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  1. Nullflowerblush

    What ability is recovering from stamina loss?

    For example, a character is winded out and exhausted after battling for a long period of time. However, rather than collapsing, they instantly regenerate their stamina.
  2. Nullflowerblush

    Rock Lee upgrade

    No idea where the five-times value came from, because Guy explicitly states that the First Gate increases one's strength by dozens of times. Lee in his normal state scales above Sasuke's 18.58 tons and scales to Gaara's sand's Mach 29.15452, so the First Gate would put him at 222.96 tons and...
  3. Nullflowerblush

    Is "the concept of life and death" platonic?

    Asking for a friend :3
  4. Nullflowerblush

    This is all I've got. (Scream x Pumpkin Night)

    Ghostface vs. the Pumpkin Night "There are certain rules that one must abide by in order to successfully survive a horror movie." These are the rules: Fight Location: Milton Estate from Scream 3 Starting Distance: 10 meters Speed is equalized. Naoko is restricted to her 9-C feats. Both are...
  5. Nullflowerblush

    Moon level Naruto upgrade

    No, you are reading that correctly. Yes, this is a bait. This is an attempt to upgrade base Naruto to 5-C. Main Argument: Destroying the Tenseigan Hamura's Tenseigan was protected for thousands of years by a curse that would instantly drain the Chakra of those who lacked the blood of Hamura...
  6. Nullflowerblush

    Demon Physiology (Hazbin Hotel)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Nullflowerblush/Demon_Physiology_(Hazbin_Hotel) The Hazbin-Helluva pages look really gross with their copy-and-pasted standard abilities making up a bulk of their P&A. Let's fix that.
  7. Nullflowerblush

    Revising Madara and Guy's tiers

    Madara, first. On top of surviving the Night Guy, albeit with half of his torso obliterated; although, do not get it twisted; the Night Guy is superior to him, he: Blocked a punch from V1 Six Paths Sage Mode Naruto despite not having fully recovered from Night Guy and then survived the...
  8. Nullflowerblush

    How powerful is a fire hose?

    According to Wikipedia, the working pressure of a fire hose is 116-290 psi, with its burst pressure surpassing 1600 psi; however, is there any recorded energy output? If a character were to be blasted by a fire hose at full power and tanked the blast, what tier of durability would they have?
  9. Nullflowerblush

    six paths sage mode...

    The mentions of Six Paths Sage Mode in New Era Naruto's stats should be removed, and his image's tabber title should be changed to "Kurama Mode", as he never uses Six Paths Sage Mode in Boruto. Allow me to explain... These are images of Naruto from the Boruto manga in full color. The actual...
  10. Nullflowerblush

    Removing Fear Manipulation from the Narutoverse

    Characters with Fear Manipulation/Fear-inducing Aura: Kakashi Hatake Zabuza Momochi* Orochimaru* Tsunade The ones marked with * are those with Madness Manipulation as well. Characters with Resistance to Fear Manipulation and Madness Manipulation Everybody with Fear Manipulation/Fear-inducing...
  11. Nullflowerblush

    Are these verses allowed?

    Shadows House Shadows House is similar to The Promised Neverland; a bundle of children are grouped together in an isolated location, raised by a team of mysterious and powerful adults, and worked to the bone in order to produce some form of revenue for the adults, which in this case is energy...
  12. Nullflowerblush

    You okay, Kurama?

    What's this all about? The vaporization end (Low 6-B) was accepted, and Kurama scales to these with both an uncharged Bijū Bomb and a fully charged Bijū Bomb, so why is he "High 6-C to Low 6-B" and not just straight up Low 6-B? Was there a thread that I'm just missing out on?
  13. Nullflowerblush

    "A majority of people start out by mimicking another, you know."

    Sasuke Uchiha vs. Kabuto Yakushi Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan vs. Dragon Sage Mode This fight takes place between #579-586 (i.e., Sasuke and Itachi's fight against Kabuto) The location is the cave where they fought in canon Both are are in-character Equalized speed Sasuke has knowledge on...
  14. Nullflowerblush

    A slight change to Night Guy :)

    The Wiki currently considers Night Guy warping space to be a "speed feat" of sorts. However, the Jin no Sho states that this was a result of his power, rather than pure speed alone, so that part should be removed from his speed justification. Also, his Attack Potency justification should be...
  15. Nullflowerblush

    Delta's "rays of light" CRT (Boruto)

    Delta's destructive beams are treated as Speed of Light on the Wiki, which has lead to Six Paths Sage Mode Naruto becoming FTL through these calculations. In a previous thread on the topic, it was agreed that her beams were real lasers because they were described as "light" and came from a...
  16. Nullflowerblush

    ninjas on the moon (naruto)

    Hey, did you know Blank Period Naruto has Self-Sustenance for surviving on the surface of the Moon? Did you also know that the rest of the Hanabi Rescue Team (Sakura, Hinata, Sai, and Shikamaru) also survived on the surface of the Moon? In fact, Hinata was on the Moon about the same amount of...
  17. Nullflowerblush

    Naruto's Self-Sustenance?

    For what reason does The Last Naruto have Self-Sustenance? Is it because he survived on the surface of the moon or was it because he leaped into not-so-distant space in order to save Toneri at the last moment? Depending on the reasoning, there might be a CRT discussing this.
  18. Nullflowerblush

    Let's get rid of 5-C+ Naruto, m'kay?

    All of these Naruto upgrades. Ah, it really does bring a tear to my eye. Okay, time for a downgrade. As we speak, all of the god-tiers in Naruto (i.e., anybody with Six Paths power, the Ōtsutsuki, and Tenseigan Chakra Mode Toneri, etc.) are Moon level+ based off of this feat, in which Toneri...
  19. Nullflowerblush

    Naruto: The power to change reality (Izanagi and Izanami)

    Heya! This is a Naruto CRT. Let's talk e y e s. What are they? The Izanagi and the Izanami are two sides of the same coin, with the Izanami being created specifically to counteract the Izanagi. The Izanagi is, as Tobi describes it, "the practical application of the Creation of All Things...
  20. Nullflowerblush

    Naruto: Zaku's 8-B

    Introduction Zaku Abumi has a 8-B rating due to this calculation (16.57 tons of TNT). Because his durability is scaled to this, the entire Part 1 cast is 8-B. Sakura has it for knocking him over with a surprise attack and holding him down, Ino has it for stalemating Sakura, all the men have it...
  21. Nullflowerblush

    HP in manga?

    Some fantasy manga and anime series, even comic or animation series, implement the use of HP stats, like video games. But, the problem is: This isn't a game mechanic—it's not a game. And, this stats a lot more in these series than they do in games because, once again, they aren't game mechanics...
  22. Nullflowerblush

    Helluva Update (Ep. 5 - The Harvest Moon Festival)

    This episode has been a breath of fresh air. Feats that are worth a damn Striker lifts up an adult bull and carries its corpse over his shoulder (7:15); Peak Human to Class 5 Stolas telekinetically parted the clouds in order to reveal the Blood Moon (13:24); needs to be calculated Striker...
  23. Nullflowerblush

    close this

  24. Nullflowerblush

    Are we allowed to change our profile pictures?

    If I recall correctly, when the forums were introduced, there was a rule that members from the Wiki had to create an account under the same name and profile picture. However, it has been months since the forums' debut so I'm wondering, are we currently allowed to change our profile pictures (if...
  25. Nullflowerblush

    Additions to Naoko Kirino (Pumpkin Night, Ch. 52)

    Nobody knows what this verse is. I'm still going to be adding onto it. Expect to another CRT when the series returns in... uh... July. Anyway, Naoko should have: Attack Potency "Split a man's jaw open with an IV pole and later launched the pole hard enough to shatter a window and instantly...
  26. Nullflowerblush

    Ki Suppression is...?

    By suppressing your Ki in Dragon Ball, you can blend in with the surroundings by lowering your power to the level of the creatures around you or low enough to not be immediately detected. One might assume this is Stealth Mastery but this is actually minimizing your presence. Would this count...
  27. Nullflowerblush

    DB Goku's Lifting Strength Downgrade

    I could start off by saying this is inconsistent with Z's portrayal of Goku's Lifting Strength, but that's a can of worms I would rather not open. Goku could just barely budge the rock and was exhausted afterwards. He should not scale to the full weight of the rock or more accurately, the full...
  28. Nullflowerblush

    More Enhanced Senses for Goku

    Goku claimed he could sense the citizens of the Aru Village in "They Call Him... the Turtle Hermit!" and "Oo! Oo! Oolong!". This is just a minor revision to his Enhanced Senses justification.
  29. Nullflowerblush

    My Hero Academia's Hood - Vigilantes Additions

    Hood, the "Hooded Man", had an appearance in My Hero Academia: Vigilantes as an antagonist in the Underground Masquerade Arc. Here, he fought The Ripper (Iwao Oguro), The Rapper (Kendo Rappa), and Tiger Bunny (Rumi Usagiyama), where he displayed a couple of new abilities. There is no new...
  30. Nullflowerblush

    Muscular (MHA) Revisions [spoilers?]

    These are hardly spoilers, but Muscular's real name is revealed to be , so his page name should be changed to reflect that.
  31. Nullflowerblush

    LS from ripping a nose off?

    Examples of similar feats exist all around the Wiki, such as ripping off someone's jaw, biting off one's tongue although, this is only Attack Potency, and ripping off someone's head or their spine. Is there any recorded Lifting Strength value for ripping off someone's nose, as seen (NSFW...
  32. Nullflowerblush

    Dragon Ball's Upgrades to 4-C

    Frieza's Final Form and his Mecha state are combined into one key and rated as Small Star level+. Future Trunks is rated as "At least Dwarf Star level, Small Star level+ as a Super Saiyan". Frieza's Final Form key should be split into Final Form, for his Namek battle, and Mecha Frieza since...
  33. Nullflowerblush

    Replacing Michael Myers' H20 quote

    Rather than the "The time has come again to experience the frightening fun of Halloween-the motion picture series that totally redefined horror" portion of the text on the back cover of the H20 DVD, the quote should use the actual summary of the movie.
  34. Nullflowerblush

    Regulations on gory series?

    At what point does a series become too gory to be allowed on Vs Battles Wiki? For example: The Hatchet series of slasher movies are known for their incredible gore and graphic depictions of murder at the hands of the antagonist Victor Crowley. You can find compilations of the death scenes for...
  35. Nullflowerblush

    Dragon Ball (Toei) — Quick Lifting Strength Revisions

    Let's go over Lifting Strength from the Dragon Ball anime. This should be quick. BoZ / Dead Zone Goku scales above Piccolo, who is Class G (4.17686978e+13 kg). Fun Fact: This is actually Class T (>1e+12 kg). Vegeta Saga / World's Strongest Goku scales above an enraged Gohan from Dead Zone who...
  36. Nullflowerblush

    Cursed Spirits aren't abstract.

    The current consensus is "Cursed Spirits are manifestations born out of people's mind, thoughts and negative emotions", which would result in them having Type 2 Abstract Existence and for some reason give Suguru Conceptual Manipulation. However, Cursed Spirits are stated numerous times to be...
  37. Nullflowerblush

    An Upgrade to Goku :3

    At this point, everyone and their mothers knows about the "Goku and Beerus were going to destroy the universe" feat from Battle of Gods and the Super anime. It's the whole reason why the God-tiers, or well High-tiers but God-tiers sounds more appropriate, are Universe level. And everyone has...
  38. Nullflowerblush

    Is it possible to calculate durability from landing into water?

    In Chapter 12 of Ajin: Demi-Human, Kei Nagai slips off the edge of a building a few dozen stories high and lands into a river. As most people know, landing into a large body of water from a high altitude can be incredibly painful, even if it's just a bellyflop into a pool. That begs the...
  39. Nullflowerblush

    Revising Himiko's Powers and Abilities

    Himiko's powers should look like this... ...along with some additions.
  40. Nullflowerblush

    Goku's clairvoyant?

    Clairvoyance (During his virus-induced coma, he heard the Z-Fighters speak and picked up on the conflict with the Androids) After awakening from his coma, Goku stated that he heard everyone speak to him in his sleep and picked up on the current situation involving the Androids and Cell. This...
  41. Nullflowerblush

    Revising Toei Zamasu's Immortality

    Future Zamasu: Immortality (Types 1, 2, 3, and 5; Due to a wish upon the Super Dragon Balls, Zamasu became completely immortal. His immortality surpasses the likes of Fusion Zamasu, whose immortality and regeneration were severely dampened as a result of Goku Black's mortal body) Regeneration...
  42. Nullflowerblush

    Super Saiyan Multiplier CRT

    "Multipliers come from direct statements instead of being reasoned from something else. That means, for example, that if a verse has powerlevels or statistics, the doubling of a statistic or power level should not be concluded to correspond to the power of the character doubling, unless it is...
  43. Nullflowerblush

    "Power Awakening" as a new ability

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User:Nullflowerblush/Power_Awakening It took me awhile to realize this, up until this thread, but there is no power on the wiki for abilities such as Elder Kai's Unlock Potential Ritual or the Bow and Arrow's Stand-awakening capabilities. You're probably...
  44. Nullflowerblush

    Rewind ≠ Time Manipulation (MHA)

    Eri has both Time Manipulation and Biological Manipulation on her page, however Rewind is not an ability that rewinds time; It is only the latter ability. Alongside the fact that the only evidence of her Quirk being Time Manipulation is the fact people say she "rewinds" people, there are two...
  45. Nullflowerblush

    Minor Addition to Garou & Orochi

    Reactive Evolution and Transformation (By overcoming death, [Garou/Orochi] advanced to a higher state of Monsterization, accelerating his growth and mutation significantly and allowing him to progressively break past his limiters) This is the entire CRT.
  46. Nullflowerblush

    Buu Saga Revisions (Videl, Mr. Satan, etc.)

    Mr. Satan's page relies on mostly anime material, and that is a no no, as the mainstream Dragon Ball pages are based on the manga. After coming up with some more justifications for Wall level, I kinda got lost in the flow and ended up recreating the pages for Mr. Satan, Videl, and Spopovich...
  47. Nullflowerblush

    Pages for Xenoverse versions of Goku and Dabura?

    No, stop mentioning Xeno Gohan. Son Goku (Dragon Ball Xenoverse) plays a major role in the main story of the Xenoverse games, more so in Xenoverse than Xenoverse 2, but he still contributes some in the second game. He scales to the Future Warriors and the main villains, but he also has some...
  48. Nullflowerblush

    Addition to Super Goku's page

    This is a pretty straight forward addition.
  49. Nullflowerblush

    Battle of the Crazy Wives (DB × Helluva Boss)

    Coming up with a good match-up for Chi-Chi is hard when you don't watch a ton of anime with characters to compare her to. For some reason, a lot of people really do not seem to like Chi-Chi. They dislike her so much that they went out of their way to place a hit on her, and who better to hire...
  50. Nullflowerblush

    A universe in the palm of his hands... (Dragon Ball Heroes)

    In Episode 11 of the Big Bang Mission anime, titled "The Outcome of Universe Creation! The Birth of a New World", Fuu holds a universe in his hands. That is it. That is the entire CRT. He is holding a universe in the palm of his hands, as the name suggests. Uhhh... "That's not a real universe...
  51. Nullflowerblush

    Wall level+ upgrade to DB

    This is a pretty straightforward thread. Kid Chi-Chi's durability currently scales to 5,294,205 joules, which she was unscathed by, which is only 1.97716182x away from Wall level+. My proposals: Chi-Chi's Durability is upgraded to Wall level+, which affects the entirety of the Wall level...
  52. Nullflowerblush

    Revising Monsters you've never heard of (OPM)

    Maiko Plasma's lightning is considered legitimate, so she should be upgraded to Building level with Electricity Manipulation. Her speed has already been affected. Also, I propose that she is downgraded to Unknown physically because there is nothing to suggest that she and Electric Catfish Man...
  53. Nullflowerblush

    Possible Speed-o'-Sound Sonic Upgrade

    In the Bonus Manga: Purison, Speed-o'-Sound Sonic is briefly imprisoned in Smelly Lid Prison with violent prisoners with monstrous strength, powerful enough to pry open iron bars. Sonic dislocated one of the inmate's shoulders by standing still. Sonic effortlessly restrained another one of the...
  54. Nullflowerblush

    Shockwaves = Supersonic?

    If a character were to take off running and flying and generate a powerful shockwave, would be considered Supersonic, with sonic booms and everything, or just any ol' shockwave? For example: Keyaru creates a large "BOOM" when he blasts off into the air Kid Cosmic generates a shockwave that...
  55. Nullflowerblush

    2-A Fortnite. No, this is not a joke.

    According to Donny Cates, one of the creators and writers of the "Devourer King" run of Thor comics (Thor Vol. 6 #1-#6) and Nexus War #1, on Twitter, The official Twitter of Marvel also suggests that Nexus War does fit within the 616 continuity, specifically during Thor Vol. 6 #4. The Nexus...
  56. Nullflowerblush

    Helluva Boss, Spring Broken additions

    Just a few revisions, as of the most recent episode, Spring Broken. Blitzo, Moxxie, Millie, and Loona: 4th Wall Awareness (Knowledged the audience and looked directly into the camera) Loona: Transformation (Demons can transform into a "full demon" form during a fit of extreme rage or...
  57. Nullflowerblush

    Calculating the Power of Not-Lightning

    The Seventh Tier Magic Mjölnir is a magical technique that sends a beam of sorts into the sky, causing dark clouds to close in, before exciting and discharging a large beam of, what appears to be, energy with streaks of electricity surrounding it. The Demon Queen's replicated variant does the...
  58. Nullflowerblush

    Page Name Changes and Redirectories

    Could someone change Charlie Magne to "Charlotte Magne", and make it to where you can find the page through both names, like you can with Izuku Midoriya ("Izuku", "Deku")? And, could someone make it to where you can find Robotic Fizzarolli's page through both the page name and "Robo Fizz"? I...
  59. Nullflowerblush

    Creating a Potion through Alchemy?

    This character, Keyaru, possesses alchemy and utilizes it to extract the healing properties of herbs he has gathered up and the antibodies he developed from drinking polluted water in order to create a potion that aids those affected by the pollution. What ability is this, exactly?
  60. Nullflowerblush

    Forced Required to Snap a Phone in Half?

    I know this is a pretty odd question, but how much force is required to snap a smartphone in half?
  61. Nullflowerblush

    Minor Chronoa Revisions

    I completed the Conton City Tournament missions the day they were opened up, and I unlocked Chronoa but for some reason, I've overlooked this for months. Chronoa should have Martial Arts in her Xenoverse Key for keeping up with Future Warrior 2, who is a Master Martial Artist. Her...
  62. Nullflowerblush

    Hazbin-Helluva Verse Overhaul

    Hazbin Hotel verse page: A blog with a revision for the current Hazbin Hotel verse page, sprucing it up with a bit more polish and a lot more detail. Hazbin Hotel Explanations: A blog that discusses the canon of Hazbin Hotel, its connection to other shows, the scaling chain, and the powers of...
  63. Nullflowerblush

    Edit Preview Upscales?

    Out of the blue, I noticed that whenever I'm editing a page in the Source Editor, and I preview my edits, the text becomes enlarged and begins to take up a good portion of the screen. While this does not make it impossible to accurately edit, not in the slightest, it is kind of annoying, and I...
  64. Nullflowerblush

    Lifting Strength via Swinging

    Is it possible to calculate someone's Lifting Strength through the force required to slam someone into the ground with a rope or a chain?
  65. Nullflowerblush

    Enough to reach 8-A+?

    A character performed a 8-A feat, which has been calculated as 251.107065359 tons of TNT with little to no effort. Said character is stated numerous times to be vastly superior to a character who survived said 8-A feat, even being stated to be capable of one-shotting that character. Seeing as...
  66. Nullflowerblush

    Garou's Lifting Strength

    Currently, Garou has Unknown Lifting Strength in his "Human Garou" key. Reflected Tank Top Master's strength onto himself twofold Stomped into the ground hard enough to shatter it and launch a manhole cover, which he then launched at high-speeds Redirected one of Metal Bat's regular swings and...
  67. Nullflowerblush

    Resistances through Immortality?

    A character is stated to have Type 2 Immortality, being able to survive practically anything and everything aside from a certain element. That same character is also stated to be affected by venom, an example being their arm disintegrating, but cannot die to said venom as a result of their...
  68. Nullflowerblush

    Revisions involving MHA's stupidest Quirks

    All For One should have: Possession (Took complete control over Tomura's body, with his will overpowering Tomura's in their "symbiotic relationship", enabling him to speak through Tomura) Immortality (Type 6; Completely possessed Tomura, with Tomura serving as a vessel for his consciousness...
  69. Nullflowerblush

    Huge stamina upgrade for Tatsumaki

    This CRT is pretty simple. Tornado of Terror should have her Stamina rating changed from "High" to "Extremely High", or "At least Extremely High". Despite overexerting herself to the point she bled from her head, Tatsumaki was capable of effortlessly overpowering Psykos and twisting her body...
  70. Nullflowerblush

    Love is everlasting! Love will light the way! (DB Super, again)

    Hurr durr, Ribrianne should be 3-A, and I'll prove it... maybe. Her feats, alone Brianne, Su Rosa, and Sanka Ku vs. Android 17? (DBS 102 - The Power of Love Explodes!? The Magical Girl Warriors of Universe 2!!) All three girls are shot down by a casual Android 17 while they were off-guard and...
  71. Nullflowerblush

    Let's change the world (Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss)

    Charlie's rating Most of Charlie's stats are Unknown since she does not have any notable feats in the series. But, according to Vivzie, her "power level exceeds the normal [demon's]" (2:11:39) along with Alastor, but we already knew Alastor was practically all-powerful. This, on top of her...
  72. Nullflowerblush

    Formula for explosions made from fire?

    There is a specific formula for fire explosions? Do I use ordinary ground explosion formula, specific heat capacity formula, what?
  73. Nullflowerblush

    Bladed weapon = Lifting Strength?

    Is it possible to scale a character's Lifting Strength based of a feat involving a bladed weapon? Say for example: X sliced off Y's head with a hook blade. Would that qualify for Class 1?
  74. Nullflowerblush

    Is moonlight enough justification for lightspeed? (She-Ra)

    In She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Elemental Princesses connected to the Moonstone (Glimmer and Angella), sorcerers of Mystacor (Shadow Weaver, Castaspella, Micah), and She-Ra are all capable of generating and even manipulating, in the case of the former two, a magical light energy. This...
  75. Nullflowerblush

    Dr. Gero and Android 19 upgrade and slight revisions

    Both Dr. Gero and Android 19 are rated as Low 4-C and FTL+ via scaling to Frieza. However, there is nothing to support the idea that they are comparable to Frieza in-universe. Instead, they should scale to base Android Saga Goku with Dr. Gero tanking Goku's punch to the face. This would bring...
  76. Nullflowerblush

    Chi-Chi upgrades and minor revisions

    Chi-Chi's major stat upgrade According to the Daizenshuu, Chi-Chi as of the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai has a battle power of 130, making her slightly weaker than Beginning-of-Z Master Roshi (139), with a Weekly Jump entry stating that she is equal to Roshi, and a tad bit weaker than the Krillin...
  77. Nullflowerblush

    Pages for YouTubers?

    Are we allowed to create pages for YouTube personalities, Scott the Woz for example, or is that a no go?
  78. Nullflowerblush

    Goku, Beerus, and the heat

    Battle of Gods Saga Goku and Goku Black should have Resistance to Extreme Heat (or just Heat), since Goku was able to hold back and ultimately brute force his way through the second super dense energy ball, which takes on the form of a fireball and was stated by Elder Kai to be able to evaporate...
  79. Nullflowerblush

    When to use peak human perception?

    When would it be appropriate to use peak human perception (0.00454545454 seconds) rather than peak human reactions (0.102 seconds)? Of course, perception gives the better results, which is what I'm trying to get at. But, I have no idea whether or not I should it. Can I use it if the character...
  80. Nullflowerblush

    Spite. No, but 2-C Beerus and Champa.

    The other canon CRT is locked, so let's move onto this one, the one with umph. My arguments Beerus and Champa were stated to be capable of destroying both Universe 6 and 7 if they were to battle, so their combined efforts would resort in the destruction of two universal space-time continua...
  81. Nullflowerblush

    Oh yea, Relativistic+ Piccoolo

    OH. Oh yeah, this has been accepted, yay. With that, anyone who scales to beginning of Z Piccolo is Relativistic+ (0.61c), with characters far superior to him clocking in at "At least Relativistic, possibly FTL", and Goku with Kaio-ken and anyone who scales to him is a definite FTL (1.22-2.44c)...
  82. Nullflowerblush

    "A hundred times a second"?

    Context here. Is it possible to calculate speed based off of this? Like, do I take someone's speed and multiply it by a hundredfold, do I divide the timeframe by a hundred?
  83. Nullflowerblush

    How to do rotational KE calculations?

    Formula, instructions, any extra information I need to know?
  84. Nullflowerblush

    Power required to blow away a mountain in one attack?

    According to the Mountain and Island level requirements, fragmentation of an average mountain is Low 7-B, and violent fragmentation is 7-B. Would "blow away" count as the former or the latter?
  85. Nullflowerblush


    What exactly would this power be listed as?
  86. Nullflowerblush

    "Higher level of Time Manipulation"

    If a character to able to manipulate (specifically loop) time in a dimension that is stated to exist outside of space and time and has been proven as such, does that mean that they can negate Type 1 Acausality, since they're effectively working around the being immune to Time Manipulation aspect...
  87. Nullflowerblush

    Questions about absorbing realities

    A few questions. If a character absorbs a dimension outside of space and time, are they granted Acausality as well? Which type of Acausality is existing outside of space and time, again? Would a character be Omnipresent inside of a dimension that they absorbed into their bodies?
  88. Nullflowerblush

    A couple of small Dragon Ball revisions (I'm lying)

    "If my power increases, doesn't my speed increase along with it?" This site accepts and applies the Great Ape and Kaio-ken multipliers to Attack Potency and Speed, because they are multipliers that are established in-universe, rather than from databooks such as the Super Saiyan transformation...
  89. Nullflowerblush

    Neko Majin Z Revisions

    Revision to Neko Majin Z's stats Currently, Neko Majin Z has a tier of Multi-Solar System level and a Massively FTL+ speed rating, with the justification being that he scales to the Toei versions of Goku and Vegeta, with the rest of the Neko Majin Z characters following suit. However, unless...
  90. Nullflowerblush

    Addition to Chou Goku's abilities

    Son Goku (Chou)'s Super Saiyan Blue tabber includes "Matter and Soul Destruction via Hakai (Capable of reducing beings to dust and destroying their soul, regardless of their durability)". However, I believe it should also include Immortality Negation (Types 1, 2, and 3), seeing as how it was...
  91. Nullflowerblush

    Current state of the Wiki?

    I mean no offense, but is the Wiki currently broken? I've noticed a lot of stuff looks weird, like the formatting, the way some text meshes together and into images. It just all looks bizarre.
  92. Nullflowerblush

    Implications of a star

    If an otherwise empty dimension has been shown to have a moon, which emits moonlight, and weather such as rain and lightning, does that mean there exists a star in that dimension?
  93. Nullflowerblush

    AP based on creating buildings?

    How does one calculate the amount of energy required to create buildings, specifically schools 40+ m long, as opposed to celestial bodies?
  94. Nullflowerblush

    Transcending time into Immeasurable?

    If a character creates a dimension that exists outside time and space and/or transcends time, would that quantify for Immeasurable speed?
  95. Nullflowerblush

    About Acausality?

    If a character has Time Manipulation and loops time, but is unaffected themselves by the time loop, is that Type 1 Acausality or just an effect of them causing the loop?
  96. Nullflowerblush

    Sufficient enough Low 2-C evidence?

    Are statements such as "entirely new world" and "alternate dimension" with the context involving the real/main world enough evidence for a Low 2-C rating?
  97. Nullflowerblush

    A manifold sealed space? (+bonus)

    I was working on draft sandboxes for Corpse Party characters, and doing some research through the manga, as you do. And, I came across this statement. "Yes, this old school is filled with many dimensions that results in a manifold sealed space." What exactly does a "manifold sealed space" mean...
  98. Nullflowerblush

    Is there energy involved in shrinking something?

    As in, could I calculate Attack Potency based on shrinking something down? I'm really only asking this because one of the Weaponized Orbs in OK K.O. as stated by Doctor Greyman, shrinks its targets down to subatomic levels, which we then see happening. Is there any way to calculate this?
  99. Nullflowerblush

    Functioning without a soul?

    At 1:00, K.O. has his soul consumed by Enid. After that, at 1:21, K.O. follows Enid and requested his soul back, meaning he was able to survive and function without his soul. What exactly would this constitute as, in terms of ability, of course? It's not Resistance to Soul Manipulation, as he...
  100. Nullflowerblush

    OK K.O. Let's Revise the Heroes

    Regarding Canonicity Ian Jones-Quartey, the creator of the series, confirmed that the video games are "semi-canon" in a tweet. The games he's referring to are left ambiguous, however, in an earlier tweet, he specifically stated that the Lakewood Plaza Turbo game was "semi-canon". But, it's safe...