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  1. Ryukama

    Happy New Year!

    This is a community message to wish everyone a happy new year! Normally I'd leave it at that. But 2020 has been far from normal. This year has been filled with an overwhelming amount of hardship. It's been a year that saw millions of deaths, mass unemployment and a complete overhaul of society...
  2. Ryukama

    Copetan Has Been Promoted to Bureaucrat

    I've come to make an announcement. Copetan is a bureaucrat now. I cannot fully describe how grateful I am for everything she's done for the site. She's been there since literally the very, very beginning of this site's creation. And for pretty much nothing in return, she has always been willing...
  3. Ryukama

    [APRIL FOOLS 2019] I've Come To Make An Announcement

    Howdy y'all. It's "Ryukama". Or should I say the bureaucrat formerly known as Ryukama. It is me, TherealistOGOG! At long last my revenge has finally come! In order to get back at Ryukama for demoting my admin position, I have taken over his account! My first order of business as supreme overlord...
  4. Ryukama

    Antvasima Has Hit 200,000 Edits!

    Hello. Just wanted to announce to the community that our bureaucrat, Antvasima has hit 200,000 edits on this wiki! I just want to sincerely thank him for the countless hours of hard work and dedication he has put into this site. 200,000 is kinda hard to even wrap my head around. The sheer amount...
  5. Ryukama

    YouTube Rewind 2018 is now the Most Disliked Video Ever

    Hello. Given that soon we will no longer be able highlight threads, I decided to use this ability while I still can on something that's obviously super important and relevant to this site. YouTube Rewind 2018, with (at the time of me typing this) over 10 million dislikes how now overtaken Justin...
  6. Ryukama

    JoJo's Broken Links

    Attention all JoJo fans. It's come to my attention that different profiles have broken links. Such as Giorno Giovanna's. If anyone who knows about the series could find proper links for these pages and insert them into the profiles, that would be tremendously appreciated.
  7. Ryukama

    SpongeBob Super Bowl Petition

    Hello. Sorry to bother. As all of you probably know by now, SpongeBob's creator Stephen Hillenburg recently passed away. Since I know a lot of users here were very saddened by the news, I wanted to bring attention to this petition for anyone who might be interested...
  8. Ryukama

    Oni Akuma's Power

    "Unknow. At least Large Mountain level, likely much higher (Described by Word of God to be the most powerful Street Fighter character)" Does anyone have a source for this so it can be added to the page?
  9. Ryukama

    MFTL+ One Punch Man

    Hey. Everyone knows the infamous Star Level Saitama guidebook. Well there might be an even more impressive statement lying in there. At the side it says that Boros has "pillaged and looted almost everything in the galaxy". This would mean that his ship has to at least be MFTL+.
  10. Ryukama

    1-A Teletubbies

    According to DrAnimeFurryCraftMLP, the most reputable source on children's cartoons, the windmill gives the teletubbies the power to transcend dimensions. We need to upgrade the profiles asap.
  11. Ryukama

    The real cal howard Has Reached Over 50000 Edits

    I am thrilled to announce that we have another user who has reached the incredible milestone of 50k edits. It's with pleasure to congratulate fellow hard working staff member and my good friend Cal for this achievement. Everyone please make sure to thank him for all his hard work.
  12. Ryukama

    Antvasima Has Reached Over 150000 Edits

    Antvasima, our most active and hard working member of the site, has not only hit the incredible milestone of 50k edits, or the unbelievable six digit mark, but has achieved both of these accomplishments put together! He has reached a mind boggling 150,000 edits on this site. That is nearly...
  13. Ryukama

    Saitama 3-A Upgrade

    In a One Punch Man drama CD worked on by ONE himself, there's a virtual reality simulator which accurately recreates various battle scenarios. Things such as Metal Bat vs Carnage Kabuto, Genos vs Sea King rematch, etc. etc. In it Saitama effortlessly oneshots himself from yesterday, with the...
  14. Ryukama

    Julian's Suggestions for Joke Battles

    I'm posting this for Julian since he can't. " https://joke-battles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Super_Saiyan_God_Julian/New_Guidelines_Implementation_(Suggestions) Sorry for not being as active as I would have liked. Many people seem to be in critique of the current state of the pages on this...
  15. Ryukama

    Akko Upgrade

    In this officially licensed poster she is shown able to fight on par with Ryuko Matoi :^)
  16. Ryukama

    Composite Human Upgrade

    This Hawaii news reporter is so strong that he effortlessly split 3 concrete bricks, each of which being 21.2 pounds, completely on accident with just a gentle touch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXv-qEndzMw This should upgrade Composite Human to 9-B for sure.
  17. Ryukama

    Why SammyClassicSonicFan is FAR Stronger Than You Thought

    Hello fellow fricks. Many of you may be familiar with this infamous video. Well what you might not know is that this kid now has an instagram account (In which he's a really cool guy). In it he posted this. We now have a direct statement of Sammy destroying the entire Solar System. Sammy vs...
  18. Ryukama

    This is the best site ever

    Create your own Dragon Ball fanfic fusion abominations and let us know what their tier, power, stats, hax, etc. would be! http://dbfg.japeal.com
  19. Ryukama

    Kill la Kill: Ryuko Matoi Upgrade

    Hello. I am here to propose an upgrade for Ryuko. I was planning on making this thread 6 days ago, but I had trouble finding the feat. I finally did though, so here it is. Give me your thoughts please. Ultra Instinct Ryuko-1
  20. Ryukama

    Toad Upgrade

    On Nintendo's official site. They haven't ruled out the possibility of Toad being able to lift a collapsing dwarf star.
  21. Ryukama

    Holy Sh- Let's Play a Game

    I can't believe there's a wiki page with this many comments. Try guessing which one it is. (No this isn't some April Fool's joke. There's legit a wiki page with all these comments and I want to see if anyone can guess which it is)
  22. Ryukama

    [APRIL FOOLS 2018] Retiring Wikia and Joining Logang

    Hey guys. Sorry to say but I've grown tired of this site. VS as well. I'm leaving both of these trash heaps and following my true calling. Being the most avid Logan Paul fan. I'll still leave this site up, but I will be posting a picture of Logan Paul in every current page, posting a link to...
  23. Ryukama

    How Can a Man Be So Talented?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DUfFHaUpxg I mean seriously
  24. Ryukama

    You Played Yourself

  25. Ryukama

    Mario Mario "Downgrade"

    Hello. I'm sorry, but after further thought I think the 2-C should just be removed from his profile. 1. The merging of the dimensions is totally inapplicable for combat. 2. This rock isn't Mario's standard equipment or something he has. It's a MacGuffin that's passed around to numerous...
  26. Ryukama

    Random Universe Survival

    Çreate 10 random team members for the Tournament of Power. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Special:Random How well does your team do? Will our universe be safe with them? Comment down below!
  27. Ryukama

    New Landmark

    Hello. Antvasima has informed me that we have now reached 20 million page views a month! And only 3 months after our previous milestone of 10 million. The other bureaucrats and I would like to congratulate and thank the community on this momentous achievement. I personally want to show huge...
  28. Ryukama

    Simple Dragon Ball Question

    I'm not trying to suggest any revisions or whatnot right now. Calm down. I just have a simple question. This scan was used to help justify Xenoverse and DB Heroes current ratings. However this is from the canon Dragon Ball Z manga. So why don't we use this regarding canon Dragon Ball?
  29. Ryukama

    To Aru Confusion

    High Priest >"Would accidentally destroy the world by moving an arm or a leg since he's too big of an existence for the world" >"Restricted to 1/∞ of his strength so as to not accidentally break the world" >Street Class Striking Strength. I don't think I have to explain what's wrong with...
  30. Ryukama

    Small Beerus Power Add

    Very minor thing. Whis explicitly stated Beerus hasn't fully mastered Ultra Instinct, which means he does know and have the technique to a certain extent. I know that this site hates the icky icky noncanon manga but Beerus directly shows this technique in the manga, which helps support the...
  31. Ryukama

    Happy New Year!

    Although it's still 2017 for me, for many of our members the new year has come! So in celebration, I'd like to thank all the wonderful members on this site, many of which I'd consider to be close friends, who have helped make 2017 great for me! We've achieved a lot of milestones on the wiki and...
  32. Ryukama

    Possible Yujiro Upgrade

    Hello. There's this feat where Yujiro stops an earthquake with a punch. According to the calc member Kepekley23, this earthquake is around a Magnitude 5 and that overpowering it would be CIty level. Could other calc members and staff and other users please give some input as to whether Kep...
  33. Ryukama

    Naruto Forums Project

    Introductio Hello. As many of you probably know, the calculation links to NarutoForums are posing a visibility issue at present. To that end, a site-wide revision project is being initiated to rectify it. Keep in mind that while this project seems quite large, it is actually quite small, and...
  34. Ryukama

    Naruto Forums Revision Recruitment

    We are going to be starting the Naruto Forums Project soon. The links that have working Wayback Machine backups are simply supposed to be replaced with them, whereas the ones that do not have to first be copied to blogs in this wiki (while giving full credit to the original author), and then...
  35. Ryukama

    New Calc Group Rights

    Hello. As probably anyone on this site knows, our wiki would be completely unable to remotely function the way it does without the help of our Calculation Group. Their hard work in calculating and quantifying feats is an absolute necessity in regards to our goal of indexing characters'...
  36. Ryukama

    Why isn't Darkseid just 2-A?

    Just a simple question. Why is Darkseid's true form "At least 2-C, likely 2-A" instead of plain 2-A? He seems to have several 2-A feats listed on his profile and only one 2-C feat which doesn't seem to be suggesting that it was the extent of his power, or even if it was, the profile says he was...
  37. Ryukama

    Composite Sonic 2-C Feat

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJSpUUITpQA&t=2m13s Enough said ovo
  38. Ryukama

    The Saitama Paradox

    Hello. As we all know, Saitama is a limitless, invincible gag character who can never be beaten and defeats anyone in a single punch. However just like other forms of omnipotence, this one comes with its paradoxes. Can Saitama one punch himself? If yes then that means Saitama isn't invincible...
  39. Ryukama

    Dragon Ball Super Discussion Thread 47

    The last thread was dedicated towards perhaps the most iconic DBS fight to date. Featuring Goku's new form vs Jiren. It was also home to the first Goku upgrade in ages. Today will be the dawn of Hit vs Jiren. Discuss away! :)
  40. Ryukama

    10 Million Landmark

    Antvasima has informed me that we recently reached 10 million page views a month. On behalf of all the bureaucrats of VS Battles, Antvasima and I would like to give tremendous thanks to the community for helping reach the greatest milestone in this site's history. Personally, I remember when...
  41. Ryukama

    Dragon Ball Super Discussion Thread 46

    Wow the 46th thread in a row... This is an extra special one though, since it takes place on the night of the long awaited, hour long Goku vs Jiren special! Feel free to talk away with your thoughts, theories and predictions! :)
  42. Ryukama

    Saitama Downgrade

    In this officially licensed and released image, it's shown that Saitama, even while looking serious, only managed to break a chocolate bar in half with his punch. So low end 10-C for him. This downgrade of course scales to everyone else in the series since he's the god tier.
  43. Ryukama

    Overlooked Superman Feat

    Hello. I think everyone by now is aware of the extremely infamous feat where Pre-Crisis Superman blows up a solar system by sneezing. However one thing almost no one ever talks about is that Superman "abruptly" flies to another universe at "incredible speeds". The feat happens within 2 panels...
  44. Ryukama

    IMPORTANT Status Update

    Hello everyone. I just wanted to keep the community informed regarding my activity. Now I won't be retiring or taking hiatus or anything. Don't worry. However my activity will take a considerable decrease within the following months. This is because classes have started back for me. This is...
  45. Ryukama

    Fairly Oddparents Reasoning

    Cosmo, Wanda and Crocker have literally no reason whatsoever for being Universe level. Considering all the vast scrutiny we give characters and deeply analyze or give skepticism for certain upgrades, I think it's extremely unfair to have these people rated so incredibly high willy nilly. So...
  46. Ryukama

    Slight Rorschach Upgrade

    I was browsing through a Respect Thread for Rorschach on Reddit. I think some of these might be worth making Rorschach Street level or 9-C. Effortlessly smashes a door open. Breaks through a chain link fence. Then punches through a security door's glass. Throws an adult dog so hard that it...
  47. Ryukama

    Ignorant Statements 5

    No creative title. No roman numerals. This is all you get ovo
  48. Ryukama

    High School DXD: Rias Gremory Reasoning?

    So Rias Gremory is rated as "At least Mountain level, likely higher." Reasoning is that she "Completely disintegrated Grendel's body except for half of his face" Why is Grendel At least Mountain level, likely higher"?" "Stronger than Sairaorg in Balance Breaker; fought against Ddraig, also...
  49. Ryukama

    Lord of Nightmares Downgrade

    Hello. I'd like to ask why Lord of Nightmares has a High 1-C to Low 1-B rating? "(Created an infinite amount of universes with different physical laws without trying to.)" This is just a casual 2-A feat. Unless, there are any statements of these universes being 11 to 12th dimensional. Or if...
  50. Ryukama

    How Many Verses Does He Solo?

    Goku being hungry for strong guys to fight as always, wishes Super Shenron to make an "ultimate, unbeatable foe" for him to spar. Taking the wish very literal, Super Shenron creates a dark enemy no one can beat who goes on a rampage. Forcing the two Gods of the Multiverse to fuse in order to...
  51. Ryukama

    Lucifer and Azazel Downgrade

    Hello. I have a few concerns regarding the ratings of Lucifer Morningstar's depowered form and Azazel. Azazel gets its 2-C rating through its true form being a universe (at best a Low 2-C feat) as well as being far superior to Odin, who gets his rating from having a Low 2-C feat. The latter...
  52. Ryukama

    Striking Strength Revision Complete

    Hello. As most of you probably know, there was a massive revision thread regarding how we handle Striking Strength. Well this huge project is now completed. Despite, literally, over 9000 profiles to go over, we've managed to finish this in a mere 8 days. A true testament to the immense...
  53. Ryukama

    Striking Strength Revision Thread

    Since Ant wants me to help him organize, and I feel the previous thread is getting a bit wild, I have created this new one. From gathering all that I have heard staff members say to me or on the other thread, here I what I have seemed to gather. Please remember to carefully exactly follow the...
  54. Ryukama

    Izuku Midoriya vs Spike

    Battles of the spiky haired, teenage heroes who fight mind control. Click the picture to view the character's profile. Conditions: Speed is equalized Izuku is in his At least High 8-C form Standard Battle Assumptions Current Tally: Izuku: 0 Spike: 2 Inconclusive: 0
  55. Ryukama

    Neko Majin Z vs Bandana Waddle Dee

    Battle of the cute, round, orange and blue weapon wielders whose names end in an e sound. Conditions: Speed is equalized Standard Battle Assumptions Final Tally: Neko Majin Z: 7 Bandana Waddle Dee: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  56. Ryukama

    Zamasu vs Zeus

    Battle of the vengeful gods that became one with the universe whose names start with Z. Click the picture to view the character's profile. Conditions: Both are at their Low 2-C stats. Standard Battle Assumptions Current Tally: Zamasu: 0 Zeus: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  57. Ryukama

    Gourmet Gods Revision

    Hello. Being perfectly honest, this profile seems like a mess. For starters, why do we need to have an "At least 4-A" when there are multiple Universe level feats? It's not like 4-A is established to be their limit or something. That's literally just their size. Why must their AP be limited to...
  58. Ryukama

    Samurai Jack Speed Upgrade?

    Hello. I was making this thread to see if this feat of Samurai Jack's is possible to calc and possibly upgrade him from Subsonic. Basically he and the bounty hunters have an entire fight scene in the time it takes a drop of water to fall. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBYXv97FuAY At 26...
  59. Ryukama

    Regarding Supernatural Gods

    Hello. Now I have been reading the profiles for the Supernatural god tiers. And I see a problem with how they seem to be rated. God and those who scale to him are rated as "At least 4-B, likely 3-A." The reasoning for the 3-A is that, God and The Darkness have Universe level feats. Fair enough...
  60. Ryukama

    Birthday Status

    Hey guys. Just letting you know that since today's my birthday, I might not be as active today. Especially since I'm going out later today to celebrate. I'll be here for now but not at around tonight.
  61. Ryukama

    Mario vs Sonic vs Kirby: Gaming Big 3 Battle Royale

    The epic clash between 3 of gaming's most iconic characters. This isn't to be added to profiles like Dragon's Tier Battle Royales. Click on the face of whichever character whose profile you want to visit in the picture above. Conditions: All are at their 4-A stats. Speed is Equalized...
  62. Ryukama

    Regarding Sonic's Speed

    Hello. Now I am not calling for a downgrade at the moment. However I feel like some of the reasoning for base Sonic being FTL is a bit questionable. 1. It uses the official guidebook sources. Which I am not always immediately against. However as we've shown in the past, we don't always use...
  63. Ryukama

    [APRIL FOOLS 2017] This Wiki's Transition

    Hello people. I am sorry to announce this, as I know many of you like the original function of this site. However after some thinking I have come to this decision, and I hope the rest of the community can support me through this controversial period of my life. I have decided to fufill what I...
  64. Ryukama

    Dragon Ball Super Upgrades?

    This was discussed by much of staff a while ago. Since we considered the main 12 universes to be connected, there's a possibility of some feats that will upgrade the DB Top Tiers. They've been calculated on Naruto Forums. I am not pushing for an upgrade at the moment. Rather simply asking the...
  65. Ryukama

    Regarding TOAA's Tier

    Hello. Now I am aware of the constant issue of TOAA's tier. The fact that it's based upon a very nonsensical statement that firmly goes against much of the valued ideas of the Tiering System. And that a huge reason why TOAA is the tier he is being due to fear of backlash. This mess being the...
  66. Ryukama

    Goku vs Goku

    Animation meets Live Action when the warrior who slayed King Piccolo faces himself from another dimension. Conditions: 23rd Budokai Teenage Goku is being used Speed is Equalized Standard Battle Assumptions Final Tally: Original Goku: 7 Evolution Goku: 0
  67. Ryukama

    Regarding Stewie's Tier

    Given some of the less than reliable cartoon stats that I've seen appearing lately, I naturally saw a bit of questioning about this one. I am not calling for the downgrade of anyone yet, and am only asking a question hoping this can get answered. His profile lists him as "He created the...
  68. Ryukama

    Anyone Else Getting These?

    I kinda wish we had a "Fun and Questions" board since this one's a mixture of both. Every so often when I enter this site I get these neat little pop culture quizzes. Has anyone else been getting them? And if so have you been getting them on other wikis as well? Cause so far I've only seen them...
  69. Ryukama

    Possible Minor Superman Upgrade?

    Hello. So recently our Lifting Strength chart made an additional "Multi-Stellar" rating. This being a category for characters who can lift the equivalent of multiple stars. Well the feat Superman got listed as Stellar for, pushing back Mageddon, was calculated to be...
  70. Ryukama

    Homer Simpson Downgrade

    Hello. I wanted to propose downgrading Homer Simpson's durability. Quite frankly, even if he does actually have a feat of surviving a nuke, it's rather ridiculous for him to have to be rated as such. One it is obviously a major outlier. I understand that Homer is a cartoon character, cartoon...
  71. Ryukama

    Slight Zen'ō Additions?

    Hello. I made this thread wondering if there were possible abilities we could add to Zen'ō's page due to his infamous bout with Fusion Zamasu. Now obviously Fusion Zamasu was intangible and is listed as non-corporeal. Wouldn't the fact that Zen'ō managed to kill him indicate that he is able to...
  72. Ryukama

    Videl Downgrade

    Hello. I'm making a thread to downgrade Videl Satan, as I believe her current tier to be very presumptuous and unreasonable. She's listed as "possibly Room level" for the reasoning of 'Was already rivaling, if not stronger than her father before she trained with Gohan, thus post training Videl...
  73. Ryukama

    You must survive for 24 hours while a random character hunts you down, you have the powers of a random character too. How do you fare? (PART 2)

    Basically the exact same premise as this thread, only continued as that one almost reached the maximum number of replies. Use this so nobody cheats: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Special:Random Conditions: 1) The random character knowsyour name and how you look, but doesn't know where you...
  74. Ryukama

    SSJ4 Gogeta vs Dino Thunder Black

    This seems like a rather fair match. Both are an unknown yet very high degree above baseline Galaxy level. And both are pretty lacking in the hax department. Conditions: Speed is Equalized Gogeta's Fusion is Permanent Standard Battle Assumptions Current Tally: Gogeta: 5 Oliver: 2
  75. Ryukama

    Sakamoto's Tier

    Hello. I remember that for Sakamoto's profile, his tier derived from the kinetic energy of his feat. At first it was Tier 8, but once the speed got revised he went down to 9-B. However the kinetic energy of someone his weight (Around 140 lbs as an average 5'6 male) going at Mach 7 speeds would...
  76. Ryukama

    We Did It!

    This site has officially joined the Quintuple Digits Club! And right before 2017! We now have over 10,000 articles here. Congrats to this site and thanks to everyone who's made profiles or have contributed towards our pages! Insert DBZ meme here
  77. Ryukama

    Happy Holidays!

    Hello everyone! I'm sorry if this is a tad late. I was a bit busy and waiting for morning of December 25th in my timezone. However I'd still like to tell everyone here to have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! Hopefully you all have fun and maybe spend/spent some time...
  78. Ryukama

    Regarding Tatsumaki's Durability

    Hello everyone. I was wondering why Tatsumaki has "Likely City level" durability without her barriers? I do not recall anything explicitly stating her barriers amp her durability. At least not to such massive extents. And if the reason was because she was getting beaten up by the Monster...
  79. Ryukama

    Slight Ajimu Revison

    Hello. I get that Medaka Content Revisions are supposedly some taboo or something, but this isn't a very major change and I think it should be considered. Ajimu's Lifting and Striking Strength sections don't have actual ratings. They just have "Can multiply it as much as she wants with her...
  80. Ryukama

    One Punch Man Upgrades

    Introductio Hello everyone. Now while I typically do not like the idea of tier upgrades via scaling to lower characters, I believe in certain cases like Dragon Ball, Esdeath, My Little Pony, etc. an exception can be made which we have done in the past. I am proposing that what I am about to...
  81. Ryukama

    My Little Pony: City level Reasons?

    Hello everyone. So I recentally have went over all the My Little Pony profiles on this profile. And I have come across what could potentially be a major problem. The City level stats that a lot of characters posses, have no justification. They are seemingly derived from circular powerscaling...
  82. Ryukama

    Joke Battles 1st Anniversary

    Today marks an entire year since this site's founding. I think it's safe to say that a lot has changed for many of us this past year. I myself have seen much change over the past year. One year ago I was a shy and timid new user to Wikia, who got banned shortly after I made an account on the...
  83. Ryukama

    Important New Rule

    When making profiles here and on VS, this has been a courtesy thing I have made sure to do, and I would appreciate users here taking the same initiative when they are making pages. If you are making a profile for a character, such as one for Goku, and you use someone's fan art, render or...
  84. Ryukama

    Satsuki vs Lalaco

    Battle of Studio Trigger's skimply clad, ruthless female leaders. Which of these two comes out on top and why? Conditions: Since Lalaco's speed is unknown, it'll be assumed to be equal to Satsuki's for fairness sake Lalaco does not have her space ship Standard Battle Assumptions Current...
  85. Ryukama

    Minor Update

    Hello. Before I continue keep in mind this is a minor thing that I just wanted to make sure everyone here was aware of for your convience. Nothing to be too concerned about. On the 17th, I am to be going on a trip. As such I will most likely be offline from this point until 6-10 PM UTC time...
  86. Ryukama

    Saitama vs Finn

    Summary: We all knew this would happen soon. Battle of the derpy, absurdly powerful human heroes. Saitama catches a glimpse of Finn's long hair and Finn sees Saitama's straight teeth. Both get super jealous and decide to fight each other. Conditions: Both are at their Planet level highballs...
  87. Ryukama

    Marvel Cinematic Universe: Statistics Scaling

    For his profile, he is listed as Room level for being able to harm Iron Ma with his suit. However Iron Man's durability is listed as City Block level. So would Captain America require an AP upgrade, Iron Man a dura downgrade or is there some other explanation? If anyone could help out with...
  88. Ryukama

    Regarding Pegasus Seiya's Tier

    Hello. I was wondering why God Cloth Pegasus while not "at his peak" is listed as 3-A due to effortlessly killing a 3-B. Surely due to the absurdly large and extremely unknown gap between MG and Universe, it would not require being 3-A to be able to kill a 3-B without effort. And upon reading...
  89. Ryukama

    Mario V Superman

    Battle of the iconic superheroes in red and blue, Krypton's last son squares off against Mushroom Kingdom's finest plumber. Who wins and why? Conditions: Speed is Equalized Mario is at his Small City low end and can't use power ups that would increase his stats or Battle Cards. Current...
  90. Ryukama

    Has this been happening for anyone else?

    Hello. So recently for the past couple of days I have been unable to edit any profiles here. I can still post on the forums just fine, but whenever I try to edit a page, it'll load forever and never let me do so. This has only been an issue on this site, as I am still able to edit pages on Joke...
  91. Ryukama

    Kill la Kill: Possible Ryuko Upgrade

    Hello everyone. So I found this calculation on NarutoForums the other day. Basically the sort of main antagonist, Original Life Fiber's job is to destroy various planets in order to spread its "seeds" throughout the world. Which in the show has been numerously said by multiple extremely...
  92. Ryukama

    Regarding Chase Young

    Hello. I am not very familiar with this series, but based upon the information given in some of Xiaolin Showdown's various profiles, I am a bit confused on one of its statistics. Chase Young's final form is listed as "At least 2-C." Two of the three justifications are that "He was going to...
  93. Ryukama

    Batman vs Randy Cunningham

    Dark and violent DC meets fun and lighthearted Disney in this battle of ninjitsu masters. Despite both combatants being most well known for what they are capable of with their equipment, this will be a bout of their own physical abilities. Conditions: Randy Cunningham cannot use his weapons...
  94. Ryukama

    Slight GT Revision

    Hello. For Nuova Shenron's Shell form, he is listed as 4-B due to fighting on par with Base Goku. And one of the reasons Base Goku is 4-B is due to fighting on par with Uub. However Uub is listed as 4-A via being comparable to Anime Buu. Base Goku was also able to hold his own against Base...
  95. Ryukama

    New Logo

    In case you guys have not noticed already, I have made a new logo for this site that is featured on the front page. Feel free to tell me what you think about it. If you like or dislike it. Have any suggestions on how it should look or if we should go back to good old Isiah Mustafa. Any input...
  96. Ryukama

    Kenichi Revisions

    Hello. Now as a fan of the Kenichi series (though not caught up all the way), there are a few things regarding their pages that I think need to be addressed. Firstly is that Kenichi himself has no justification for some of his statistics. If anyone could explain why he is Small Building Level...
  97. Ryukama

    Himiko Natsuno vs Godzilla

    Japan's most iconic monster faces the secret, unknown demon slayer. Who comes out on top and why? Conditions: Both are at their City Block lowballs for AP and dura Victory by Death, KO or Incapacitation Current Tally: Himiko: 4 Godzilla: 4
  98. Ryukama

    Wander over Yonder Upgrade?

    Hello. Now I am not very familiar with this show, however the profile lists Wander as FTL+ for crossing a galaxy in a year and a half. Well assuming a Milky Way sized galaxy, this feat should result in being 20,215,588,052,435.9 meters per second Or over 67,000 times the speed of light. So is...
  99. Ryukama

    Regarding Multiversal+ Archie Sonic

    Hello. I was suggested by Antvasima to make a thread regarding this topic. I would like to request some input if possible as to whether or not some of the god tiers being listed as 2-A is fair? Currently Enerjak is scaled from Chaos Knuckles , and CK's justification for being 2-A is that he...
  100. Ryukama

    Stocking Anarchy vs The Hulk

    The fallen angel of Daten City confronts MCU's green giant. Who wins and why? Conditions: Speed is equalized Stocking does not have Ultimate Weapon Stocking's other equipment can effect Hulk via Verse Equalization Victory by death, KO or incapacitation Final Tally: Stocking: 7 Hulk: 0