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Search results

  1. RethPo

    Told you johnny boy, told you id end you some day (Adam Smasher vs Homelander)

    Homelander has just decided to go on a genocidal rampage after footage of him saying yummers was released, destroying his public image Vought being totally useless decides to call for hired help from Arasaka to the west as a last resort. Battle takes place in new york city Both start 20 meters...
  2. RethPo

    The joker torments your favorite character

    The joker decides to play games with your favorite character and break them mentally as much as he can. He is not aiming to kill your favorite character but to either destroy their sense of morality, make them lose control long term, or mentally break or shape/manipulate them in whatever way he...
  3. RethPo

    Raiden minor resistance addition

    Raiden said he could take the microwave snake went into due to his body being a machine. Since his body is stated to be able to handle it better and with a reason for it, he should have radiation resistance. Same could apply to other cyborgs.
  4. RethPo

    Hopefully fair opm vs dbz matchup: Blast Vs Goku

    Speed is equal Cell saga ssj goku is being used and high 4-C blast Goku has prior knowledge on blasts abilities Takes place on planet of the kais Standard battle assumptions Goku (740 kilotenatons/0.74 foe): 2 (LnzO19) Blast (1 foe): 2 (Pheonks, alexander, Viser04, Epiccheev) Boros: 0
  5. RethPo

    Copycat Martial Arts Battle: Garou vs Cell

    Cosmic Fear Garou Vs Super Perfect Cell Speed is Equalised Battle takes place on planet of the kais Garou starts at high 4-C but can power copy cell at will Standard battle assumptions Perfect being: Perfect Fist: Inconclusive:
  6. RethPo

    A couple undertale upgrades

    First sans should likely be 9-C or 9-B from his feat of snapping a tree branch. Its likely that he did this by stepping on it and teleporting from how its broken in two areas. Additionally the two areas of damage are separated by 9/10 pixels? while sans feet in his sprite are separated by 9 as...
  7. RethPo

    Your favorite character sees a robbery taking place

    Any character of your choice is walking down the street and sees a random thug on the other side of the road armed with a baseball bat and a handgun robbing and ready to shoot uncle ben (why not?) and have 30 seconds to respond. What do they do?
  8. RethPo

    Flowey profile additions

    So theres a few things that should be added to floweys profile. First they should be changed to "Asriel Dreemurr (Flowey)". Since asriel is their true name while flowey is just what they adopted after they died. Secondly, two new keys should be added. one for asriel in base before transforming...
  9. RethPo

    Touhou low tier revision

    An upgrade for a few and a slight downgrade So here yukari fires train at people which completely pulverises on their opponents leaving nothing left, around three carraiges. Characters can tank this explosion point This feat is probably either high 8-C or 8-B going by how much it takes to...
  10. RethPo

    Would your favorite character is challenged non murderous duel

    Theres probably other fictional scenarios i could set up for this (prolly pokemon actually...) but ill use this one for now. Any character of your choice is faced in conflict with Reimu Hakurei possibly for causing some incident or for some other reason and is challenged to a spellcard fight...
  11. RethPo

    Potential common feat calculation request

    I wanted to request a calc to be made for how much it takes to destroy a train carraige. Might help quite a few verses especially with getting all the materials that compose it together if they havent been already.
  12. RethPo

    Chara Vs Sakuya Izayoi

    Well this is hopefully finally fair now! Both at Low 2-C Speed is equalised Battle music Chara: 0 Sakuya: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  13. RethPo

    Major undertale revisions

    I know i havent told many people much about this or made this all that public but i might as well get this out the way despite me being years overdue doing this. So undertales tiering is broken seemingly due to excessive nitpicking and due to the lores supposed vagueness (it seriously isnt vague...