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  1. Phoenks

    The Traveler vs Shirou Emiya

    Liyue Chapter Traveler and UBW Shirou Emiya. Both Low 7-B. Speed is equalized. Both start just 25 meters away and they are in the burning city Fuyuki. AP: Shirou is 9-A with 1.9 megaton Swords. The Traveler is 2 megatons. The Traveler: 4 Shirou Emiya: Inconclusive:
  2. Phoenks

    Phoenix Runihura vs Hana Amane

    Hahahahahaha Rather I bet u didn't see this one coming 7-B versions speed equalized will add more to this later
  3. Phoenks

    FCOC Tournament Suggestion Thread

    If you're interested in having an FCOC tournament, please comment below for what tier that'd be in. Out of these: 8-C, High 8-C, 8-A, 7-B, and 6-C 8-C: 2 High 8-C: 3 8-A: 1 7-B: 1 6-C: 1 The tier that gets the most comments will be the tournament I make.
  4. Phoenks

    Vienna vs Colzin (Top High 8-C Matchup)

    Vienna vs Colzin Strongest High 8-C forms. Vienna starts in God's Blessing. Speed Equalized.
  5. Phoenks

    Tier 0 Plot Manip vs High 1-A Hax: Aether vs Phoenix Runihura

    Jesus Christ. I have no words for this lol, super op mega smurf matchup time. This is The First Avatar of Aether vs God of Apocalypse Phoenix Both Bloodlusted. Round 1: Speed Equal Low 2-C Forms Round 2: Speed Equal 2-A Forms Round 3: Speed Unequal Low 2-C Forms Round 4: Speed Unequal 2-A...
  6. Phoenks

    Sad boy Ernest fights a soldier?

    OWO gonna spam this boi with opponents real quick. I don't mean to make your boy more depressed @ThisThingisReallyBroken I swear This is High 8-C Ernest and 8-B RAI with his equipment restricted. Speed is Equalized. The battle starts 200m away. They are in a forest. Ernest's AP: 2 Tons RAI's...
  7. Phoenks

    Vienna Bloodfallen vs Koji Komatsu

    Koji somehow manages to make Vienna mad again, except this time she doesn't have time for any more bullshit and it's also the true version of her lol. Speed is equalized. Vienna doesn't have her sword but starts off in God's Blessing form. They are both High 8-C. Vienna's AP: 6 Tons (Very...
  8. Phoenks

    Boxer vs Stripper (Michael Verdas vs Blaze Sanchez)

    Blaze Sanchez (Stripper): Michael Verdas (Boxer): Inconclusive: Blaze's AP: 0.009 Tons Michael Veras AP: 0.005 AP gap is 1.8x in Blaze's Favor, pretty much nothing. Speed Equalized. The battle takes place in the center of a park.
  9. Phoenks

    Shinobu vs SCP-096

    So uh... Shinobu's walking around doing Shinobu things and just happens to see 96's face. Fight! Shinobu Oshino: 1 SCP-096: 1 Inconclusive: Shinobu's AP: Above 0.2 Tons SCP-096's AP: Above 0.08 Tons (This is EC 096 and Quasi Shinobu) AP Gap: 2.5x in Shinobu's favor... Until someone comes and...
  10. Phoenks

    Eren Yaeger vs Shinobu Oshino

    ... Shinobu Oshino: Eren Yaeger: Inconclusive: This is Eren's Pre-Timeskip Titan and Quasi Shinobu. Shinobu's AP: Above 0.21 Tons Eren's AP: Quite a bit above 0.16 Tons and 0.25 Tons with Hardening AP Gap is therefore around 1.3x or more in Shinobu's favor. Your immediate thought is...
  11. Phoenks

    Shinobu Oshino vs Ryuko Matoi

    Hopefully, this hasn't been done before... Ryuko Matoi: 7 Shinobu Oshino: Inconclusive: Both are 6-B. This is Ryuko post-Junketsu/True Life Fiber Synchronized. Speed is Equalized. Shinobu's AP is 77 Teratons. Ryuko's AP is 38-47 Teratons. Not sure what end is accepted. So the AP gap is around...
  12. Phoenks

    Kazuma vs Naofumi

    Satou Kazuma (Konosuba): Naofumi Iwatani (Shield Hero): Inconclusive: Kazuma's AP: Baseline 10-A (100 joules) with 9-C weapons (300 joules). This is base Kazuma. Naofumi's AP: Baseline 9-C (300 joules). Speed is Unequalized. The battle takes place on a farm.
  13. Phoenks

    Goblin Slayer vs Shinichi

    Goblin Slayer (Goblin Slayer): 1 Shinichi Izumi (Parasyte): Inconclusive: Goblin Slayer's AP: 3.5 Megajoules Shinichi's AP: 1.84 Megajoules AP Gap: Around 2x in Goblin Slayer's favor Speed is Equalized. The battle takes place in a forest.
  14. Phoenks

    Gouketsu vs Hulk

    Gouketsu (One Punch Man): Hulk (MCU): 9 Inconclusive: Hulk's AP: Scales down from 3.75 Gigatons (This is Post-Sakaar Hulk) Gouketsu: Scales up from 715 Megatons AP Gap: Less than 5.2x in Hulk's favor. Speed is Equalized. The battle takes place in a giant, open arena.
  15. Phoenks

    Genos vs Artoria Pendragon (Maid Alter)

    I don't know why or how I thought of this one. This is post-Elder Centipede/dragon armor Genos, but his 10-second full power mode is restricted. However, they can both use their one-shots moves (TSIC and Maid's NP). Genos AP: 1.22 Megatons <<< Artoria's AP: 1.9 Megatons < Speed Equalized. The...
  16. Phoenks

    (Don't mind this) Wrong Wiki

  17. Phoenks

    Kirby vs Bowser for some reason

    Kirby: Bowser: Inconclusive: Speed Equalized. Both 4-A, Kirby's 1st key. The battle takes place in smash bros ultimate Final Destination field.
  18. Phoenks

    All Might vs Master Roshi

    Prime All Might and Max Power Roshi (7-B Versions) used. Speed is Equalized. Master Roshi: All Might: Inconclusive: They start in a smash type field 100m in diameter.
  19. Phoenks

    Esdeath vs Artoria (Saber)

    Testing out "downgraded" Saber :) Low 7-B Versions. This is "Fate" Saber. Yes, she has Avalon. But no, she can't use her NP. Speed Equalized. Esdeath: Saber: Inconclusive:
  20. Phoenks

    The Scarlet King vs The End (Yogiri Takatou)

    Idk I'm bored. 2-A versions. Speed Equal. Yogiri Takatou (The End): The Scarlet King (War for Creation): Incon:
  21. Phoenks

    One-Punch Man CRT! Big Updates!

    One-Punch Man Revisions Updates to one-punch man! Most of this is pretty straightforward. Just upgrades to most of the relevant characters based on all the last chapters of OPM. Tell me what you think below. (My apologies if some of the links don't work. This was pasted from a sandbox) Psykos...
  22. Phoenks

    STRONGEST One-Punch Man Discussion Thread!

    Welcome to the One-Punch Man General Discussion Thread! (Last Thread) Feel free to discuss anything One-Punch Man related! Warning: Webcomic spoilers MAY appear in this thread! Current To-Do List and Topics: Deciding which version of the serious punch should be used: Gwyn's version, Ugarik's...
  23. Phoenks

    Damus Adapin vs Rosa Everrin

    2-A versions. Speed not equalized Rosa Damus (Link Below) The loser gets banished.
  24. Phoenks

    9-C Tournament Bracket Request

    Rules: Character must be 9-C. Character must have no higher than mid Regenerationn. Up to 3 characters per person. Each match will start 100m away and speed will be equalized. No bloodlusted matches. Matches will stay consistent all the way through. No crazily overpowered people like...
  25. Phoenks

    (High 6-C Tourn R1 M8) Meliodas vs Mononobe (0-0-0)

    Meliodas vs Mononobe Mitsuki High 6-C Versions. Post-Revival Meliodas. Speed Equalized. Tournament Thread Bracket
  26. Phoenks

    Can Tatsumaki still beat Tohru? (2-0-0)

    Tatsumaki has been downgraded to 6-C. Both her and Tohru are in character. Speed Equalized. SBA otherwise.
  27. Phoenks

    Orochi vs Saber (F/S) (1-0-0)

    Orochi (One Punch Man) vs Saber (Fate/Stay Night) Saber is in her "Fate" key. Orochi is.. Orochi. Speed Equalized. SBA otherwise.
  28. Phoenks

    Saitama vs Jibril (1-1-0)

    This has been done before I believe. I wonder if this is fair? Jibril has no restrictions. Both are in character (Saitama won't start with High 6-A bangers) Speed is equalized. Saitama: Jibril:
  29. Phoenks

    One-Punch Man Small Power Additions

    Orochi should be granted type 2 Immortality due to being able to survive as a "Heart Element" after being blasted to smitherings by Saitama. He should also have High-Mid Regenerationn (Along with type 3 immortality), Absorbtion, and possibly Blood Manipulation through being able to absorb the...
  30. Phoenks

    Jay vs Sausha Violin

    Jay Grimoire vs Sausha Violi 6-C Speed Equal Otherwise idk why i made this match but ok cool
  31. Phoenks

    Kazuma vs Alice Zuberg (0-0-0)

    Satou Kazuma vs Alice Zuberg Both are 8-B. Speed Equalized. Starts 100m away.
  32. Phoenks

    Isaiah Heisei vs Shido Itsuka (2-0-0)

    Isaiah Heisei vs Shido Itsuka High 6-C versions used. Speed Equalized. Starts 100m away so Shido can't just cycle through all his powers and insta win Info about characters: Shido Itsuka: Has a variety of overpowered starting moves, ranging from instant sealing, death manipulation...
  33. Phoenks

    Altair vs SCP-682 (0-0-0)

    This fight is brought to you by the Youtube Comment Section. Extended Canon 682 and End of Series Altair. Speed Equalized. Altair (Re:Creators): SCP-682: SCP-682: lol
  34. Phoenks

    CalebCity vs Garfield

    Fair Fight? 9-B Garfield and 9-C Caleb Speed Equalized. Garfield (Composite) CalebCity (Composite)
  35. Phoenks

    CalebCity vs Sans

    Sans is 9-A Caleb is 9-C Should still be fair since Ap won't be a big factor in this. Speed Equalized.
  36. Phoenks

    (High 6-C Tourn R1 M6) Shido Itsuka vs Jegal Taek (7-0-0)

    Jegal Taek vs Shido Itsuka High 6-C Versions used. Speed Equalized Tournament Thread Bracket
  37. Phoenks

    Emilia vs Kazuma

    Good characters fight. Both are 8-A Emilia (Re:Zero) Satou Kazuma Speed Equalized
  38. Phoenks

    Kazuma vs Todoroki (0-0-0)

    Satou Kazuma vs Shouto Todoroki Kazuma is 8-B and Todoroki is at his strongest Speed Equalized Bloodlusted
  39. Phoenks

    Okuyasu vs Heathcliff

    This seems surprisingly fair considering they both are able to one-shot and ignore durability. Okuyasu Nijimura vs Heathcliff Bloodlusted. Speed Equalized. Starts 50m away.
  40. Phoenks

    All Might vs Metal Bat (0-2-0)

    Metal Bat starts at High 7-C. All Might is Low 7-B (Remnants of One for All) Speed Equalized at start
  41. Phoenks

    Joseph Joestar vs Asuna (0-0-0)

    8-C Versions used. Post-Training Joseph and Goddest of Creation Stacia Asuna Speed Equalized. Who wins? Or is it a stomp?
  42. Phoenks

    Reinhard vs Garou (0-0-0)

    Reinhard van Astrea vs Garou High 6-A versions are used here. Speed Equalized. This seems like it might be a pretty close fight!
  43. Phoenks

    Sora gambles for his soul! (0-0-0)

    Sora (No Game No Life) vs Daniel J. D'Arby The game is poker. Loser has to give up their soul. Who would win? Best out of 3
  44. Phoenks

    Stinger vs Gumball

    Bruh! The most haxless character this cat can fight vs 0-23 Speed Equalized
  45. Phoenks

    (Low 6-B Tourn R1 M2) Monkey D. Luffy vs Godzilla (2-0-0)

    Monkey D. Luffy vs Godzilla (MonsterVerse) Low 6-B (Base Godzilla) Starts 30m away and speed equalized Thread Bracket
  46. Phoenks

    (High 6-C Tour R1 M5) Doomsday vs Ares (6-0-0)

    Doomsday (DC Extended Universe) vs Ares (DC Extended Universe) Tournament Thread Both from the same universe! Speed Equalized Starts 100m away
  47. Phoenks

    Tatsumaki vs Issei Hyoudou (0-0-0)

    I guess ill see if Tatsumaki can take on some decent Low 6-B's Both at their strongest. Speed Equalized. Tornado of Terror: Issei Hyoudou:
  48. Phoenks

    Shido Itsuka vs Mob (0-0-0)

    hoping it isnt a stomp Shido Itsuka vs Shigeo Kageyama Shideo has mastery over his spirit powers and Mob starts in ???% Speed Equalized. Start 30m away
  49. Phoenks

    Origami vs Tatsumaki (0-7-0) Grace

    Origami is definently the best girl in this anime, they ruined her for like one episode but then she came back! Origami Tobiichi vs Tornado of Terror This is Inversed Form Origami, the one with the long hair. (They are High 6-C) Speed Equalized Start 500m away because Tornado has op range
  50. Phoenks

    Rias vs Kurumi (0-0-0)

    Kurumi is so cool!! Rias Gremory vs Kurumi Tokisaki 1st key Kurumi (Spirit Form) and Crimson Extinct Dragonar Rias (Both 7-A) Speed Equalized Yes, Kurumi has weak durability but she should definently have ways to BFR or overwhelm her.
  51. Phoenks

    Smartest Chracters on the Wiki?

    Title?? Maybe ill rank them?
  52. Phoenks

    Im Bored (Monika vs Yogiri Takatou) This has probably been done before (0-0-1)

    Whatever Instant Existence Erasure vs Instant Death SBA I guess? Speed Equal? does it even matter?
  53. Phoenks

    Overgrown Rover vs All Might (0-0-0)

    Overgrown Rover recently got the spotlight Lets put em against MHA's Top Tier Both 7-A Speed Equal
  54. Phoenks

    Probably a stomp? Tohka vs Monika (0-0-0)

    I just found this.. quite nice anime "Date A Live" and ended up watching alot of it so this will be my first match with one of the characters. The Worst Girl from Date A Live (Seriously) vs Monika Low 2-C and speed equalized! Starts really close. Like 5m apart.
  55. Phoenks

    God vs Instant Death (0-0-0)

    Yawn! Yogiri can u not stomp... thanks God (Supernatural) vs Yogiri Takatou Speed Equalized???
  56. Phoenks

    Fubuki vs All Might (0-1-0)

    Lol Fubuki stomps like half of the S class now. Weakened All Might and Monster Association Raid Fubuki (7-A) Speed Equalized. Starts 10m away in a crouded city.
  57. Phoenks

    Rias vs Ryuko (1-0-8) grace

    Can your regen beat EE? I think not! Rias Gremory vs Ryuko Matoi Crimson Extinct Dragonar Rias vs Post Junketsu Ryuko (7-A) Starts 100m away Speed Equalized.
  58. Phoenks

    Gengar vs Mob (7-0-0) GRACE

    Gengar vs Shigeo Kageyama Speed Equalized. Starts 20m away. (Both High 7-C)
  59. Phoenks

    Metal Bat vs Thanos (2-6-0)

    With the downgrades this fight is somehow possible. Metal Bat vs Thanos (Marvel Cinematic Universe) Bat starts at 7-B Thanos is 7-B and has helicopter blade Speed Equalized
  60. Phoenks

    Rias vs Lucifer (7-0-0) Grace

    Lucifer seems pretty cool so yeet. Pretty sure Rias is going to lose this one lol, but its fine! Rias Gremory vs Lucifer (Monster Strike) Rias is merged with gasper and Lucifer is in her fallen angel form? (6-C) Speed Equlized.
  61. Phoenks

    Rias vs Garou (7-0-0) Grace,

    Rias Gremory vs Garou 7-A versions used. Post-Voume 14 Rias and Half-Monster Garou. Speed Equalized. Starts 20m away and begins in a school zone.
  62. Phoenks

    Shanice vs Xodros?

    Lol so i want to write one of those battle scripts so here: Shanice meets Xodros on a street while going to meet some friends. Shanice: Xodros? Is that your name Xodros: What? How did you--- Shanice: Looks like you have a pretty big bounty on you, I could use the money. Shanice attempts to...
  63. Phoenks

    (Low 6-B Bracket R1 M1) Ddraig vs Dry Leonhard (3-2-0)

    So my guy got first against this guy. C'mon Ddraig! Tournament Thread Bracket Speed Equalized Starts 30m Away. Takes place on a High School Campus (Poor Kids) Ddraig: 2 Dry Leonhard: 1
  64. Phoenks

    Low 6-B Bracket that will make more sense?? (Full)

    Idk man I like this tier and I will look closer at the profiles to make sure they dont have some bullshit that allows them to kill anything that looks like human and whatnot Rules: 16 Characters. 1 Character per person (Unless litterally no one adds characters). Do no add overly haxxed...
  65. Phoenks

    (High 6-C Torun R1 M4) Ariella Lu vs Viktor (0-0-0)

    Ariella Lu vs Viktor (League of Legends) Speed NOT Equal? Fight starts 2km away. Bracket for Tournament Tournament Thread
  66. Phoenks

    Gal vs Shanice

    Gal vs Shanice I wanted a Shanice fight Speed Equalized uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im not sure if i have to notify the creator before creating...
  67. Phoenks

    (High 6-C Tourn R1 M3) Stella Vermillion vs Carissa (2-7-0) ??.

    Stella Vermillio vs Carissa Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Arc for Stella They start 35 meters away. Speed Equalized Bracket for Tournament Tournament Thread
  68. Phoenks

    (High 6-C Tourn R1 M2) Jagi vs Tatsumaki (0-7-0) insta grace

    Jagi vs Tatsumaki Speed Equalized.
  69. Phoenks

    (High 6-C Tourn R1 M1) Super Monkey vs Elma (0-7-0) Grace

    Super Monkey vs Elma Votes: 0-7-0 Super Monkey is in his Sun God Upgrade Path Key Starts 1 kilometer away Speed is Equalized Bracket for Tournament
  70. Phoenks

    High 6-C Tournament (Full)

    Bracket Match 1 (Super Monkey vs Elma) Finished: Elma Won Match 2 (Jagi vs Tatsumaki) Finished: Tatsumaki Won Match 3 (Stella Vermillion vs Carissa) Finished: Carissa Won Match 4 (Ariella Lu vs Viktor (League of Legends)) Ariella Lu was Disqualified therefore Viktor wins Match 5 (Doomsday...
  71. Phoenks

    Squirrel Girl vs Rick Sanchez???

    Squirrel Girl (Marvel Comics) Rick Sanchez lol I wonder... Bet this is going to be incon and rick is going to travel to another dimension. Rick has his standard equipement and this is 1st key rick. Speed is equalized. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  72. Phoenks

    Satsuki vs Lucario

    Satsuki Kiryüi vs Lucario Both in their second keys. (At least 7-A) Speed Equal.
  73. Phoenks

    Bugs Bunny vs Antasma (2-0-0)

    ???? Bugs Bunny (Composite) vs Antasma High 4-C Normal Bugs Bunny Speed Equalized
  74. Phoenks

    Ddraig vs Kurama (6-0-0)

    Ddraig vs Kurama (Kyübi) Both Low 6-B Lol this one seemed really interesting to me. Speed Equalized. Who wins?
  75. Phoenks

    Elder Titan vs Discord (0-0-0)

    Both 4-B Speed Equalized. Discord Elder Tita
  76. Phoenks

    Ryuko vs Issei

    Ryüko Matoi vs Issei Hyoudou True Life Fiber Synchronized Ryuko and Crimson Cardinal Promotion Issei (Both 7-A) Speed Equal I wonder if he gets passed her regen? Who knows?
  77. Phoenks

    Garou vs Tohru (0-3-1)

    Garou vs Tohru Garou starts at 7-A. Speed Equalized. Man Tohru is going through alot of shit from ONE characters right now. They start 10m away (30 Feet) I see 2 ways this can go: -Tohru instantly BFRs -Garou does his thing Who wins?
  78. Phoenks

    Sora vs King (1-7-0)

    They are playing a street fight game. Sora has 15 minutes to learn the controls. Who wins?
  79. Phoenks

    Batman with Prep vs Iron Man (1-2-0)

    Batman (Post-Crisis) vs Iron Man (Marvel Comics) Speed Equalized. This has probably been done before but ill see how this goes. (Happy Face)
  80. Phoenks

    Garou vs Jibril (7-1-0)

    Garou vs Jibril Yeah, another flying opponent, except, Jibril does not fly away but rather, towards you. Either way ill make the battle take place in new york city, lets see how that goes. Garou starts off at 7-A, but can get higher via adaptation and tier jumps are allowed. Speed Equalized...
  81. Phoenks

    Ryuko vs Iron Man (0-0-0)

    Ryüko Matoi vs Iron Man (Marvel Comics) (High 6-A Versions) Kisagari Ryuko and Armor Model 45 Iron Man. Im liking these Iron Man fights, do not judge! Speed Equalized.
  82. Phoenks

    Rick Sanchez vs Yogiri Takatou

    Rick Sanchez vs Yogiri Takatou Rick has a 2 weeks of prep time, but will it be enough to get passed instant death? Post-Phoenix Project Rick.
  83. Phoenks

    Boros vs Iron Man (5-15-0) Grace

    This time he can't fly away hehehe Both are High 6-A. Iron Man's first key. Lord Boros vs Iron Man (Marvel Comics) Speed Equalized. Battle takes place in a minecraft plains biome.
  84. Phoenks

    7-A Bracket Request

    Seems like a really fun idea! All characters from any wiki is allowed as long as they are 7-A. No High 7-As allowed just 7-A.
  85. Phoenks

    Garou vs Iron Man (18-2-0) Big Grace!

    Garou vs Iron Man (Marvel Comics) High 6-A versions, Awakened Garou and Iron Man's first key. Battles takes place in a Golf Zone and they are 5 meters away from eachother (15 feet) Speed Equalized.
  86. Phoenks

    Garou fights another robot! Garou vs Ultron (0-0-0)

    Garou vs Ultron (Marvel Cinematic Universe) Both 7-A. Half Monster Garou. Speed Equal.
  87. Phoenks

    Rock Lee vs All Might (12-0-0) Grace

    Both are 7-A. Weakened All Might is used. Rock Lee 12 All Might Speed equal.
  88. Phoenks

    Diamondhead vs Darkshine (1-0-0)

    Both 7-A. Speed Equalized. Diamondhead: 1 Darkshine:
  89. Phoenks

    Alatreon King Ghidorah (0-0-0)

    Speed Equal 5-B Alatreo: King Ghidorah:
  90. Phoenks

    Iaian vs Seiya (0-1-0)

    8-A only Speed Not Equal? Iaian vs Seiya Ryuuguui
  91. Phoenks

    GRACE! Deku vs The Fat Panda (0-7-0)

    Izuku Midoriya vs Po (Kung Fu Panda) 0-7-0 Both at their strongest. Deku has access to all percents and starts at 8% Speed Equalized. Fighting Arena is a golf zone.
  92. Phoenks

    Regarding Felonius Gru's Profile

    It says he is Small Building Level with equipement but he did not have any equipment when being blown up by bombs? Im not sure where this question is supposed to go so I put it here Profile
  93. Phoenks

    Todoroki fights a Thicc Witch

    Shouto Todoroki vs Ayaka Kagari Speed not equal. Ayaka does not have invisibility. Both at their strongest. Starts 10m away. Battlefield is a golf zone.
  94. Phoenks


    Planning on using this site soon however I have a question. When making a profile for a character(s) how do I make it so it isnt publicly visible? Asking because I don't want to release a profile(s) that isnt 100% done. Thanks.
  95. Phoenks

    Rick Sanchez takes a bounty for 682?

    Rick has a year of prep time and previous knowledge. Extended Cannon 682 I just.. really.. want something.. to beat this thing.. Most likely wont happen tho SCP-682 Stomps? Rick Sanchez Gets stomped?
  96. Phoenks

    Lord Boros vs Pikachu *Intense Laughing* Here we go again.

    Soooo Garou wasnt able to take the win but did slip away with a tie. But will Boros ? Anime Blue Orb Absorbed Pikachu. Meteoric Burst Boros. Speed Equalized. Starts 20m Away. Lord Boros 7 Pikachu 2
  97. Phoenks

    King vs Big Smoke

    Big smoke does not have weapons. King Big Smoke 2
  98. Phoenks

    Garou vs Issei

    Garou is in his Half Monster Form. Issei has the Complete Balance Breaker. Divine Dividing is restricted cause its an insane ability. Stat amps and tier jumps are allowed. Distance is 3 meters Speed Equal (Wont matter much since they can both amp speed) Garou 1 Issei
  99. Phoenks

    Discord vs Scp 682

    Is this a mitchmatch... tbh im not sure... Extended Cannon! lol SCP-682: Discord:
  100. Phoenks

    Captain Marvel vs Garou! Grace.

    High 6-A Keys! Speed Equal! Bloodlusted! To the Death! Captain Marvel: Garou: 7