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  1. Smashtwig

    The Ender Dragon has been replaced

    Ed suggested it so here I go The End, an area where many players have visited. For Technoblade, it was simply just another time to defeat the Ender Dragon once more. With plenty of gear, his best gear, this was going to be just another walk in the park- ...Where are the Ender Crystals...
  2. Smashtwig

    Quick Question about Profiles

    If I recall, before the move, the staff decided to lock all of the pages from being edited for safety precautions. Now that that's over, will the staff finally unlock all of the pages? Or do I have to wait longer? I've just been looking forward to the forum move because I was doing an entire...
  3. Smashtwig

    Azure Striker Gunvolt Revisions

    Well, this forum move came faster than I expected, thought it'd take even longer. Well, this'll be our thread for Revisions as we go. Again, since this thing has finally happened, I'm going to hurry up on redoing Gunvolt and Copen's pages ASAP now. That'll be my first priority. Secondly, I was...
  4. Smashtwig

    Damus vs Ethan, redone

    This completely failed last time due to Damus's OPness. And he's still pretty OP here too, its just that Ethan may have a small chance. Right now I still don't think he stands much of a chance, but I will argue in his favor regardless. The longer this goes, the more I think he could possibly...
  5. Smashtwig

    Ryo and Mamutto encounter two green, insignificant fools

    Speed Equal High 6-A Ryo and Mamutto Two Basics (OmniRealm Warriors): 1 (Lekmos)
  6. Smashtwig

    Space-Time Duel

    Tempora vs Adult Wayne (OmniRealm Warriors) 7-B Speed = MagneWatch Restricted
  7. Smashtwig

    Letter I vs Letter Y

    Not sure how this will turn out, but we'll see Waine vs Wayne 8-A Keys Speed =
  8. Smashtwig

    Ryn encounters a green insignificant fool

    So here Ryn was, minding his own damn buisness, trying to probably live a peaceful life and LIVE. But this green energy humanoid thing decided to be the RPG enemy he is in his own verse and attack him. Why? Because he's a jerk like that. Also hope this ain't a hax stomp. Four Artifacts versus...
  9. Smashtwig

    7-B Brackets Round 1: Match 4

    Alright, since User is always held up with something, I'll take over from here: https://challonge.com/z93xx2pj (Tournament Standings) https://vsbattles.com/fcoc-vs-battles/74649 (Main Thread) Roland Ishida [Kickboxertj] (AP = Baseline, 7 MTons): 0 Marco Caldera [Gojira1234] (AP = Tunguska...
  10. Smashtwig

    Sean vs Wayne

    I'm sure he wouldn't mind the match, since he seems to really want a match with Sean anyways High 6-A Speed = Wayne's EP Mechanics will NOT be included, as it is a feature in game only if needed, can restrict Barrier MagneWatch Sean Nell at 9.38 Exas, possibly higher?: Adult Wayne...
  11. Smashtwig

    The Biggest Kahuna encounters a green insignificant fool

    Speed = 8-C Keys Bruh SBA Big Kahuna (1.8 Tons): One of them Basics (OmniRealm Warriors) (1 Ton Bruh):
  12. Smashtwig

    7-B Brackets - Round 1: Match 2

    Tourney Standings: https://challonge.com/z93xx2pj Uni is Procrastinating... I guess I'll just take over for now We got what I'm guessing is one of the Dalemens (JOD`S) (Tales of nephilim) by Lekmos against Abban Alsandair by DMUA...
  13. Smashtwig

    Dexion vs Wayne

    Dexion Starr >>>11 Megatons vs Adult Wayne (OmniRealm Warriors): 3 (ZephyrosOmega, Smashtwig, 66Gaming) ~52 Megas Incon: 1 (DMUA, Bambu) Speed Equalized in case of Mirage Avatar blitz 7-B
  14. Smashtwig

    Two guys who fought Kiri fight each other

    Was gonna do Dexion Starr instead but found out the AP difference and decided to give the D&D side more hax Mogar of the Yeomanry vs Ethan Xavier (OmniRealm Warriors) Speed Equal 7-B
  15. Smashtwig

    Adam Crimson vs Ethan Xavier

    So I guess Adam wants to avenge Izzy's defeat in the 8-B Tournament in a way... Adam Crimso: 1 (Fray100) Baseline (1 Teraton) Ethan Xavier (OmniRealm Warriors): 1 (ZephyrosOmega) 2.13763141812116 Teratons Low 6-B Jake's Blood is restricted Speed Equalized (because Adam is faster, Ethan...
  16. Smashtwig

    Ishida vs Contra

    Roland Ishida: 0 vs Joey Contra (OmniRealm Warriors): 3 (Dreaming Serpent, Mr. Bambu, 66Gaming123) Inconclusive: 2 (Kickboxertj, Smashtwig) 6-B Forms (Full Shinkai and Contra Arc) Speed = if needed Joey has extra modes (aside from Soul Drainer) restricted Rest is SBA
  17. Smashtwig

    Universe Shakers Duel it Out

    Ren Trilahr (Rise of The Ancient Evils) vs Wayne (OmniRealm Warriors) High 3-A Keys Speed = (Wayne is allowed to use Speed Amps since his initial speed is faster) Wayne has Items restricted Ren can use Energy Negation unrestricted Rest is SBA
  18. Smashtwig

    yet ANOTHER thread about upgrading GV

    So GV Caused a Blackout https://youtu.be/jpjIC5WUn8g?t=1011 it should be comparable to this since GV's city is mega THICC https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:ProfessorLord/Red_Hot_Chili_Pepper_absorbing_Morioh_Electrical_Grid 8-B GV confirmed? I'd say that this OVA is Canonish enough...
  19. Smashtwig

    Kirito (SAO:TTRPG) vs Ethan (OmniRealm Warriors)

    So the last SAO vs ORW2 Matchup didn't go too well for Kirito against Wayne, so hopefully this will work out better Kirito (SAO:TTRPG): 0 99.999999 Megas Ethan Xavier (OmniRealm Warriors): 2 (66Gaming123, Mr. Bambu) Approx 93 Megas Inconclusive: 3 (Smashtwig, DMUA, Greyfang) Speed = Speed...
  20. Smashtwig

    Kirito (SAO:TTRPG) vs Adult Wayne (OmniRealm Warriors)

    So like DMUA and dat boi who always changes his name every second was like "yo beat dis man with ya boi" and I'm like "fine bruh but which boi" and dey be like "just pic one dood" 7-B Forms Used Speed = (no speed amps) Kirito (SAO:TTRPG) 65 Megatons normally, but OHKO with Final Burst Adult...
  21. Smashtwig


    It's Wayne vs Adult Wayne, while this battle did happen in canon (though in that Adult was Corrupted, increasing his Tier and Stats), it wasn't with these versions. It's Flames and Rocks vs Spacetime and Magnetism. We using 7-B Keys, and we got dat speed equalized too. Keep in mind Adult Wayne...