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  1. Dangeroustaco

    Ultimate Lifeforms (Kars vs. Shadow)

    I can't be the first person to have thought of this. Two ultimate lifeforms fight to see who is truly the ultimate. Kars: 8-A key. Shadow: Infected with the Metal Virus. Speed equal. Location: Starting range of 100 meters, SBA otherwise (Central Park, NYC). Kars: 4 (Lord_JJJ, VegetaFan756...
  2. Dangeroustaco

    EVERYTHING in Quote's arsenal is Low 7-B?

    Yes, it makes sense for Quote to be Low 7-B because he took down the Core and Ballos. But here's the thing: the fight with the Core happened like halfway through the game, when Quote had weapons like the Machine Gun, Missile, and Blade, which work well against tanky bosses like the Core. But...
  3. Dangeroustaco

    Kaoru vs. Kaoru (Neon Genesis Evangelion vs. Len'en Project)

    I'm sorry I had to do it. As soon as I discovered this Len'en character, I had to make a versus thread for two tier 7 Kaorus that have nothing in common apart from their name. Kaoru Nagisa: Assuming High 7-A for his A.T. Field. Kaoru Kashiwagi: SBA. Speed equal. Setting: Starting range of a...
  4. Dangeroustaco

    9-C Shapeshifting Aliens (Among Us Imposter vs. Spore Creature)

    I know Spore Creature doesn't have shapeshifting, the title refers to its ability to evolve and change body parts. The Imposter, however, is stated to be a shapeshifting alien. Odd comparisons aside, I think this will be an interesting 9-C match. Creature (Spore): In the Creature Stage, is...
  5. Dangeroustaco

    Battle of Ghost Hunters: Danny Phantom vs. Danny Wells

    Luigi: Has all equipment besides the Pure Hearts and Power Stars (or related powerups), so 4-A equipment only. Basically has composite powers from all games unless it exceeds 4-A, any stronger powerups are restricted. Is wearing the Poltergust. Danny: Has all equipment besides the Reality...
  6. Dangeroustaco

    Gorefield Danmaku

    The GAR-TYPE video appears to be a parody of a typical side-scrolling shoot 'em up game. When Garfield appears as the boss of the stage, he's shown to create vertically moving fireballs from the bottom of the screen at the same time he fires fireballs from his eyes as well as a vast amount of...
  7. Dangeroustaco

    7-B Bullet Hells

    Speed equal. Takes place in a grassy field at noon, sunny weather, starting range 15 meters. Lord of the Lost Lands: 0 Hooaka Shitodo: 0 Incon: 0
  8. Dangeroustaco

    Half Human ~ Half Phantom

    Can't believe nobody has done this before. They're both half human and half phantom (well, Danny is half ghost while having "Phantom" in his name when they seem to be used interchangeably, while Touhou establishes that there's a difference between ghosts and phantoms) and they have some of the...
  9. Dangeroustaco

    Digital Worlds Clash (MegaMan.EXE vs. Kirito)

    I'm a Mega Man fan but mainly of the classic series. I only recently started watching a playthrough of the first Battle Network game. I've only seen 3 episodes of SAO because it did not pass the 3 episode test for me and I got bored of it. So here's a brilliant fucking idea, a battle of two...
  10. Dangeroustaco

    Bombers (bomberman canon version)

    Same rules as this thread, except: Bomberman: Canon version at 3-B. No powerups. Kotohime: 3-C. Starts with two spell bombs and a full spell gauge. bombs: 1 (Soupywolf5) bullets: 0 both boomers fucking die: 0
  11. Dangeroustaco

    Bombers (Bomberman vs Kotohime)

    In this corner, we have bombs that explode into plus sign shapes while breaking down large walls, and in this corner, we have bombs that explode into magic bullets in complex, beautiful patterns. Bomberman: 4-B. Starts out with all powerups. Kotohime: 4-A. Starts out with empty spell gauge and...
  12. Dangeroustaco

    two lesbos fight (time traveler vs a fish)

    Tracer: SBA. Undyne: Base form, bloodlusted. Location: In the Underground, at Waterfall, near Undyne's house, 12:00 AM. Time Traveling Lesbia: 0 Aquatic Lesbia: 0 Neither: 0
  13. Dangeroustaco

    Fate vs. Probability (Remilia vs. Xeno a)

    this is probably going to be a shit show but whatever In this corner, we have a vampire mistress who has the ability to manipulate fate itself; the very chains holding our timeline together. Septette for the Dead Princess And in this corner, we have a casino master who has the ability to...
  14. Dangeroustaco

    Alien Earth Terraformers (a gem versus a spaceship)

    "An Agate terrifies, a Lapis terraforms!" ~ Yellow Diamond "Thanks for purchasing a Colony Incredi-Pak." ~ some alien shopkeeper Lapis Lazuli: This battle is not using the Lapis of the Crystal Gems; instead, this is a generic Homeworld Lapis, but assuming she has the same powers as our Lapis...
  15. Dangeroustaco

    Cuphead & Bendy in "Cartoon Cataclysm"!

    Despite how overdone these two are, nobody has ever even bothered to make a single thread with the Nightmare Run version of Bendy, which might stand a better chance than the original game canon version. Cuphead is in early game version at 9-B, with access to only the weapons available before...
  16. Dangeroustaco

    7-B Gunner Weapon Masters (Quote vs. Inkling)

    I've been meaning to do this for a while now. Both low 7-B, full arsenal (apart from Inkling's 7-B special weapons), speed equal, takes place in a cave, starting range a dozen meters. Round 1: Inkling's spawn point is nearby, so Quote needs to destroy it to make Inkling stay dead. Keep in mind...
  17. Dangeroustaco


    both 9-B, speed equal, takes place on a wooden platform arena built by terraguy in the middle of the world after using a suspicious looking lasaga Terraria: 0 Garfield: 3 (SauRou, Robot972, Mr Exotic Goldie) Incon: 0
  18. Dangeroustaco

    bus vs cell

    I once saw this joke video that's like 1 minute long and it briefly analyzes Magic School Bus versus Cell in a humorous way. Too bad the channel is deleted, but it was the inspiration for this thread. Cell is in semi-perfect form. Takes place in deep space. Starting range is 7,000 miles. Speed...
  19. Dangeroustaco

    A Bug Versus Two Leaders and their Army (Bugby vs. Captain Olimar and Louie)

    Don't mind me just a random 10-C match coming through. Olimar is not piloting the Pikmin 2 ship, it and the Pikmin 3 Onion are instead landed several meters away, Olimar and Louie are out in the field (Bugby's farm, morning) with a group of 14 red Pikmi, 14 yellow Pikmi, 14 blue Pikmi, 14...
  20. Dangeroustaco

    Possible Drone Upgrade

    Is this profile supposed to represent a composite of any and all unmanned aerial vehicles? Because if so, the entire profile is horribly inaccurate and needs further research. There exists military UAVs that can be equipped with missiles, which can grant a proper calc for how much higher the AP...
  21. Dangeroustaco

    Minecraft vs. Terraria (BEGINNING OF GAME VERSIONS)

    Everybody debates these characters and Terraguy always wins, but I've always been curious about debating the beginning of game versions rather than giving them full arsenals. Both are in first key, 9-A vs 9-B. Battle is in a forest. Starting range is a dozen meters (within range of their bows)...
  22. Dangeroustaco

    Taste the Rainbow Motherfucker (Marisa Kirisame vs. Asriel Dreemurr)

    dI know everybody's gonna hate me for how overdone the topic of the Star Spammers is, but nobody has done this rematch now that Touhou has been upgraded to Low 2-C. Marisa is composite at Low 2-C, Asriel is in first form, "using a small fraction of his power". Marisa has already drank the...
  23. Dangeroustaco

    Giant Flaming Women (Obsidian vs. Te-Ka)

    When Obsidian debuted everybody pointed out her similar appearance and personality to Te-Ka. Can't believe there isn't already a thread for it. But a funny difference is that Te-Ka is made of molten, liquid lava whereas obsidian is the solid state of lava. Obsidian's sword does seem quite...
  24. Dangeroustaco

    You Need a Diamond Pick to Mine Obsidian (Blue Diamond vs. Obsidian)

    Two Steven Universe characters of extreme, similar size and power. Brought together by a Minecraft joke. Because yes. Obsidian is in the Steven fusion form. Battle is in the Prime Kindergarten, sPeEd EqUaL. Starting at 50 meters. Win by poof and bubbling in Obsidian's case, win by any means in...
  25. Dangeroustaco

    Elastic Cartoons (Spinel vs. Jake the Dog)

    You know, everybody keeps comparing Spinel to Luffy, but I can't believe nobody has had this idea yet, putting her against Jake the Dog, another Cartoon Network character with elasticity and body control. I've been told in the past to avoid mismatched tier one-shots when making threads, but...
  26. Dangeroustaco

    Bullet Hell Protags Have a Duel (Reimu vs. Suguri)

    Touhou Project is a slow-paced vertical-scrolling fantasy shmup with an emphasis on focusing to slow down and weave through denser bullet patterns. SUGURI is a fast-paced side-scrolling sci-fi shmup with an emphasis on dashing to bypass the denser bullet patterns. In both cases, sci-fi and...
  27. Dangeroustaco

    Half-Humans (Steven Universe vs. Rinnosuke Morichika)

    Steven's parents were a human and a gem. Rinnosuke's parents were a human and a youkai. Steven is at season 2-3 without optional equipment, Rinnosuke has all equipment besides the mini-Hakkero, speed equal. Takes place in the human village, Gensokyo (no other Touhou characters may interfere...
  28. Dangeroustaco

    Sans vs Mumbo Jumbo REMATCH

    They're a couple of blue-eyed boneheads known for magic abilities, telekinesis, fourth wall breaks, and some humor. Recently both of them finally had their games referenced in Smash. Last match was a speed blitz with Mumbo having every advantage on top of the home turf. This time I'll tip...
  29. Dangeroustaco

    Bullet Hell Merged With Other Genres (Terrarian vs a RotMG boss)

    Terraria combines elements of bullet hell with survival sandbox and metroidvania. Realm of the Mad God combines bullet hell with open world MMO action RPG. Both games are about using an assortment of magic weapons or even swords that fire projectiles. What would happen with a PvE swap? Terraguy...
  30. Dangeroustaco

    Magic Blue-Eyed Skulls (Sans vs Mumbo Jumbo)

    They're a couple of blue-eyed boneheads known for magic abilities, telekinesis, fourth wall breaks, and some humor. Recently both of them finally had their games referenced in Smash. Battle is in Mumbo's hut with no prep, speed not equalized. Mumbo has glowbos and Sans has ketchup...
  31. Dangeroustaco

    sans vs megaman (sprite comic)

    megaman is 7-A, does not have access to the magic b-balls but does have the upgraded bb pasta from defeating yellow devil. battle is in the grassy fields near uncle proton's first hotel, so it's not in undertale universe and sans can't take advantage of gameplay mechanics. i choose these two...
  32. Dangeroustaco

    megaman fucking hates sleeping

    battle is in the nether with no prep, bed is composite so it's 5-a but can self-destruct, megaman is composite of sprite game and sprite christmas at 5-b, speed equalized megaman is bloodlusted because he is a robot and thinks sleeping is for pricks megama vs bed
  33. Dangeroustaco

    clock waifus (Sakuya Izayoi vs Ryuzu Yourslave)

    This is my first versus thread, sorry if I messed up the formatting. Speed equalized, apart from Mute Scream and time manipulation. They start at 50 meters from each other. Standard assumptions otherwise. I choose these two for their striking similarities - They're both maids who fight with...