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Recent content by Roachman40

  1. Roachman40

    Profile Deletion Requests Thread (New forum)

    Rogue (Novel): All of it's AP based feats are based on assumptions, plus its not really notable in terms of xenomorphs
  2. Roachman40

    Real life animals CRT

    Habrobracon can stay via its notable resistance to radiation. In fact it has the highest resistance to radiation of all animals iirc besides that I agree with everything
  3. Roachman40

    Calculations Evaluations (New forum)

    Priority: 2 Verse: Alien Description: rogue alien destroys a steel wall
  4. Roachman40

    Calculations Evaluations (New forum)

    I forgot those existed lol my bad
  5. Roachman40

    Calculations Evaluations (New forum)

    Priority: 2 Verse: Alien Feat: rogue destroys a steel corridor
  6. Roachman40

    Alien CRT

    will do
  7. Roachman40

    Alien CRT

    It still should be changed to 8-C via rending steel corridors with ease and destroying a large part of a giant structure plus it scales to the queen mother, considering being able to survive a large building collapsing on you should be around that range, the structure is about large building...
  8. Roachman40

    Alien CRT

    ehh if someone is up to it they can try, I think its still warranted though via its other feats though imo
  9. Roachman40

    Alien CRT

    ok, so can this be added?
  10. Roachman40

    Alien CRT

    Excuse my bad english Hello I am proposing a bunch of alien downgrades (And some additions with the rewrite). lets just get into it Xenomorph profile rewrite The 8-A aliens are from a crossover, AVP, of which is basically alternate canon/non-canon that isnt even connected to anything in the...
  11. Roachman40

    Calculations Evaluations (New forum)

    priority: 1 (Scales to most large characters) verse: alien Description: Queen alien survives gets hit by a UD-4 Dropship (The KE calc is pretty straightfoward, just wanted to be sure)
  12. Roachman40

    Image Renders Requests Thread (New forum)

    Can someone render this? remove the base of the statue as well please, thanks!
  13. Roachman40

    The Overlook Hotel (Cinema) Revision

    I agree with gews