Teeth have a brand verse, given they have several verses on here already, with more possibly joining in the future? (Gen:LOCK, Nomad of Nowhere, etc., if they ever get profiles) Page draft The current verses produced by Rooster Teeth that we have on the wiki are Red vs Blue...
  61. Robot972

    Downgrading Gigantamax Pokemon

    Originally, it was decided to scale Gigantamax Pokémon (through Corviknight's strongest hurricanes statement) to Lugia for now until further feats are provided. Obviously, this is very iffy scaling. However, it would make more sense to make all Gigantamax Pokémon (with exception for Melmetal...
  62. Robot972

    A Yandere fights Siri

    The Player is searching on Sara's phone, trying to find information on Sara's whereabouts, when they accidentally uncorrupt some game called "DERE.EXE". IRIS appears and warns the Player of a "strange, human-like presence" hidden within the code of the game before she leaves to scan the game...
  63. Robot972

    Galar Regional Evolutions

    With the release of Sword and Shield, several Pokemon that were once single-stage/two-stage evolutions now have an additional evolution. The question is, how does this affect the scaling of these Pokemon? I'd assume the Galarian versions of Pokemon would compare to each other. None of the galar...
  64. Robot972

    Camcorder Reality Warping?

    Shouldn't Ellis have limited Reality Warping via the camcorder recordings, or are we not including them because they boy was hallucinating at times?
  65. Robot972

    Dynamax Dusknoir?

    Is there a particular reason why Dusknoir has or needs a Dynamax key? He's the only pokemon to randomly have it, and I believe the SwSh discussion thread decided to not add Dynamax to every pokemon. (I forget what the plan was, whether or not Dynamax was just getting it's own page or something...
  66. Robot972

    Radio Man Fights a Flat Dog

    I dunno if this will work, or if it's a stomp either way, but I thought I'd give it a try. Hazbin Hotel's very own Alastor meets Mario Maker's Undodog. Speed is equalized, if necessary Video killed the Radi-Alastor: Age of the Undodog: Inconclusive:
  67. Robot972

    Pokemon Inconsistencies

    Whoo boy... Well, no better time than the present. It's simple to say, there are quite a few inconsistencies within the profiles of the Pokémo verse. I've only focused on Gen 1 for this, as there's just way too many profiles to go through. This started as just wanting to ask about the Moves...
  68. Robot972

    Deleting Blogs?

    Is there a way to delete personal blogs, or am I just stuck with a bunch of empty, no longer in use blogs?
  69. Robot972

    Gumball Guardian Large Size

    Simple as it comes. I don't know how big they are, but they do need the ability.
  70. Robot972

    VS Threads with different tiers?

    What exactly are the rules regarding this? While I've mainly only seen it with Human/Athletic and Street/Wall, you then get to profiles like Sans where they get to fight whoever (Which, yes, I'm aware is because of his hax.) It's not really talked about in the rules. It just says to not make a...
  71. Robot972

    Creating a paradox?

    So, I'm working on a profile for the protagonist from Superliminal (The finished game of the Museum of Simulation Technology). They, on many occasions, encounter a pair of doorways that are linked together, meaning entering one causes you to exit from the other. However, as is to be expected...
  72. Robot972

    Pink Elephants on Parade

    I've been going through my old blogs to try and clear some of the never-finished projects and came across this. What changes would I have to make to allow the Pink Elephants to have a profile here? When I first uploaded the profile way back when, at first they were torn into for being a...
  73. Robot972

    Ennard vs the Cable Monsters from Await Further Instructions

    Fight takes place within the Sister Location, inside Funtime Foxy's auditorium. A Cable Monster has emerged from one of the monitors in the Private Room and has killed Michael as he tried to flee into the room during the fifth night, much to Ennard's fury. Speed is obviously equalized. Extra...
  74. Robot972

    Doraemon's Electromagnetic Wave Weakness

    What kind of electromagnetic waves affect him? Would lightning affect him?
  75. Robot972

    Speedwagon fights a Monkey (Grace)

    Dart Monkey is in base. Speed is Equalized. Robert E. O. Speedwago: Botchede, HeadlessKramerGeoff777, Dusty Raider, Listentomyrhytm, Bedroombedrock, ExSENNA, GoCommitDi Dart Monkey: Inconclusive:
  76. Robot972

    A Furry fights a Vegan Vampire (3, 1, 0)

    It was the third day within the zombie apocalypse. Cool Cat found himself running from a pack of Hellhounds. As he ran, he discovered a seemingly abandoned mansion in the middle of no where. Figuring it was the best way to escape the bloodthirsty mutts right behind him, Cool Cat makes his way...
  77. Robot972

    A __ With Markiplier

    So, obviously we have a few characters from the "Who Killed Markiplier?" Series. (Wilford Warfstache (Who Killed Markiplier?), Darkiplier, The Detective (Who Killed Markiplier?)) However, I'm curious in his other series, which does very lightly tie into the Who Killed Markiplier? I'm not...
  78. Robot972

    Jigglypuff Regenerationn

    Okay, now that I've started paying more attention to the Pokemon profiles, this will likely be the first of many revisions. Based off her fainting animatio in Pokemon Stadium and Battle Revolution (Plus Smash Bros taunt, thoughthat's noncanon), Jigglypuff should have Regenerationn due to being...
  79. Robot972

    Horace tries to BFR 9-B's via falling with style

    This is a funny concept I came up with for a win condition while searching for an opponent for Horace (505 games). Horace wears a pair of shoes that allow him to manipulate his own gravity, allowing him to walk on walls and ceilings. However, should Horace jump into a gap in a wall or ceiling...
  80. Robot972

    9-B Grim Foxy?

    So, Imma bit confused here. Back when I tried to add keys for Blacklight animatronics, their 9-B rating was removed (on top of many other things) because they only exist within the VR games (as apposed to the other animatronics which still canonically exist despite the games being games within...
  81. Robot972

    Magearna's Clairvoyance

    Spoilers for today's episode of the Sun and Moon anime. So, shortly after being reactivated by Lillie, Magearna just fires off a laser that points all the way to the exact location of Lillie's father. Lillie, Gladion, and Lusamine leave Alola at the end of the episode to follow Magearna to...
  82. Robot972

    Monkey Engineer MASSIVE Update

    I just found out that Monkey Engineer was added to BTD6 a month ago, which means the profile requires a MASSIVE update. Since I'm literaly going to be replacing the entire page with new information, I'm pretty sure it's law that I have to request revision first?
  83. Robot972

    Obsidian's Future Vision

    Okay, so according to the Roundtable, it's been confirmed by Rebecca Sugar that Obsidian (Steven Universe) has Future Vision, but isn't capable of using it well due to the number of gems that make up her fusion. Alexandrite then should also have this Future Vision, but likely with the same...
  84. Robot972

    FNaF World Chips Additions

    This applies to all playable character profiles, since they all have all bytes and chips. Opponents are unable to attack the player temporarily at the start of the battle (via Quickstart: Party) Evercomet should be with Freddles and Pizza Wheels, since they're all summoning It needs to be...
  85. Robot972

    Gem Rejuvinator meets Pokemon

    It's no surprise that Pokemon has a lot of creatures based off crystals, rocks, and gemstones. It's also, at least in my opinion, very apparent that the two pokemon closest to Steven Universe's gems are Deoxys and Necrozma, though Deoxys is obviously FAR more similar since it can actually be...
  86. Robot972

    Duck Season: Pocket Dimensions

    So, a while ago i was working on profiles for Duck Season, the recent vr game and not the Nintendo classic, on my blog and while I could do most of the game without issue, I started to run into problems once it got into the functionality of the game world. if anyone who knows Duck Season or...
  87. Robot972

    Minecraft Lightning

    So, Minecraft's weather is naturally strange. That comes as no surprise. But the strangest weather by far has to be the Thunderstorms for one reason and one reason only: the lightning is freaking magic. Lightning has different effects on different creatures in Minecraft. Some have those effects...
  88. Robot972

    The Kollector

    I was looking at the Kollector page to try and think of matchups, since I really like the character and he's desperately lacking in matchups, and obviously that means I had to focus my attention on his tiering. My question is, if he could fight against Jade and Kitana, even though obviously not...
  89. Robot972

    Would this be Large Size (type 2)?

    Straight forward question. We never get to see the legs, but he does have them.
  90. Robot972

    Food Mascots

    So, I was looking over the rules for corporate mascots because I was trying to think of what versions of food mascots would be allowed here. Obviously we have a few alternate versions already: Kool-Aid Man (Marvel Comics), Kool-Aid Man (Atari 2600), and Pepsima A few other examples I could...
  91. Robot972

    Of Cows and Mooblooms

    If we're going to be keeping the Moobloom (Minecraft Earth) page, I feel like it needs to be revised a bit. Originally I was going to simply suggest that the page should primarily be the Mooshroom with the Moobloom as a secondary key, but then I remembered that the Cow, like the Zombie, is...
  92. Robot972

    Eevee's Reactive Eevolutionn?

    Shouldn't Eevee have this? I mean, evolving to its environment is literally Eevee's entire thing. Obviously it would need to be specified that it cannot be used in battle, as it requires Eevee to evolve into one of its Eeveelutions, but it should still be there, right?
  93. Robot972

    FNaF World Revisions

    The verse has several universal characters including Fredbear via the universe end, Scott Cawthon, Chipper's Revenge, Foxy, Toy Chica, Puppet, Nightmare, Chica's Magic Rainbow, as well as the update 2 characters, since they are considered necessary for defeating the aforementioned rainbow...
  94. Robot972

    Minecraft Mini Series

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Robot972/Minecraft_Mini_Series Since the Minecraft Mini Series on youtube is an official series by Mojang, I thought I would just make this aware, since I've already added a few characters. Lotta new mobs/variants of mobs, characters, and objects. I...
  95. Robot972

    Stevonnie Intelligence

    In the comics issue 28, Stevonnie is shown to be quite intelligent. They not only filtered out the gases of the Nebula, which had overwhelmed Lars and the Off Colors, but they traced Emerald's course and piloted the ship to avoid her, while separating the harmful substances from the nebula...
  96. Robot972

    Save/Attack the Light Abilities

    So, I was looking over the profiles for the characters relevant to the SU games, and I noticed that the characters seem to have some of the unique powers/equipment (please correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't recall Amethyst having Electricity Manipulation in the show to comics), they still seem...
  97. Robot972

    Not sure how to calculate certain feats. Just Shapes & Beats

    I finally started continuing to work on profiles for Just Shapes & Beats recently. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Robot972/Just_Shapes_%26_Beats_Scaling There isn't actually a lot left to do in terms of calculations, but I have quite a few other calcs that are either very...
  98. Robot972

    Lego Brand-Verse

    I don't remember where the original discussion for this was, but what's the final verdict on adding the Lego Brand-Verse page? https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Robot972/Lego_Brand-Verse This is one of the many blogs I have on the backburner
  99. Robot972

    FNaF VR Blacklight Mode

    I was wanting to add a Key to each of the relevant characters for their Blacklight Modes, as most of the Blacklight Animatronics are fairly different from their normal counterparts. I was also wondering if I could add a description of Blacklight Mode to the Power of the Verse section...
  100. Robot972

    Minecraft Mini Series

    Gotta thread to add. Only bringing up a select group of characters for this board. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Robot972/Minecraft_Mini_Series Web-Slinging Spider through Cerberus Wither are what's important. Should these characters, as special versions of already existing...