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Search results

  1. Andytrenom

    Indie Games are cool

    Love indie games, part of it is finding a niche hobby that I can grow into, part of it is most of my favourite games being indie, with a lot of titles I admire in general for their creativity and pushing the medium of gaming in a creative manner being indie I want to know who else likes indie...
  2. Andytrenom

    Celeste Revisions

    Alright so there's a few revisions I wanna get done Tier There's a new calc that puts Badeline at 8-C, should scale to purple hair Madeline, not sure if it scales to base Madeline https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Armorchompy/Celeste:_Badeline_shatters_rock#articleComments The...
  3. Andytrenom

    I'm leaving this wiki

    Greetings friends, I think it has come time for me to announce that proceeding shortly, I'll be taking my departure from this wiki forever You might be wondering, what is the reason behind this decision? And the answer is this wiki's horrifying views on sexual orientation and personal identity...
  4. Andytrenom

    Imprisoning God CRT

    So I was a bit dumb when I created this profile, making it low 2-C as a low end when it has a pretty blatant statement putting it higher And then something bigger than his imagination rises up behind it. An eye - he knows it's an eye, a detailed high-resolution sensory perception organ - opens...
  5. Andytrenom

    Coolest feat for every tier

    Because we clearly need more of these Think back to the coolest feat you know that is being used for a tier justification, and submit the character who has it Tier 0 Tier High 1-A: Tier 1-A: Tier Low 1-A: Tier High 1-B: Tier 1-B: Tier High 1-C: Tier 1-C: Tier Low 1-C: Tier 2-A...
  6. Andytrenom

    My Resignation

    I have decided that I'll be quitting my job as an admin in the wiki. What's the reason for this? Well, it's because I've realized that I haven't been doing a good job anymore. I don't monitor edits or clean up pages at all, I don't try to go into content revisions and offer help, I tend to avoid...
  7. Andytrenom

    Speed Force upgrade (CW)

    So currently the Speed Force sits at Low 2-C for being defined as an endless void of time, as well as statements of encompassing time. The latter bit btw comes from Eobard's statement that the past, present and future exists at once in the speed force, as well as Savitar's endgoal involving...
  8. Andytrenom

    Tier 2 Green Arrow

    The wait is getting ridiculous So as all of you who have watched the recent Crisis crossover from CW may know, Oliver Quee became Spectre, a powerful cosmic entity who fights the Anti-Monitor and even restores the entire multiverse after it was erased (with help) Now this obviously needs a new...
  9. Andytrenom

    Tier 0 Mathiverse

  10. Andytrenom

    I'll be inactive

    Hey, just wanted to inform everyone that I'll be off the wiki for a while. It's my end semester exams, they are coming soon and I will at least have to try and prepare, although that's not going all that well at the moment To be honest, my investment in the site isn't very high as of late, and...
  11. Andytrenom

    Flash Discussion Thread 2019

    To discuss the new season of Flash and the show in general Don't hesitate to discuss the other shows either
  12. Andytrenom

    Characters who were different than you expected

    If there's a character from a franchise you haven't yet delved into, but whom you keep hearing about in some form of another, there's a chance you will have your own impression of him that may or may not be accurate to how he actually is in the story Intricate details about his backstory...
  13. Andytrenom


    So there's an anime some of you may have heard of, it is known as Kekkaishi and was one of the many shows I watched in a network named Animax when I was younger Recently I revisited the verse in manga form and along with Elizhaa, have been planning to get the verse added for quite a while now...
  14. Andytrenom

    CW Flash Speed

    It occurred to me that I have a little problem with how season 4 Flash's speed is described in his page. Not the rating itself, just how it is presented Currently it states that he is "Massively FTL+ after his amp" which gives the impression that he got a permanent boost in speed. However that...
  15. Andytrenom

    Arbitrary and Unsourced Tier Ranges (Staff Only)

    If you look at the Attack Potency page you can see how we define tiers, talking particularly about the stuff below tier 2 and above 11 they are defined by a range of numbers which corresponds to a type of object that is destroyed, 0.25 tons to 2 tons representing building destruction, 11 tons to...
  16. Andytrenom


    Post a suit wearing character in this thread whose picture you really like
  17. Andytrenom

    Phoenix vs a Launchador

    So Phoenix is the new spam huh? Well I have got a match for him as well Scenario Phoenix Wright faces off against Burrito Biso Fight takes place in a wrestling ring...inside of a courtroom speed is equal Score Phoenix:1 Bison: Incon:
  18. Andytrenom

    Sekiro vs Black Flash

    Is the Sekiro plague still going on? Scenario Black Flash vs Late Game Sekiro Speed Equal Starting range 1 kilometer Score Speedster: 3 Shinobi: Incon: Debate away folks!
  19. Andytrenom

    Lifting strength has a bit of a problem

    In the Lifting Strength page it says that Peak Human ranges from 227 to 454 kg The rating after that is superhuman and the one after that is Class 1 and here's the strange thing, Class 1 begins from 454 kg which is the upper limit of Peak human implying that peak human and Class 1 should be...
  20. Andytrenom

    It's elderly abuse time

    How strong is this guy?
  21. Andytrenom

    How legit is Maxwell's concept hax?

    Like with Chase, this is a Q&A thread at the moment but can turn into a CRT if needed (Not as likely since I had actually found flaws with the former, this time I know nothing about the verse) Anyway Maxwell has Type 2 conceptual manipulation but why he does or why it's type 2 wasn't clarified...
  22. Andytrenom

    Batman VS Twice

    I really, really want to use Twice in a matchup with the recent events. Not sure if Batman is the best 8-C for this but he's the only one I can think of right now Overview Batma fights Twice in the standard location Both start two kilometers away but are aware of each other's initial locations...
  23. Andytrenom

    Strongest Verse for every tier 2

    Poor thread. People killed it and didn't even notice I think this list wasn't made before (at least I didn't find one) and think verse fights are interesting even if rare. Anyone that can edit this post may update the list. In general do a vs-debate thread if you want an entry replaced, like...
  24. Andytrenom

    Make up a feat

    This should be a fun little thread shouldn't it? So anyway, try to imagine a feat that you would consider really cool for either your own original character or someone who already exists in a fictional work. Your reason for liking the feat could be anything, be it its scale, visuals...
  25. Andytrenom

    Doubt about King's abilities

    There are two abilities currently listed on King's profile that I really need to make sure are legit Supernatural Luck He has supernatural luck but if I may ask what is the evidence that his luck actually qualifies as this power? Simply being said to be lucky doesn't justify this ability (even...
  26. Andytrenom

    Blue Dragon, rating issue

    Just came across this profile and saw that he is rated High 7-A for "Destroying a large mountain". First of all, is this an onscreen feat? If so trying to create a calc may be better and secondly, what is the exact thing that shows the mountain to be large enough for a High 7-A rating? High 7-A...
  27. Andytrenom

    Mallus Changes

    There are some changes I wish to make with the Mallus profile Tiering First of all, I believe he should be City level instead of Large Town level. Mallus was powerful enough to make the Time Masters not only recognize him as a threat but terrify them to the point they didn't even want to speak...
  28. Andytrenom

    How legit is 2-A Chase Young?

    Currently Chase Young is rated 2-A for being able to destroy the Xiaolin Showdown Multiverse which is infinite. However, there's a detail which I believe disproves this rating https://youtu.be/IvixzftNsdk?t=794 Here Cosmic Dragon explicitly states that Chase will never be able destroy the...
  29. Andytrenom

    Scorpion Vs DeVoe

    Someone interested me in a MK vs Devoe Matchup so here I am Overview DeVoe with Ralph's body against 7-B Scorpio Speed Equalized Score DeVoe: 1 Scorpion: Incon:
  30. Andytrenom

    Night at The Museum: Some explanations please

    All right, so I saw some Night at the Museum profiles created recently and...there are at least two things I need an explanation for 1. Wall level+ characters Characters from the game are ranked as wall level+ but the only things I could find for their ratings are a couple of uncalced feats...
  31. Andytrenom

    New Verse Addition: Fine Structure

    For a while I've been intending to add a verse to this site, a web serial novel known as Fine Structure. Now, this verse is quite powerful with the strongest characters reaching 1-B and as such; I figured getting the ratings approved first would be better. Originally I was going to do this with...
  32. Andytrenom

    What are characters you wish you could make profiles for? (Part 3)

    Sequel to this What you want me do add something? Nah I'm too lazy, I can only copy past >-> Here's a thread for getting new profiles reviewed. Might be useful.
  33. Andytrenom

    Kinetic Energy Standards

    There is a certain thing that has been bothering me lately, and that is our kinetic energy standards, or rather a certain part of our kinetic energy standards. What I'm referring to is the practice of using Kinetic energy when a character carries a living human at certain speeds. That's the main...
  34. Andytrenom

    Law and Logic

    Manipulating Logic is counted as Law Manipulation here. What I would like to ask if it is a stronger form of the ability than normal. As in, if one character of a verse can create laws which govern the entire cosmology of that verse and another character who can alter the most basic logical...
  35. Andytrenom

    General revisions Flash season 5

    Hi, so I recently started catching up with the Flash. I am up to episode 11 now (haven't watched Elseworld though) and decided to make a general revision thread. Currently there are two maybe three two topics I want to talk about but I will bring up more things when I make my way further...
  36. Andytrenom

    DeVoe ability Clarifications

    This thread aims to clarify what level two DeVoe's power and resistance work on. Namely his probability manipulation and Ice resistance Probability Manipulation His probability manipulation was stolen from Becky Sharpe and it was stated that she can manipulate luck on the quantum level At...
  37. Andytrenom

    DeVoe vs Sekiro

    Hey, it might be fair.. Overview Low 7-B Wolf vs peak DeVoe Speed equalized Score Wolf: DeVoe: Incon:
  38. Andytrenom

    Izuku CRT, OFA and durability

    Currently it is accepted that One For All's power amplification doesn't extent to the host's durability. We may need to talk about this Introductio The reason most characters have their durability scaled to their striking strength and Izuku doesn't is something to do with newton's third law. If...
  39. Andytrenom

    Could Mob be defeated by a monster of the week ghost?

    Could Mob be defeated by a monster of....that's already in the title. Overview Mob at 100% vs Chakram Battle in a forest Score Mob: Chakram: Incon:
  40. Andytrenom

    Selvaria VS Garou

    Was going to put her against someone more haxxed but I guess a skill/AP based match up would be more interesting Alright so Kal's waifu vs my husbando Garou. Speed equal. Score: Garou: Selvaria Bles: Incon: 3
  41. Andytrenom

    All Might vs Sceptile

    All Might is 7-A now. I always thought 7-A was kind of cool and am excited to create a match for him in this tier, his opponent will be my favourite pokemon of all time Sceptile Rules: Speed equalized Battle takes place in an old forest with very sparse collection of plant life. No prior...
  42. Andytrenom

    Jimmy Hopkins Vs Burrito Bison

    Wanted a match for Biso and Jimmy Hopkins was a popular enough 9-B to come to my mind Speed equal Match takes place in a wrestling ring Score Bison: Jimmy: Incon:
  43. Andytrenom

    My Hero Academia Plus Ultra Discussion Thread #7

    It seems the previous thread died out and no one bother to create a new one... well, IT'S ALL RIGHT NOW, BECAUSE I'M HERE
  44. Andytrenom

    Roll No 21 Speed Upgrade

    In this scene, Chakram evades light after it is released. i believe this should grant him and those scaling to him relativistic combat speed.
  45. Andytrenom

    Soul Manipulation Adjustment

    Here's a paragraph from the Soul Manipulation page. "It should be noted that not all forms of Soul Manipulation bypass conventional durability. The ability to attack or destroy a ghost is simply not comparable to directly interacting with the soul of a physical body. User discretion is...
  46. Andytrenom

    Ivlis stuff

    There are two adjustments to Ivlis's profile that I want to talk about Regenerationn Currently Ivlis has mid Regenerationn because of this scene which I interpreted as Siralos launching an attack that pierced Ivlis's head and which Ivlis recovered from without problem. I think he should have...
  47. Andytrenom

    Is this Existence Erasure?

    There is this weapon that is described as being able to erase things and when it zaps any object, it poofs it away without a trace. When this weapon zapped a bunch of students they similarly poofed away but something else also happened. The students faded away from a picture of themselves Back...
  48. Andytrenom

    Adding some Time Travel Limitation

    A long time ago we had a thread where we discussed the topic of Time Travel and how VS threads involving it tend to turn out. The discussion focused mainly on people using the arguments "X will paradox Y" and how these arguments often don't take into consideration factors like X not knowing...
  49. Andytrenom

    The most haxxed anime/manga characters

    I remembered a list of "strongest anime characters" I came across a while ago. Giovanni was there so a discussion had broken out in the comments about how his abilities made brute power meaningless, in other words how "haxxed" he was. This is what lead me to this question, who are the genuine...
  50. Andytrenom

    Attack Potency, Problems and Clarifications (Staff only)

    This is something we touched on briefly a while back. Our Attack Potency page currently has issues such as: not sourcing where most of the numbers for tiers below 5 came from and apparently using arbitrarily selected borders for defining certain tier ranges. This needs to be fixed eventually so...
  51. Andytrenom

    Johnny Bravo Vs Kai Chisaki

    Just because I wanted to throw a decently haxxed character against Johnny Overview -Base Kai Chisaki fights High 8-C Johnny Bravo -Starting distance is 100 m -Speed is equalized Score Johnny:2 Kai: Incon:
  52. Andytrenom

    About Blast

    This has been on my mind for a while but I never brought it up till now. Our Blast page should be deleted for the time being. The character so far has never formally appeared in the series and thus next to no concrete information is actually available about him.His profile relies on very shaky...
  53. Andytrenom

    All For One VS Clifford DeVoe Rematch

    So All for One was upgraded to small city level and it recently occurred to me that this makes it possible to redo an old match which was removed due to revisions Overview -All For One vs The Thinker (Weakened All For One and Peak DeVoe) -Starting distance 100 meters -Location Kamino district...
  54. Andytrenom

    Oh damn...

    Are we about to get another 100 kudos post?
  55. Andytrenom

    Leaving...just for a bit

    Hi guys. This is to inform everyone that I'll be taking a break from this wiki soon, maybe a few days from now. My final exams are very soon you see and I need as much time as possible to prepare for it, because right now I'm not in the best condition academically. So yeah I think this about...
  56. Andytrenom

    Gurren Lagann Reupgrade

    Continued from here since the last thread reached 500 posts on the verge of us coming to a conclusion, let's use this thread to officially finalize Simon's statistics. "Reupgrade every current High 2-A back to High 1-C due to the reasonings given in the last thread" is what I believe the...
  57. Andytrenom

    Mogeko Castle 4-A/High 3-A Downgrade

    Might as well get this done… Introductio Currently, the Mogekos are rated at 4-A/High 3-A for a statement of being able to destroy the Mogeko Castle, which contains a nightsky full of stars and is stated to possess infinite space. Now treating this feat as being so high I don't have any...
  58. Andytrenom

    Genki's Torture

  59. Andytrenom

    Discussion and Chat Moderators Pages (Staff only)

    There's a problem with the Discussion Moderator and Chat Moderator pages that I would like to discuss, and that problem is...they don't exist. Content Moderators, Administrators and the Calculation Group all have pages describing the responsibilities and prerequisites for appointment of the...
  60. Andytrenom

    Revisiting Black Flash's EE

    Introductio This proposal was made before and decided to be put on hold, however I do not think now that this was a wise choice. In that thread we decided to wait for explicit confirmation of how Eobard returned before deciding if Black Flash should have EE or not but, if it hasn't been...
  61. Andytrenom

    Mind Control and Resistance

    I believe everyone knows that in this wiki mind controlling a greater number of people means having a greater level of mindhax, that is to say if a character who resists mind control from someone who controls a small group of people is put against a mind control user who controls a much larger...
  62. Andytrenom

    What would this be?

    This isn't for a verse I'm seriously planning on adding, but is still something I've been curious about lately. Let's say, there's a character who doesn't exist in reality but only in the imagination of an individual. Despite this, the imaginary fellow has basically his own free will and has...
  63. Andytrenom

    DeltaRune Discussion thread 2

    Previous thread reached its end so...continued here Let's talk Deltarune!
  64. Andytrenom

    Barbequor AP revision

    Currently Barbequor is 4-B because he dwarfs the solar system...except he doesn't. What he dwarfs is the celestial bodies in the solar system tightly squished together, the length of which should not be anywhere close to the actual diameter of the solar system as far as I know. I believe it...
  65. Andytrenom

    Pac Man Overlords

    Pac Man's page makes mention of the Overlords and states that they are higher dimensional beings. Anyone who's been here for long enough would know that we don't give out such descriptions handily and it requires a good amount of evidence for someone to be considered as having higher dimensional...
  66. Andytrenom

    Good Place Conceptual Manipulation

    The demons from Good Place get their Conceptual Manipulation from being able to inhale the concept of time as a drug. Currently, their level of conceptual manipulation is rated as type 3 or type 2 however I don't think either are correct Both type 2 and type 3 concepts govern reality in such a...
  67. Andytrenom

    Flash vs Flash/CW vs OPM

    They are both named Flash. That's as good a reason as any to make them fight to the death against each other. Scenario: -Random encounter inside a large building -Barry is his season 3 version -Fight is to the death -Starting distance is 20 meters Scoreboard: Flash: Flash:7 incon...
  68. Andytrenom

    I won't be here for a while

    Okay, here it goes. For the next one and a half month or possibly two months I will be absent from the wiki...perhaps I should explain myself. A while ago I had made a decision, to become a more active editor on the wiki and it was under the pretense that I would be able to balance my newfound...
  69. Andytrenom

    All Might vs Shadow Rose

    I think it's about time Shadow Rose gets a matchup, and now with the downgrades concluded All Might is available as an opponent. So yeah, Speed Equalized (to All Might's level) 7-B forms for both Victory by death or KO Let's see how this goes Score All Might: Shadow Rose:6 Inconclusive:
  70. Andytrenom

    Stupidest things you used to believe as a kid

    So I was thinking about how much of an idiot I was as a kid, then wondered if the people around here were as well. So, if you are interested just leave a reply sharing the stupidest beliefs you had as a kid. Might be a fun little thing to do.
  71. Andytrenom

    The Thinker vs The Didact

    When I was looking for someone to fight The Thinker People suggested this guy. So this should be an interesting fight. Scenario Random encounter DeVoe with every bus meta absorbed and Didact in his low 7-B key Speed equalized Victory by any means necessary Score The Thinker: The Didact...
  72. Andytrenom

    Kick Buttowski Speed Upgrade

    Kick Buttowski was capable of cycling fast enough to set the foot walk beneath him on fire. Which as far as I know, should give him hypersonic speed. Here's the feat (Sorry, couldn't find an english video) https://youtu.be/o_qrzAi73d8?t=57 There's also a subsonic bit feat for Kick. In case...
  73. Andytrenom

    Immersion, a possible new Powers and Abilities addition

    There is a certain superpower which I want to propose adding. While not much prevalent, this power is nonetheless a recognizable one. Immersion, is what I will call this power for now. It can be defined as the ability to enter inside a painting, story book, TV or something similar and visit the...
  74. Andytrenom

    Boruto vs Izuku Midoriya

    A battle of the next generation, as people other than me name it, Boruto Uzumaki takes on Izuku Midoriya Hosu City alleyway, Izuku in his 100% full cowl and victory by any means necessary. Also, Izuku has Eri's help and Boruto has...absorption glove (I have no idea what that is but Astral King...
  75. Andytrenom

    CW Speed Force Revisions

    I talked it over with ByAsura and there are two revisions to be made for the The Speed Force. 1. Range Upgrade The Speed Force simultaneously empowers Speedsters across the multiverse and since these other speedsters can also time travel, we can conclude that it encompasses the time-space of...
  76. Andytrenom

    Akuma (Tekken) vs Ban

    They are popular enough for people to pay attention to right?.... Anyway, Ba fights Akuma on Byzel rock, with various spectators to view their battle. The conditions for victory are the same as whatever they were in the actual tournament. Speed equalized, Low 7-B forms for both. Let's go...
  77. Andytrenom

    DeVoe vs Sans

    Kinda wanted to do a cross tier matchup someday, so here I am. Clifford DeVoe vs Sans Scenario Clifford with all the bus metas' powers fights against a serious Sans They start off 50 meters apart Speed is equalized Score DeVoe: Sans:
  78. Andytrenom

    Most Consistent Character for Every Tier

    Characters from a particular tier who have most consistently been depicted as belonging to their tier. Via having more feats than anyone else, having a large number of reliable statements etc. Basically people who are least likely to have their feats deemed as outliers. Tier 0: Everyone Tier...
  79. Andytrenom

    Kai Chisaki Downgrade

    Why can't I do anything for this verse except bring up downgrades :/ Anyway, regarding Kain Chisaki, he is currently ranked as High 8-C scaling from 100% Izuku. There is just one problem with this, Chisaki was stomped by Izuku when the latter used 100% so he logically should not scale. Now...
  80. Andytrenom

    Profile for original Game characters

    So I know that if I create a story about an OC from a video game, it would be allowed here. But what if I didn't create a story but rather a game? Let me explain; when we were younger me and my friends had created a pen and paper game based around racing wherein we would draw a map of a city on...
  81. Andytrenom

    Theme music that are perfect for another character

    Once I was thinking about the new One Punch Man anime and imagined what Garou's theme would be like. I actually found some pre-existing themes from other works that in my opinion suited him really well. Have you ever heard a theme and thought "Wow this would actually be perfect for <insert...
  82. Andytrenom

    How useful is Law Manip, Concept manip, Time manip, Space Manip really?

    Michael from The Good Place has abilities like Law Manipulation Concept manipulation, Time manipulation, space manipulation etc. But how useful are they for him in combat? I particularly want to know about his law manip and concept manip.
  83. Andytrenom

    Chuck Norris VS Michael

    Let's see how this goes... Chuck Norris vs Michael 3-A forms Speed Equal Win via death, 24 hour incap
  84. Andytrenom

    Flash and Savitar ability addition. Possible new rating for the Flash

    Two things I want to talk about, Barry getting Absorption, and him getting a new rating. 1. In the episode 'Think Fast', DeVoe takes over an ARGUS facility and to get to him, Barry has to deal with some electrical explosives hidden across the facility. The strategy that Barry comes up with is...
  85. Andytrenom

    Hellboy vs Thomas the Tank Engine

    Yup, I'm doing this. Hellboy vs Thomas The Tank Engine Both at 9-B. Let's go!
  86. Andytrenom

    Escanor VS All Might

    Who am I to defy the trend of Putting All Might against similarly ripped dudes. Both fighters are at 6-C fight takes place in a deserted USJ Speed is equal. Refer to SBA for remaining details. Debate away boys.
  87. Andytrenom

    High 8-C Todoroki Revision

    Currently Todoroki is rated as High 8-C with his maximum fire output because he was able to clash with Izuku when the latter used 100% of One For All. However, this is false. In this page, if you look closely closely at the arm that Izuku used in the clash (which is his right arm), the only...
  88. Andytrenom

    "Can Beat Bill Cipher" characters for every tier

    Weakest character for every tier that defeats 2-A Bill Cipher speed equalized (weakest so that there isn't overlap with the "Strongest for every tier" thread). Tier 2-A: Yahvo (Myst) Tier 2-B: Tier 2-C: Tier Low 2-C: Tier High 3-A: Tier 3-A: Tier 3-B: Tier 3-C: Tier 4-A: Tier 4-B...
  89. Andytrenom

    "What Were They Thinking" moments

    So here's the lay down (99% sure I got that phrase wrong) Find any picture of things that make you go "What were they thinking" for example Misfortunate naming decisions, unintentionally suggestive logos etc. and post them here. Note: Please avoid posting pictures that may be offensive to real...
  90. Andytrenom

    Possible Kris Upgrade

    Now I know barely anyone here knows Roll No. 21 regardless I want to bring up a MASSIVE speed upgrade for Kris. In this scene Kanishk is on the process of returning to earth from another Galaxy. But Kris actually follows the spaceship Kanishk is in and manages to catch up. Another thing, it...
  91. Andytrenom

    New key for DeVoe (Spoilers for episode 18)

    In the latest episode of The Flash DeVoe Absorbed the powers of Matthew Kim, Janet Petty, Edwin Gauss and Ralph Dibny. Here are the powers they all had and that now DeVoe has: Matthew Power Absorption Power Bestowal Janet Density Manipulation (Proof that this is density manip as opposed...
  92. Andytrenom

    Night At The Museum Profiles

    I am wondering, would it be okay to create profiles for the film "Night At The Museum"? If so, what tier would Abraham Lincol be?
  93. Andytrenom

    All For One Powers

    There are just a few things about All For One's powers and abilities that should be modified. All For One has the Quirk search, which is most likely an example of Clairvoyance, which should be added to his profile. He also has his Forcible Quirk Activatio which might be considered...
  94. Andytrenom

    Gingka Hagane vs Yonaka Kurai

    My 2nd attempt at finding an opponent for Yonaka. Yonaka Kurai vs Pegasus Speed equalized (obviously) both are 4-A Standard Battle Assumptions otherwise.
  95. Andytrenom

    Genos vs Chakram/My attempt at representing an Indian character

    Genos fights Chakram Fight takes place inside Boros's ship. Both have prior knowledge of each other. Both are on different levels of the ship, genos is right above Chakram and vice versa. Standard Battle Assumptions otherwise. Let's go! Score: Genos: 1 Chakram: 0
  96. Andytrenom

    I don't even know what I am doing: Magolor vs Yonaka

    Magolor vs Yonaka Kurai Master Crown Magolor vs Lord Prosciutto Speed Equalized Victory via death
  97. Andytrenom

    Savitar Should have Perception Manipulation

    I suggest that Savitar have Perception Manipulation, because he has demonstrated that ability, by making Wally see visions of his dead mother and Cisco see Dante (I think that's his name). I suggest Perception Manipulation as opposed to Illusion Creation because no one other than the affected...
  98. Andytrenom

    Mallus's Tier

    How strong do you think Mallus from Legends of Tomorrow will turn out to be?I would like to hear some speculation regarding his tier since obviously waiting patiently is out of the question for me.
  99. Andytrenom

    Proudest Achievement You Are Not Proud Of

    What are some of your achievements that you are simultaneously proud of and not proud of? Alternatively, achievement that you are fully proud of but others around you think you shouldn't be.
  100. Andytrenom

    I make two disabled old men fight to the death: All For One vs Clifford Devoe (Concluded)

    Weakened All For One fights The Thinker, who has his chair alongside every power he has absorbed up to Izzy's; neither have prior knowledge of the other. Speed is equalized, Standard Battle Assumptions otherwise. Tally: Devoe-7 (lapitus, Rikimarox, Stryk3r, VersusJunkie, Vizorus...