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  1. Roachman40

    Alien CRT

    Excuse my bad english Hello I am proposing a bunch of alien downgrades (And some additions with the rewrite). lets just get into it Xenomorph profile rewrite The 8-A aliens are from a crossover, AVP, of which is basically alternate canon/non-canon that isnt even connected to anything in the...
  2. Roachman40

    deletion of the cxaxukluth page

    I request for the deletion of cxaxukluth I ask for this because of it being invented only via letter, and all of its appearances besides that have been through extended universe, which is not allowed currently.
  3. Roachman40

    what tier is this?

    Some of y'all probably seen this before, but I found some new scans that could possibly help get this verse out of 2-A here is the blog that I put the scans in thanks for the help!
  4. Roachman40

    Barry B. Benson vs Murder Hornet

    SBA Murder Hornet: 3 You Like Jazz?: Inconclusive:
  5. Roachman40

    maple fights an alien

    Both are 8-A Aliens AP: about 655. 12 tons Maples AP: 144 tons One-Armed Xenomorph: Maple: 1 Inconclusive:
  6. Roachman40

    Insect God Revision

    damn these profiles are bad Im gonna propose below whatever it is that should change with the profiles Insect Worshippers: * Reality Warping, teleportation, probability manipulation, and immortality need to be removed (Self-Explanatory, all these powers are pretty wank and have no concrete...
  7. Roachman40

    Are hypothetical Real World Profiles allowed?

    what it says above, I mean things like our friend graham, the car crash human, or any other hypothetical creatures/objects like Gabriels Hor
  8. Roachman40

    Is Hindu Mythology profiles allowed?

    What is said above
  9. Roachman40

    Marisa Kirisame has an infestation

    Both Low 2-C Wood Termite: Marisa Kirisame: Inconclusive: Battle Music
  10. Roachman40

    Horror Battle Royale

    The Battle takes place in the shining hotel. Only 9-B There all in different Rooms Characters Jason Voorhees (Uber) Michael Myers Freddy Krueger (9-B only) The Fazbear Crew Leatherface The Demogorgon (Stranger Things) (9-B only) Siren Head Doomguy (9-B only) Art the Clow The Thing Baldi...
  11. Roachman40

    Is this Acausality?

    Is being beyond the restrictions of reality, certainty, illusions and struggle Acausality?
  12. Roachman40

    What was the first profile on the wiki?

    This is just a general question, what character had the first profile on this wiki?
  13. Roachman40

    WARNING! (It is now fine to enter these games.)

    don't access Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike or Garry's Mod! Since JBW didn't get this warning, I guess this could be shown, do not access either of these games. The source code was recently leaked which means it possible to receive a virus or get information stolen...
  14. Roachman40

    Moth fights a Termite

    Speed is Equalized Both are Low 2-C Mothra 1 Wood Termite: 1 Inconclusive:
  15. Roachman40

    Is this Acausailty?

    If your unaffected by any attempts from opponents changing the future, and being immune to precognition attempts. Is this Acausality?
  16. Roachman40

    Calypso has an infestation

    Pls don't be a stomp... IW is 9-B Calypso is 9-C Insect Worshippers: Calypso: Inconclusive:
  17. Roachman40

    Mosquito fights monkey man (Goku VS Buzzwole)

    Goku is 4-B Buzzwole: 5 Son Goku: Inconclusive:
  18. Roachman40

    Genesect Vs Necrozma

    Speed is Equalized Genesect is 4-B The Mad Insect: 1 Prism Break: Inconclusive:
  19. Roachman40

    Lavos VS flea

    Lavos VS flea Speed is Equalized Lavos: Flea: Inconclusive:
  20. Roachman40

    The letter X has an infestation

    IW is 10-A SBA is used Speed is equalized The Math Variable: Oversized Bug: 2 Inconclusive: 1
  21. Roachman40

    IW VS Dimentio

    Hopefully, this isn't a stomp IW is 9-B SBA is used Dimentio is 4-A Speed is Equalized Pest: Mad Jester: 5 Inconclusive: 1
  22. Roachman40

    Hatou has an infestation

    Speed is Equalized Hatou Manabu: Warrior Bug: Inapplicable:
  23. Roachman40

    Xenomorph VS Warrior Bug

    both 9-B Speed is Equalized Warrior Bug: Xenomorph: Inconclusive:
  24. Roachman40

    Doomguy has an infestation

    Speed is = Doomguy is 9-B Doomguy: Warrior Bug: Inconclusive:
  25. Roachman40

    Godzilla Discussion Thread

    Just a normal Godzilla discussion thread, you can bring up anything Godzilla here, so have fun!
  26. Roachman40

    Cthulhu vs White Blood Cell

    Speed is equalized Cthulhu macrofasciculumque: White Blood Cell: Inconclusive:
  27. Roachman40

    Jaws vs Moby Dick

    Speed is = Film Jaws is used Nameless horror: Bruce: Inconclusive:
  28. Roachman40

    What tier is this?

    Another Michael Moorcock Multiverse thing. Supposedly the Doctor Who and MCs Multiverse are in the same verse and all of the Doctor Who verse is in the skyraling tree. (This could maybe support the evidence of spatial dimensions, although im not to sure.) Pasted from my last thread: The...
  29. Roachman40

    Possible Marvel/DC addition

    I may be mistaken, but shouldn't all marvel characters get Acausality (Type: 3) by default?, since there are multiple versions of that certain character across 'earths'. (This can apply to DC Comics as well.)
  30. Roachman40

    Woody fights a random beetle

    Speed is = Reach for the sky!: 2 normal beetle: Inconclusive:
  31. Roachman40

    Insect Worshipper downgrade

    I noticed that the IW is kinda poorly made, so I decided to remake it in a blog,here ya go. in summary Downgraded to at least 10-A to 9-C Soul and Mind manipulation are removed, although madness stays. resistance to mind and soul manipulation are removed as well
  32. Roachman40

    possible Mega-Beedrill additions

    Absorption: Mega Drain grants this. Empathic Manipulation: Attract grants this Heat Manipulation: Sunny Day grants this Berserk Mode: Outrage grants this Statistics Reduction: Moves like confide lower the opponents stats Purification: Rest cures all status effects Beedrills speed...
  33. Roachman40

    Black Locust Upgrade

    The Black Locust should be upgraded to 4-A via Bai calling them terrifying.
  34. Roachman40

    Captain Alex stars in birdemic

    Speed is = Both are 9-C Captain Alex: 2 The Birds: Inconclusive:
  35. Roachman40

    A Cow killer fights a fictional toy

    Velvet Ant: Woody: Inconclusive:
  36. Roachman40

    Buddy Vs Frisk

    Speed is = Standard Battle Assumptions apply Both 9-A Buddy: Frisk: 2 Inconclusive:
  37. Roachman40

    Possible Animator Vs Animation Buff

    Shouldn't the AVA characters have a key of there tier in the computer?, similar to the logic of White Face and how it is Low 2-C Possibly 2-C In-Game but 11-A in the Real World. Any thoughts?
  38. Roachman40

    Freddy Fazbear VS Sawrunner

    Speed is equalized Standard Battle Assumptions apply Freddy Fazbear: 2 Sawrunner: Inconclusive:
  39. Roachman40

    Possible Annihilus upgrade

    The Upgrade will be separated into two parts. Tier Upgrade Was gonna tap into the power of franklin richards Drained the energy of Odi Considered himself to transcend the time/space continuum, and will be "the most powerful being in all the universes" Commanded the annihilation wave, which...
  40. Roachman40

    What tier is this?

    The evidence is shown here. (Note: Space has an infinite multiverse, which the Super-Sargasso Sea is shown to open up to.)
  41. Roachman40

    Robocop fights birds

    Both 9-C Speed Equalized RoboCop: Birdemic Birds: Incon:
  42. Roachman40

    What tier is this?

    The Multiverse is described to have infinite dimensions, With each layer being infinite. The skyraling tree, a small object in only one layer of the multiverse has multiverses with infinite ammounts of isolated universes in its branches. The skyraling tree itself does not grow by the laws of...
  43. Roachman40

    Profiles on Paradoxes

    This is most likely unnecessary, but should Geometric Objects or Characters like Gabriels Hor be allowed? They somewhat have feats and abilities.
  44. Roachman40

    Is this Low-1-A?

    If your beyond time, space and causality does this make you Low-1-A?
  45. Roachman40

    The Inter-dimensional Hypothesis

    Theres a scientific hypothesis that things like UFOs and things simular involve visitations from other realities or dimensions that coexist separately alongside our ow. Can this be used for a modern mythology alien profile?, if there allowed anyways.
  46. Roachman40

    Difference between the Wanderers library and the library

    Are they both the same thing?, just a question.
  47. Roachman40

    Is this 1-A?

    (The Multiverse is described as a Infinite set of Dimensions. With each Dimension having there own aspect Of Existence. The Concept of space is Infinite Dimensional as well.)
  48. Roachman40

    A WoD Discussion thread

    Surprised this hasn't been done yet... well..have fun!
  49. Roachman40

    Battle at the Edge of Reality: Galactus VS Anti Monitor

    Both 2-A Speed Equalized Anti-Monitor: Galactus: Inconclusive:
  50. Roachman40

    Possible TigerVespamon Revison

    Could Fei Wong Tomoe Ignacio be 1-C?, her Digimon where able to take a couple hits from Omegamo? from the CyberSpace Digimon game.
  51. Roachman40

    Rami vs the IW

    Speed is Equalized Rami is 8-C Omega Thicc: 1 Insect Worshippers: Inconclusive:
  52. Roachman40

    Omega Flowey Vs Dimentio

    Both 2-B Speed Equalized Dimentio: Omega Flowey: 3 Inconclusive: 2
  53. Roachman40

    Oryx Vs the Ur-Dragon

    Speed Equalized Both High 2-A RedHead: Ur-Wago: Inconclusive:
  54. Roachman40

    The Angel Of Death Vs The Flower Face

    Both 9-B Speed Equalized The Death Angel: 1 The Flower Face: Inconclusive:
  55. Roachman40

    Is Tier: 0 being removed?

    This thread Is Tier: 0 being removed?, and if so what would happen to the Tier: 0 Characters? ( Azathoth, The Amaranth, Featherine Augustus Aurora, etc...) .Would they become 1-A? or would they be deleted?.
  56. Roachman40

    Beelzebub Vs Oryx

    Speed is Equalized Both 2-A Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies: Oryx, the Taken King Inconclusive:
  57. Roachman40

    Witch Vs Bug

    Speed Equalized Both 1-A Beatrice: Cxaxukluth: Inconclusive:
  58. Roachman40

    An Outer-God confronts your Verse or Verses

    An Outer-God (Azathoth, Shub-Niggurath, Yog-Sothoth, Cxaxukluth, etc..) confronts your favorite verse or Verses This doesn't have to be a battle, but rather what would the Outer God, or what the characters in the verse will do.
  59. Roachman40

    Alien Queen Vs Judas King

    Speed Equalized Both 8-A Judas King: Xenomorph Quee: Inconclusive:
  60. Roachman40

    Monika vs Sayori

    Unable to perceive the shape of You, I find You all around me. Your presence fills my eyes with Your love, It humbles my heart, For You are everywhere. Both 2-C Speed Equalized Sayori: Monika: 3 Inconclusive:
  61. Roachman40

    Mythology Discussion Thread

    A Mythology discussion thread This is the Official Mythology Discussion thread, where you can bring up things like feats, memes, etc...so have fun! Mythology Profile with the highest Tier Newest Mythology Profile
  62. Roachman40

    Kirby vs Water Beetle

    speed Equalized Dâyuni'sï: Kirby: Inconclusive:
  63. Roachman40

    Yogiri Vs Dâyuni'sï

    When you sit in silence long enough, you learn that silence has a motion. It glides over you without shape or form, exactly like water. Speed Equalized Dayuni'si is 5-B, Yogiri is 2-C Speed Equalized Yogiri Takatou: Dâyuni'sï: Inconclusive:
  64. Roachman40

    is this 9-A?

    How big is this explosio? (Explosion is at 1:40)
  65. Roachman40

    Entoma Vs The Insect Worshipper

    Speed Equalized Entoma is 8-C, Insect Worshipper is 9-A Arachnid: Bug: Inconclusive:
  66. Roachman40

    Monster 0 vs The Ulagu

    King Ghidorah is High 6-A, the Gallinipper is Low 7-C Speed Equalized Kinky Dorah: Amazon Boogaloo: Inconclusive:
  67. Roachman40

    The White Beast Vs The Spore Beast

    Both 9-A Speed Equalized Spore Mantis: Indominus Rex: Inconclusive:
  68. Roachman40

    Battle of The Brine

    Speed = Both are 9-B Jaws: Achilles: Inconclusive:
  69. Roachman40

    Battle Of Austraila

    Speed Equalized Both 6-C Averesboro Gallinipper: Meliodas: Inconclusive:
  70. Roachman40

    Bernkastel VS Cxaxukluth

    Theres barely any 1-A with a win, loss or inconclusive match. hopefully this one is successful. Speed Equalized Cxaxukluth: Bernkastel: Inconclusive:
  71. Roachman40

    Curly Vs Jason

    Curly and Jason are 9-C Speed equalized Curly the Skeleto: Jason Voorhees: Inconclusive:
  72. Roachman40

    Yogiri vs Insect Worshipper

    Speed Equalized Win via Death or Incapitation Yogiri is 10-A, IW is 10-A Yogiri Takatou: Insect Worshipper: Inconclusive:
  73. Roachman40

    Yet another Composite-Profile

    Hello there. I was planning on making another Composite Profile and I wanted to see if the Managing-Staff where fine with it as a profile.
  74. Roachman40

    Madoka Vs Insect Worshipper

    Hopefully this isn't a stomp. Satan Madoka is Used Win via Incapitation or Death Insect Worshipper is 8-C Speed Is Equalized Insect Worshipper: Satan Madoka: Inconclusive:
  75. Roachman40

    SpringTrap Vs Insect Worshipper

    Springtrap is 9-B Insect Worshipper is 10-A Speed Equalized Bunny: Bug: Inconclusive:
  76. Roachman40

    Godzilla tries to solo your verse

    Godzilla tries to Solo your verse, will Goji be triumphant? Round-1: Base Composite Goji Round-2: Composite Goji with Power-ups, Transformations, etc...
  77. Roachman40

    Roland Deschain vs James Bond

    Both 9-B Speed Equalized Roland Deschai: 1 James Bond: Inconclusive:
  78. Roachman40

    Granny Vs Jason

    Speed Is Equalized Both 9-C Hockey Masked Killer: 1 Granny: Inconclusive:
  79. Roachman40

    Is this 9-B or 9-A?

    The Blair Thing is able two cause This Much damage (At 0:36) would that Eruption be 9-A or 9-B?
  80. Roachman40

    M-Beedrill vs M-Alakazam

    Both are High 7-A Speed Equalized Alakazam: Beedrill: Inconlusive:
  81. Roachman40

    Peni Parker vs Seraz Victoria

    Speed Equalized Both High 8-C Loli?: 7 Spider Loli: Inconlusive:
  82. Roachman40

    (GRACE) The Pixel Gunner vs the Insect Worshipper

    Speed Equalized Insect Worshipper is 9-A Pixel-Gunner has there Code-Weapons. Insect Worshipper: 7 The Pixel Gunner: 2 Inconlusive:
  83. Roachman40

    le-Epic Boss Battle

    Win via Death SCP-173 is 1-B BOSS: Cxaxukluth VS Bernkastel SCP-173 Reinhard Heydrich And SCP-001 (Dr. Clef's Proposal) Big Angry Bug: The Extra-Dimensional Quartet:
  84. Roachman40

    The Shy Guy vs The Insect Worshipper

    SCP-096: Insect Worshipper: 1 Speed Equalized Shy Guy is 9-A, Insect Worshipper is 9-B Win via Death or Incapitation
  85. Roachman40


    Entomophobia: An excessive or irrational fear of insects. This fear stems from disgust or revulsion associated with the appearance, activity, or the vast numbers of insects. Reactions to a feared insect may range from a mild annoyance to extreme terror. Cxaxukluth Vs Hypnos Speed...
  86. Roachman40

    Simon Belmont vs The Pixel-Gun Player

    Speed Equalized Both low 2-C Win via Death Pixel-Gun Player: 3 Simon: 1 Inconclusive:
  87. Roachman40

    Tony vs Bond

    It has been reported that there is Illegal Transport in Japan. Spectres leader, Ernesto Blofeld has sold stolen Stark-Products to Spectre Bases around the world, this Transport caused a battle in Russia, Alaska and Alabama which in turn caused great destruction . This Incident has been noticed...
  88. Roachman40

    The 20 Strongest 1-As

    1. Shub-Niggurath 2. Beatrice 3. Cxaxukluth 4.Randolph Carter 5.Ubbo-Sathla 6.Abhoth 7.Nodens 8.The Ultimate Gods 9. Bernkastel,Nyarlathotep,Lambdadelta 10.Yhoundeh 11.Hypnos 12Akuto Sai,The Leviatha, 13Haju 14.Tenma Yato,Maria Ushiromiya 15.Marie, Mercurius, Reinhard Heydrich, Ren Fuji 16.Tenma...
  89. Roachman40

    ( GRACE) The Spy who Pet Me: Temmie vs James Bond

    Both 9-A Speed Equalized Win via Death Temmie: James Bond: 7
  90. Roachman40

    Cain and Abel (SCP-076 vs SCP-073)

    Cain told Abel his brother. And it came about when they were in the field, that Cain rose up against Abel his brother and killed him. ~ Genesis 4:8 Abel takes revenge on his brother, Cain has gone past his jealously all those years ago, But this fight is for Retribution. Both 1-B...
  91. Roachman40

    Bernkastel vs Cxaxukluth

    Speed Equalized Win via Death Father of The Swarm: Pet Of the Witch: Inconlusive:
  92. Roachman40

    The Ultimate Gods vs Hajun

    Hajun with tumor The Ultimate Gods: Hajun: Tie:
  93. Roachman40

    (Rem Vs Insect Worshipper) Insect Hunting

    Insect Worshipper 9-A | Rem 8-B Speed Equalized Insect Worshipper: Rem: Inconclusive:
  94. Roachman40

    Youtuber Profiles?

    Any Ideas? All YouTube Profiles as of now. The Nostalgia Critic Anthony Padilla Ian Hecox The Nameless One (CalebCity) The Guitar Guy The Glitch Gremli Death Mwauthzyx Wilford Warfstache The Detective (Who Killed Markiplier?) Oishi Kawaii Noodles The Angry Video Game Nerd HABIT Filthy Frank...
  95. Roachman40

    The Strongest Unknown Tier Character

    who is the strongest Unknown-Tier Character?
  96. Roachman40

    Sans vs Insect Worshipper

    Insect Worshipper is 9-B Sans Is 9-A Win via Death Insect Worshipper: 2 Sans:
  97. Roachman40

    Sasuke Uchiha (Teenager) vs Garou

    Both High 6-A Speed Equalized Win via Death Garou: Sasuke:
  98. Roachman40

    Whats the strongest thing SCP-3143 can defeat?

    What is the strongest thing SCP-3143 can Defeat?
  99. Roachman40

    Beelzebub ( Shin Megami Tensei) Vs Nuruko

    Both 2-A Bloodlusted Beelzebub: Nuruko:
  100. Roachman40

    Antlion Guard vs James Bond

    Both 9-A The Bug: The Spy: Inconclusive: TheArsenal1212