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  1. SuperDino85

    Caveman bros vs Farmer bros

    The Billies...somehow end up going back in time to a point where there’s more than just one dinosaur and people were somewhat high IQ cavemen. Unfortunately they’re too insane to tell the difference between this time and their own, aside from the apparent lack of buildings, and they start...
  2. SuperDino85

    Two zombie apocalypse survivors fight

    Uhh...something about supplies, and they can’t seem to agree on who gets to take what. Speed equalized Ethan Winters: 1 Some dude unfortunate enough to not have a canonical name: 0 The zombies find them and they both take off with whatever they can run with: 0
  3. SuperDino85

    Enigmatic Shapeshifter vs Insect

    The flowers are in peril. Zombies are mindlessly trampling them into the ground, while also attacking the local creatures that get too close. A tall, six-legged stick with eyes hopes to put an end to this, and as he looks, he sees a figure standing in a thick cloud of black smoke. Fight is in...
  4. SuperDino85

    Baldi attempts to educate a zombie (Concluded)

    A zombie that’s constantly spilling acid wherever it walks broke into a school. Baldi tries to give the zombie a math quiz but all it does is fill the answer spaces in with “brains.” Baldi gets his ruler. Fight takes place in the school. SBA Who wins? Acid-Spilling Zombie: 0 Bald Math Teacher...
  5. SuperDino85

    A Worm Fights a Dinosaur (Concluded)

    A giant worm known locally for its seemingly non-stop growling goes outside of its domain and into that of another beast: a dinosaur that is literally on fire. Some humans are there, in the park, fighting the dinosaur, when suddenly the worm jumps out of the ground and tries to eat them. The...
  6. SuperDino85

    Worm Fight! Vexeron vs Graboid

    Two big worms cross paths merely by chasing the same dude with a radio. They mistake each other for a larger meal. Fight happens in...what was that town from Tremors? Perfection? Rejection? Depression? That town. Fight takes place in the area Perfection/Rejection is in. SBA Who wins a free...
  7. SuperDino85

    Zombie Street Fight of Destruction: The Brawny vs the Borgy (Concluded)

    A large, hulking zombie breaks into a mall...literally, and throws chunks of the mall at the local bandits. One such bandit manages to escape downstairs, the bulky zombie in hot pursuit, but also manages to catch the attention of another dangerous creature: a zombie cyborg, known locally as...
  8. SuperDino85

    Mr. P and Willow CRT

    Ok so I’ve noticed in game that both Willow and Mr. P have longer range attacks that completely halt their target’s movement if it hits, so I think “Paralysis Inducement” should be added to both of their profiles. Also, Mr. P’s paralysis shot also seems to home in on the target, so “Homing...
  9. SuperDino85

    When Bad Skeleton Meets Good Skeleton (concluded)

    Sans is walking through Snowdin when he hears roaring and explosions, then looks behind him to see a particularly large skeleton in a black caped hoodie has appeared seemingly from nowhere and is laughing and claiming he’s gonna take everyone’s souls. Sans ain’t having it. Speed is equalized...